You see people being called forward;

In church at every service;

Being told their future is bright;

And their life stories are about to change for the better;

You see the look of relief and renewed hope;

On the faces of the called ones;

And you wished your name could be mentioned too;

But weeks ran into months;

And you haven’t been called yet;

And begin to wonder why;

Could it be God has no interest in your welfare?

And has no comfort words for you to ease your anxiety?

Even if there were no prophecies available for you;

Couldn’t He at least answer your prayer through the prophet?

Since you can’t seem to hear Him speak no matter how hard you try;

You begin to think God’s angry with you;

And that’s why He’s giving you the cold shoulder;

So you pray for forgiveness of sins;

But it seems the harder you pray;

The tougher things get;

Give me just one word, you plead;

So I know you have me in mind;

But no matter how strategically you sit;

So the prophet’s eye would meet yours;

He never calls you.

You don’t need to receive a prophecy;

From a prophet to know God’s plans for you;

All His promises are already contained in the Word;

All you have to do is to read them;

Meditate on them, believe in them;

And speak them into your life;

All you need to live a godly life;

Counsel, caution and promises;

Are printed in the Holy Bible;

Pray for discernment of the Word;

And grace to live it out;

God watches over His word to perform;

Every single letter of it;

So don’t think you’re missing out;

Because a prophecy hasn’t been told you;

He listens to your prayers;

And He answers them;

According to His will and timing;

His Word is the purest form of prophecy;

Read it to be wise;

Believe it to be steadfast;

Practice it to be holy.

© Josephine Amoako 2016


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  1. Reading this makes me reflect on things I was discussing with a friend after a prophetic meeting

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