Your Birthday-History of a Legend or Mere Date?

1st September, 12th October, 25th May, 3rd April, 6th July-these are just random dates. Dates of days on which people were born and died. Dates on which people got married or got divorced; a date on which something valuable was discovered or something historical was destroyed. Whatever date comes to mind, it means something to someone somewhere in the world.

Dates do more than number the days in a year; they help people to keep in mind whatever they have achieved in their lifetime and also help posterity to know what has been done before them.
As each day passes, it is recorded somewhere that something significant has happened. A day wasted can never be recovered. So it is imperative that every 24-hour period that ticks away at you is put to good use. As they say, Rome was not built in a day but I do believe that Rome was being built every day.

So if your birthday is to be mentioned somewhere, would someone you know remember it and say in his heart, ‘that was the day someone great was born’? When you’re old, would the world continue to celebrate your years with you on your birthday, being grateful for your life?
You don’t have to be born with a silver spoon to make something happen; you don’t have to be domiciled in a particular location to be influential; and you don’t have to regret the year you were born because you think there’s much more you could have done if you were born earlier or later.

The day you were born (whether prematurely or not) was not a mistake. It was divinely planned just like your destiny. But you have to play an active role in realizing your dreams and turning your potentials into useful abilities. Make it an aim that every year that passes you by has at least one day that means something significant-a date someone would remember you with. It could be as simple as an act of volunteering service; not necessarily something so grand. Whatever you can do within your means is fine as long as it’s selfless.

Create a legend for yourself whiles you have the time, will and resources for it. Make sure you will be remembered for something. Let it be said, “On this day, a gift to the world was born.”

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