Love Is The Key

The sun rises each morning and shines on both the just and the wicked; The rain pours on the fields of the faithful and those of the faithless; That is how unconditional the love of our Father is portrayed; It looks beyond the flaws and doesn’t treat anyone as deserving less; Out of love He…

How Practical Are ‘Love Hyperboles’?

#DailyPost He promised  She’d never regret choosing him; That he would make it his life mission; To make and keep her happy; And would never make her cry; That her wish would be his command; And her concerns, his burden;

When Love Walks In

Bounded by chains of self-hatred; Starved by frustration and despair; Scarred by flashes of guilt; And left wounded with nothing but woes. Guilty you were; Charged you waited to be; Of selling your soul to the glamour of the world; And then left for dead when everything within you had been squeezed out; Left alone…


I’m as grateful for my tears as I am for my bursts of laughter


#DailyPost  I stretched my arm as long as I could; Opened my hand as wide as possible; Hoping to reach for what stood right before me; But like a mist; It disappeared from my grasp; Tried so many times; Kind of feels like I’m chasing cars; Hoping to catch up but always being being left…

Come Clean

You could put on your ‘game-on’ face to convince people that you are okay;You could put on your biggest smile to conceal the pain that’s eating you away;But whenever you come before Me, you don’t have to hide it from me;Because before you even stepped into My presence,I could see your heart laid before Me….