10 Things I’m Thankful For (Part 3)

Read part 2 here. This is the concluding part of my thankful list. Till I started working on it, I hadn’t really thought of what I had and how I’m blessed I am. I’m grateful for this opportunity to reflect. 21. Disappointment/Fear I’ve had more than my fair share of disappointments this year but I know…

TV Series Tag #81: Gangs of London 2

I know I usually don’t do sequels on TV shows, because most times, there is nothing really outstanding about subsequent seasons, but I did make an exception with Why Women Kill. If you’ve watched Alma in season 2, you know why that one deserved a separate writeup. So, I’m here to do one for Gangs of London!…


I’m as grateful for my tears as I am for my bursts of laughter

Time changes us

We sometimes don’t realize how much we have changed until it suddenly hits you

My Flaw?

Writing Prompt from Daily Post: what is your worst quality? Everyone has flaws; innate ones which cannot be concealed with the choicest of makeup or a pretend attitude. It is part of what makes us human, unique. Denying they exist is disputing your human nature; accepting them doesn’t make you any less human. My worst…