How to be a good friend

It’s a great feeling to know you have a good friend; it’s a fulfilling feeling to be one.

The Gift of Friends

Everyone no matter how isolated one may be has a friend. Have you ever wondered how your life would be without your friends? How would the world be if friends did not exist? I was just reflecting on the kind of friends God has blessed me with and I wanted to share with you all….

Make ME a Sandwich🍔

#DailyPost I need me some sandwich; Slices of some sweet smelling toast; Stuffed with fresh vegetables; And some good protein too; What’s a sandwich Without its rich filling?

Grading Relationships like Exam Papers

Men are cheats and ladies are not loyal. The anthem everyone seems to be chanting. Since the trust is already compromised at the onset, both parties sleep with one eye opened. Snooping through each other’s phone, second guessing every response given and deliberately setting traps for each other to see if they would fall into…

Face-to-face or Over the phone?

A little while ago, our network of relationships was limited to the friends we kept in school, the colleagues we had at work and the family we were born in. Whenever a friend or relative went overseas, it was more or less like he/she is no more part of the network since it was too…

Family of Friends

Some say friends are the family that God forgot to give us; Some friends stick closer than family; We are kind of stuck with our families; But friends are ours to choose. We first meet them as strangers; Some pleasant; others not; But some way somehow, here we are; Like we’ve known each other since…


Nothing lasts forever; The fact that something has stood the test of time; Doesn’t make it immune to breaking apart; Staying intact for long doesn’t necessarily mean it stays stronger; The least trigger of all could be the one thing that could tear it apart; Let the one who thinks he stands take heed so…