Love the Shades; They Make Life Beautiful 

#DailyPost Gone are the days when faded meant old; Worn out, expired, out of touch; When clothes had an expiring date; Starting with the moment they get their first wash; Things were only appreciated when they looked new; Used extensively when in vogue; Tossed at the slight sign of fabric stress; And considered rag-worthy when…

What I Wish For You, Beautiful Baby

#DailyPost Baby, you’re such a cute bundle of joy I don’t know what it is about you But just a look into your eyes Makes me forget about my worries And seeing your toothless grin Makes my heart leap with joy

When You See Yellow, What Comes To Mind? 

#DailyPost When you read the word ‘yellow’ What comes to mind? I think of the bright sun; Which makes all things look beautiful with its light; Calls out to plants and trees to stretch out their branches; And flowers to open up their petals; Though we can’t stare at it with our naked eyes; Because…

How Fascinating Do You Find Filters? 

#DailyPost We love to stare at and admire  The thousands of photos we find online; They are a source of inspiration For our new wardrobe, wedding and interior décor; We can’t help but wish to be like those on our screens; Smiling, happy, serene, with a perfect background; We sometimes feel urged to work harder…


#DailyPost Claire: Let’s pretend that I don’t see your flaws; Because we’re supposedly blinded with love; Let’s pretend that your constant checking in on me; Is an expression of how much you care; And not a simmering obsession; To know my whereabouts And whose company I’m in;

How to Stay Afloat the Right Way 

#DailyPost  A glass half full or empty; Is a matter of personal perspective; Choosing one over the other doesn’t make it wrong; It only shows what one’s expectations are; And what happens next is usually a reflection of such;


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How an Emotional Wreck Looks Like in the Mirror 

Inspired by a prompt on Pinterest: Imagine your emotional scars were physical. Describe how you look. Underneath the flawless makeup you see me wearing; The charming smile and the confident gait I take; Hides a broken and messed up shell of a person. If only you could see my emotional scars; You’d see how much…

The Expense of giving Temptation a Free Ride 

It always starts with a look; An unintentional innocent look; You’ve always looked at it; But never really paid it much attention; Not until you saw something peculiar about it that one time; You could hear it calling out to you; Although it has no voice; You could feel it drawing you close; As if…