A mother’s love

They were a typical family…a spoilt son pampered by his mother who doesn’t see an eye with his father and an incorrigible sister. Everything turns topsy-turvy when the father dies. That’s when the children get to know where the true love of their mother’s lies. The son’s life begins to crumble down when he realizes he never actually had a girlfriend.
A story of deceit, betrayal, forgiveness and a renewed faith in God.

Copyright ©2012.

“And where are you coming from, Jason?” Mr. Archer asked. Jason stopped in his tracks as he sighed.
“Good evening, Sir,” Jessica greeted coolly with a broad smile. Gordon Archer glanced at her but ignored her greeting. His eyes fell back on his son’s, with his hands on his back.
“Dad, I went out, okay?”
“I can see that, I’m just asked where the hell you’ve been to pick up this trash you call a woman…”
“Don’t insult her, dad!” Jason interrupted his father. Their eyes got locked in a dangerous glare.
“What is going on?” A young girl in late teens entered the room.
“Hi Jay,” she greeted.
“Hi sis.”
“I heard you talk at a loud voice.”
“Dad just insulted my woman,” Jason said still locking gazes with his father.
“Who?” Stacey asked. Her eyes found the lady beside her brother who was holding her hand.
“Oh…you mean her?” She studied her for some seconds.
“That’s some…woman you’ve got. And if I may ask; where did you find her, by the streets, at a pub…?”
“Cut it, Stacey.”
“Tell me where you’re coming from or you can go wherever you found…this…woman and spend the night there. You know I don’t allow strippers in my house.”
“She’s not a stripper, dad! Please show some respect.”
“Oh yeah? Then you show me some respect as well by not defiling my house with street-women like her.”
“Jason…are you home?” Mrs. Archer joins them in the living room.
“Yes mum.”
“I can see you brought in a lady. How are you, dear?”
“Fine ma’am,” Jessica replied shyly. She was beginning comfortable.
“What is going on here? Were you introducing her to the family?”
“For what and as what, Susan? You sometimes amaze me beyond reason. What possibly could she be to him except for…?”
“It’s enough, dad. I can’t stand being insulted like this just because I’m living at your house.”
“Exactly why I’ve every reason to. All your age mates are doing something productive with their lives but you choose to pride yourself in shameless, worthless, time wasting ventures, picking up living bags of God-knows-what kind of diseases…”
“Please don’t do this. You’re making her uncomfortable.”
“And if she had any reason, she would have excused herself and exited my premises,” Mr. Archer replied. Jessica made a move to leave but Jason tightened his grip on her hand.
“We can talk about this later, okay? Jason, take her to your room.”
“Thanks mum,” Jason said as he walked upstairs.
“Come on mother, I think I agree with dad on this. The girl looks nothing but a tramp,” Stacey said.
“And will you shut up and go to the kitchen?”
“All the best, daddy,” she said as she left the room.
“You should take it easy on Jay, darling. He’s your only son, you know.”
“And that’s why he must grow up and stop living like some aimless teenager. Get me a drink to calm my nerves,” he said as he sat down.
“Of course.”

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