10 Things I’m Thankful For (Part 3)

Read part 2 here. This is the concluding part of my thankful list. Till I started working on it, I hadn’t really thought of what I had and how I’m blessed I am. I’m grateful for this opportunity to reflect. 21. Disappointment/Fear I’ve had more than my fair share of disappointments this year but I know…

To My Dearest Friend

There is a time and season for everything; A time to be conceived and a time to be born; In between these two periods is yet another time to grow; Every season no matter how slow has a purpose; Mostly for laying the groundwork for the next stage in life; A time to find that…

Waking Up Mood

No matter which mood you wake up in, make it a point to go to bed in a grateful mood.

Keeping Within Family Chapter 53

I don’t know but I don’t recognize her anymore. I knew her to be the kind who wouldn’t hurt a fly but now, I don’t know


I’m as grateful for my tears as I am for my bursts of laughter