Lost Love Between Daddy and Daughter 

I sometimes wonder what happens when a man enters the fatherhood stage: the little to no expression of love towards their children. The lucky ones get some tough love; as least he’s showing some affection. It’s better than none at all.  I wonder because before they became fathers and even husbands, they must have been…

The Father vs Stepchild: Whose side should the mother take? 

The Ghanaian society is typically harsh towards the young single mother. She is presumed to have been promiscuous and reckless enough to conceive a child out of wedlock. Most mothers are not open to be in-laws with a woman with a ‘born one’. Their son shouldn’t take on the responsibility for the woman’s missteps. The…

Keeping Within Family Chapter 53

I don’t know but I don’t recognize her anymore. I knew her to be the kind who wouldn’t hurt a fly but now, I don’t know

Keeping Within Family Chapter 49

“Yeah, welcome to the family, Bibi. Things are not exactly how it seems. I think it’s about time she receives the real scoop, don’t you think, dad?”