Learning to Love Your Neighbour the Hard Way

A proud man gets a taste of his own medicine.


Baby Mama: A Trophy Wife’s Headache

Margaret was feeling over the moon toward her upcoming nuptials. She was on the verge of giving up and calling it quits when Elvis proposed. She was surprised at the out-of-the-blue popping of the question.  She was suspecting him of seeing another lady and she wasn’t going to allow herself to be dumped. So when…

Choristically Incorrect 5

Read Part 4 here. * Charlotte deleted the video after watching it for the last time. Revenge no matter how sweet leaves a sour aftertaste. She had underestimated the power of social media. The video had spread swifter than wildfire. She was shocked to find it on her Facebook timeline and the comments were heartbreakingly…

Choristically Incorrect 4

Read Part 3 here. * Charlotte was watching the video for the fourth time that afternoon. She would laugh so hard that her colleagues in her office got curious and drew near. They also joined in the laughter. One of her colleagues asked if she could send the video to him via WhatsApp. Charlotte hesitated….

Choristically Incorrect 3

Read Part 2 here.                                    * “You…God has given you an amazing vocal ability to tell people of His love. If only you would serve Him wholeheartedly and surrender your will to Him, He will do wonders through you. What…

Imagine Mary

Virgin but pregnant. Betrothed to an honorable man who after some miraculous change of heart, decided to marry her after all. Her son has already been named. Jesus. She touched her tummy.

Choristically Incorrect 2

​   Read the first part here.                                    * The service to Charlotte’s singing debut ended with the head pastor acknowledging the choir’s wonderful ministration.  “Who else thinks that the choir sang exceptionally well today? Please applaud them!” The congregation came…