Unpredictable but Real


(c) firstcovers.com


We sometimes enjoy being unpredictable;

Surprising ourselves and others with our spontaneity;

Teasing the curious minds with a little wrap of mystery;

Leading them to expect this but showing up doing that;

Keeps the perception of us interesting;

Always something to talk and wonder about;

After all, the weather gets our attention when it acts out of expectation, right?

But does being unpredictable count for being double-faced?

When moods change on a whim and decisions reversed at the last minute?

When you’re happy when there’s no reason to be and sad when you shouldn’t?

Where do we draw the line between being genuine and unreadable?

How do we show others our true colors without having to give too much away?

Or are they mutually exclusive traits to portray?


A little mystery calls for attention and attracts curiosity;

It’s what brings about a lot of friendships;

Sensing something unique but special about someone and wanting to know more;

And as the layers come off one by one;

The mystery is unraveled and we are filled with awe about discovering the real person;


But it gets to that point where we don’t like to be caught off guard;

With unforeseen actions or attitudes;

Because we like to think that we know all there is to know about those close to us;

That the unpredictable surprises were reserved for the outsiders;

Such that we no longer find strange spontaneities as amusing like we did before;

We feel betrayed;

That they hid yet another part of themselves from us;

Unpredictable begins to feel repulsive;

We feel discontent with their disclosure;

We want to know more.


One can never know someone completely;

No matter how long and close you’ve known him and been together;

Because people grow up and change accordingly;

Sometimes unknown to them personally;

Certain outbursts surprise us as much as they do others;

One never fully discovers himself;

It’s a constant work in progress;

So don’t take all unpredictable exhibitions to heart;

Do excuse them and give them the space to process their thoughts and actions;

It’s how we learn;

From our mistakes;


Being unpredictable can be fun;

But it can also be a wakeup call;

Know when it is one or the other;

And follow up accordingly.


© Josephine Amoako 2016



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