Keeping Within Family Chapter 52

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“She’s not responding.”
“What does that mean?”
“She clearly overdosed on those pills.”
“Does that mean…?”
“We are doing our best to get her back but the chances are slim. So if you believe in some deity, right now would be the right time to send up some prayers.”
Ida and Ayesha glanced at each other as the smug doctor walked away.

“If she dies, it’s on you,” Ida said pointedly.

“How’s that my fault? You’re the one who ignored her when she went into her room. If I hadn’t insisted, she’d have still been lying in her room, probably dead by now.”
“Well, she did this because of you, Ayesha. Because you lied to her. You told her you weren’t behind my video leak but you were. Your betrayal is what pushed her to do this, Ayesha.”
“I can’t believe you, Auntie. She did this because she found out her own mother put out information that would forever humiliate her. How can you not see that?”

“You better pray she gets out of this, Ayesha or else there will be consequences.”

“Enough with the threats, Auntie. Look at us now. My father’s reputation is shaky now, my husband is behind bars, your husband is dead and your daughter is fighting for her life. When will you realize that our world is crumbling down? We need to stick together.”
“Our misfortunes all started with you – when you decided to overstep your boundaries and bed your uncle! If you can’t see this all starts and ends with you, then you have a problem. Where is the car key?” Ida snatched it from Ayesha.

“I’ve somewhere I need to be.”
“Your daughter is in critical condition. What else could be more important?”
“I’m not just a mother now. Call me if something comes up,” Ida said and walked out.


“Calm down, Aye. How’s she doing?” Tariq asked.

“It’s not looking good, dad,” Ayesha said, crying. “We could lose her.”
“Where’s Ida?”
“Who knows? She just took off and left me. I don’t even have a car to get out of here.”

“Don’t worry; will get one to you. But maybe I think you should stay by Nadia’s side.”
“I will. How are things going at your end? Did you call back your bosses?”
“I did.”


“Been put on administrative leave for two weeks.”
“Oh seriously?”
“Yeah…to allow things to simmer down a bit. Was thinking of skipping town.”
“Please don’t leave. At least not until we are sure Nadia is better.”
“Well, it was Bibi’s idea. If I tell her that we should stay because of Nadia, it could open a can of hormonal worms and I’m not ready for it.”
“So you’re just going to up and leave? You’re a man so the news would not scar you as much as it would Nadia. Please be sensitive.”
“I am, Ayesha. There’s a lot more to consider now than Nadia’s feelings. I have a wife and a baby on the way. I have a fragile political career to protect.”
“So I’m alone in this now?”
“No, you’re not. I just can’t be there physically, is all I’m saying.”
“Okay. Will call you if anything changes.”
“Stay safe. Keep your phone close, alright?”
“Alright. Bye, dad.”

Ayesha wiped her eyes with the tissue in her hand and walked into Nadia’s room where the only sound heard was a loud beeping sound from a machine. She joined her on the bed, placing her head on Nadia’s chest.

“I am sorry, Nadia…for lying to you. I am sorry about Taye. I am sorry about subtly pushing you to be with my dad. It was selfish on my part so I could be with yours without feeling guilty. I’m sorry for everything. But please don’t leave me. Give me a chance to really say sorry to you. I know you feel let down by the people who should have your back and I’m sorry for my part in it. But please don’t give up. Keep fighting and come back. I need you back. We all need you back.”

Ayesha cried herself to sleep.


“She’s only breathing because of the support machine, Honorable.”
“Is there any chance that she could start breathing on her own?”

“If there is, it will be very slim.”

Ayesha woke up to the whispers.

“Yeah, Ayesha.”
Ayesha got off the bed.

“Any news?”
“No, not really.”
“Is that bad or not good?”
“Don’t they mean the same thing?”
“So what, we are only waiting for a miracle now?”
“Well, it’s not like we prayed to any deity like you asked. Or did you, Ayesha?”
“So there’s nothing we can do?”
“Wait. That’s all we can do for now.”


“We have to face it: she’s gone.”
“No, chances are slim but as long as there’s that, there’s hope,” Ayesha said.

“How long do we have to wait to know what to do next?” Ida asked.

“A couple of days if you like.”
“Anything else you can do to increase her chances?”
“Very little but we’ll keep trying.”
“Okay. We’ll be in touch. Thanks, doc.”

“You’re welcome, honorable minister. Bye.” The line dropped.

“If she doesn’t wake up…”
“If? Where’s the faith, people?”
“We understand you’re being emotional right now, dear but we have to face the hard facts here. It is possible that Nadia won’t be coming back,” Bibi said, holding Ayesha’s hand.

“I refuse to accept that. If the doctors are incompetent, why not transfer her to another hospital? We should be exhausting every available option we have. We should leave no stone unturned.”

“Stop talking like we don’t care, okay? This is difficult for us all but we have to have reality here. If Nadia doesn’t wake up after some days, we’ll be left with no choice than to…”
“What, pull the plug? Is that what you’d say if it were me in her shoes? Pull the plug because my recovery may be taking longer than expected?” Ayesha asked, bewildered.
“Anyway, at the end of the day, it will be Ida’s decision to make,” Tariq said. They all looked at her.

Ida took her bag and got up.

“I need to run.”
“Auntie? Please don’t give up on her.”
“Why would I? She’s the only family I have left.” With that, she left the house.

