On my knees…

Lord it’s me again
On my knees in prayer
Thanking you for your steadfast love, unconditional faithfulness
And your new mercies every morning

Thank you again for this day because I know every day is a second chance
For someone to find You
And that’s why I’ve come before You today,
As I present before the mercy seat the souls of all my friends, family and colleagues
Who have still not made up their minds to accept You into their lives.

I know You do not wish that any soul should perish
But that all would come to know You and become a new creation.
Lord please, wherever they are, in whatever they may be involved in,
Please find them in their pursuits of happiness and fulfillment
Put a deep longing in their hearts to find out who they really are
And what they are on this earth for
And let them be found by You.

It breaks my heart to see them desperately looking for love in the wrong places
The love which You have already given us by your Son, Jesus
Lord, they are such beautiful souls and do not deserve to waste away
So please have mercy on them, I pray.

I also present before the mercy seat the souls of all actors
And singers who do not know You
Please remember those who started their careers serving You
But later left You behind and strayed away in search for fame and fortune
People with wonderful talents which You endowed them with
Are somehow are serving the world with them
And the enemy is slowly taking over their souls
And those of their fans who follow them blindly
Please show them the Light so they go the broad way
Where lies destruction of their souls.

Dear Lord, I also pray all people being led astray with the lie
That they were born homosexuals
As well as those who believe they are their own gods
Please make a way for them to find the Truth and the Way
Because the things of this world are temporary but
You and your promises are for evermore.

The systems and riches of this world cannot save anyone from Your wrath
But we have not been consumed because of Your grace
So please let them find Your grace and Your all-time protection and presence
Please send Your angels to them to keep them safe
From every snare of the enemy
And to guide them to find You.

I thank You for already answering this prayer
And saving many lost people in the world.
Please take care of me too; and know that You are my forever love.

4 Comments Add yours

  1. Susan Michaels says:

    What an awesome heartfelt prayer…God WILL answer!


  2. Abbie says:

    Daz a wondaful prayer and i hope ur prayer will be answered


  3. My any find the road to destruction and yet few find the road to life. Your words speak so true as you unselfishly pray for their finding the light that leads to salvation. My daughter stay the course, Many will be lost but even if one is saved because of your writings, heaven will rejoice. It is hard for many to follow the Lord, because we lose the world, but gain eternal life. Do all the things that show his love to many, feed the poor, help the widows, help the children, the homeless, do not turn your face from them in need, give the love to them that God has given to you…it was freely given to you, so freely give at no cost and your treasure will be built up in heaven. You are a true example and a beautiful one…your blossoming will save many…keep on walking the way, talking the way and always keep lifting up and praising God! Those words are not my own but they are paraphrased from an old spiritual song. Yet the message still lives. Much love and may his blessings be on you always!


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