Your Week: Recycled or Working Progress?

Sunday-the first day of the week. Excited because it feels like having a fresh start. Again. I go to church with an open and expectant heart, believing to encounter God in a special way. I accept the Word wholeheartedly and promise to abide by it and apply it in my life during the week. My…

UK Visa Marriage

Millie was beside herself with joy when the day she had been praying towards for months came to pass: the day Dave asked her to marry him. They had been dating for close to eighteen months.

Grading Relationships like Exam Papers

Men are cheats and ladies are not loyal. The anthem everyone seems to be chanting. Since the trust is already compromised at the onset, both parties sleep with one eye opened. Snooping through each other’s phone, second guessing every response given and deliberately setting traps for each other to see if they would fall into…


Sucks to feel stuck.

Undercover Boss

I had the oddest job interview. It was the more like an audition. And it is even more unusual when you have no idea that you’re being auditioned for the role.Let me narrate how it all went down. I was barely getting by with the job I had; not enough pay but better than nothing….