“Daddy, please…don’t let her do this. She’ll punish us for it soon after.”
“I can’t let her do anything, Ayesha. She’s her mother. She gets the final say. What can I do?”
“Talk to her. Don’t make her feel she’s alone in this; that it’s only up to her to decide. We are all one family, right?”
“That family broke when Omar died, Ayesha.”
“That is why we can’t let Nadia die too, dad. That would be too much for Auntie Ida.”
“Unfortunately, we don’t have the power to keep her alive, Ayesha. If we did, we wouldn’t have been having this conversation.”
“There must be something we can do,” Ayesha said desperately as she walked away in tears.

“I feel her pain,” Bibi said.

“And you think I don’t?” Tariq said and walked away.

Keeping Within Family by Joseyphina


Ayesha paced the room where Nadia was lying as she listened to Bibi on the phone. Karim and Kareem were giving her one hell of a time back at home.

“I’m sorry about that. Yeah, Kakra tends to be fuzzy when I’m not around. Will come home and see to them.”
“How’s it going?”

Ayesha turned to look at her friend and sister.

“Same old. Practically praying for a miracle now.”

“How many days are we looking at now?”
“Three days. Just three days, Bibi to call off a life. I can’t believe this is happening and there’s nothing I can do to stop it.”
“Don’t give up, Ayesha. Keep talking to her. She will hear you.”
“I will. Thanks, Bibi. And feel free to deal with the twins however you deem fit. They are too stubborn.”
“Thanks for the pass. I plan to use it to the maximum. Might take them out for some fresh air. Take care, dear.”


Ayesha walked to Nadia.

“You better wake up, Nadia. You’ve rested enough. There’s so much to live for. Don’t let the despair you felt because of our betrayal make you lose out on life. We need you, please.”

Ayesha felt a slight pressure on her hand. She looked at Nadia’s hand in hers.

“Nadia? Can you hear me?” She felt the pressure again. She gasped.

Nadia opened her eyes weakly.

“Oh Nadia, you’re back. You came back!”

Nadia tried to take off the face mask. Ayesha helped her.

“You’re in a hospital. And you’re going to be okay.”
Nadia gestured for Ayesha to draw closer. She whispered into her ear. Ayesha gave her a shocked look.

“Let me get the doctor.”

When she opened the door, she saw the doctor.
“Doctor! The one I was looking for. Nadia is awake.”
“She is?” The doctor entered to attend to her. Ayesha left the room.

Ayesha called Ida.

“Yeah, Ayesha?”
“Nadia is awake.”
“Really? For sure? You’re not pulling my legs, are you?”
“Oh no, auntie. I wouldn’t dare. You need to come, auntie.”

“Why? Anything wrong?”
“She’s not okay.”
“What do you mean? You just said she’s awake.”
“That she is but…please come, okay?”
“I’ve some back-to-back meetings in an hour. Should be there by 3pm. Would that be okay?”
“I was hoping to hear you say you were going to cancel all plans and get here as soon as you can.”
“These are meetings I’ve pushed for, for months dear. If I miss them, I might never get another chance.”
“I see. Will be waiting.”
“Has she asked of me?”
“We haven’t really spoken. Called in the doctor as soon as she woke. The doctor is still with her.”
“Tell her I’m on my way.”
“Yes, Auntie. Bye.”

Ayesha sniffed and wiped her face with the back of her hand. She entered Nadia’s room.


Tariq came around an hour later.

“Uncle T,” Nadia said faintly.

“Hi sweetheart. Got here as soon as I could,” Tariq said and sat on the bed, taking her hand in his.

Nadia sighed feeling the warmth in his hand move through her body.

“Thank you for coming.”
“Don’t mention it, dear. How are you feeling?”
“Like I’m floating.”

“I’ll be here, holding your hand till you land, okay?”

Nadia nodded.

“I know a lot has happened and that’s what may have pushed to do what you did. I want to apologize for everything I have done to hurt you over the years; beginning with what we had. I practically raised you and I shouldn’t have gone into that terrain with you. I’m sorry.”
“No need to be sorry. I’ve no regrets…”

She gestured him to come closer and he did. Nadia planted a soft kiss on his cheek. Ayesha who was standing by the wall, blinked and tears fell on her cheeks.

“Yeah,” she responded and rushed to her side. She held Nadia’s other hand.

“I forgive you.”
Ayesha broke into tears. Her father rubbed her back.

“I love you, Ayesha.”
“I love you too. And thank you.”
“Where’s mum?”
“She’s coming. She’s on her way.”
Tariq gestured to Ayesha to call Ida. Ayesha mouthed to him that she already had. Tariq called Ida. She didn’t answer. Nadia had fallen asleep.

“Do you think it’s safe for her to slipping in and out of sleep like this?” Ayesha asked her dad.

“Get the doctor so we know for sure.”


“Do you have to leave now?”
“My daughter is conscious now. I need to see her,” Ida said, dressing up.

“She’s out of the woods now, right? Another few minutes wouldn’t hurt.”
“Don’t be selfish and insensitive, Yaw. I shouldn’t even be here. I just don’t like to cancel plans. Got to go.”
“No goodbye kissy?”

Ida shook her head as she grabbed her bag and left the room.


Ayesha watched in horror as the doctor checked Nadia’s pulse and looked up at her.

The door opened and Ida entered.

“Hey, I’m here…” She paused as she took in the scene. Tariq and Ayesha looked at her.

“Time of…”
Ayesha collapsed into her father’s arms. Tariq’s eyes met Ida’s.

She shook her head and walked backwards out of the room.


She walked away.

(c) Josephine Amoako 2021

Read Chapter 53 here.

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