Living Certain in a Life of Uncertainty

You may not know what tomorrow holds but you can make up your mind about how you want it to be if you get to see it.


Love the Shades; They Make Life Beautiful 

#DailyPost Gone are the days when faded meant old; Worn out, expired, out of touch; When clothes had an expiring date; Starting with the moment they get their first wash; Things were only appreciated when they looked new; Used extensively when in vogue; Tossed at the slight sign of fabric stress; And considered rag-worthy when…

What I Wish For You, Beautiful Baby

#DailyPost Baby, you’re such a cute bundle of joy I don’t know what it is about you But just a look into your eyes Makes me forget about my worries And seeing your toothless grin Makes my heart leap with joy

When You See Yellow, What Comes To Mind? 

#DailyPost When you read the word ‘yellow’ What comes to mind? I think of the bright sun; Which makes all things look beautiful with its light; Calls out to plants and trees to stretch out their branches; And flowers to open up their petals; Though we can’t stare at it with our naked eyes; Because…

How Fascinating Do You Find Filters? 

#DailyPost We love to stare at and admire  The thousands of photos we find online; They are a source of inspiration For our new wardrobe, wedding and interior décor; We can’t help but wish to be like those on our screens; Smiling, happy, serene, with a perfect background; We sometimes feel urged to work harder…


#DailyPost Claire: Let’s pretend that I don’t see your flaws; Because we’re supposedly blinded with love; Let’s pretend that your constant checking in on me; Is an expression of how much you care; And not a simmering obsession; To know my whereabouts And whose company I’m in;

How to Stay Afloat the Right Way 

#DailyPost  A glass half full or empty; Is a matter of personal perspective; Choosing one over the other doesn’t make it wrong; It only shows what one’s expectations are; And what happens next is usually a reflection of such;


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How an Emotional Wreck Looks Like in the Mirror 

Inspired by a prompt on Pinterest: Imagine your emotional scars were physical. Describe how you look. Underneath the flawless makeup you see me wearing; The charming smile and the confident gait I take; Hides a broken and messed up shell of a person. If only you could see my emotional scars; You’d see how much…