In The Waiting Room…

Whenever you send an injured loved one to the hospital and you are asked to wait outside the intensive care unit, it must be a very frustrating experience. Every silent second seems like a very long hour. Anxiety begins to rise with every pace you make in the waiting room. All kinds of thoughts begin…

In Love With A Church Boy

It is commonly said that good girls like bad boys for a number of reasons. That might be true because I used to like them.  And they were fun to be with…as long as it lasted. But after a number of senseless heartbreaks later and the sudden realization that my clock was ticking with no…

The Gift of Friends

Everyone no matter how isolated one may be has a friend. Have you ever wondered how your life would be without your friends? How would the world be if friends did not exist? I was just reflecting on the kind of friends God has blessed me with and I wanted to share with you all….


I’m as grateful for my tears as I am for my bursts of laughter

Swapping Places Chapter 41

Kakra, I had so much hope in you. I knew your sister was a handful the minute I pushed her out but you were supposed to be the better one.