What are you looking for?

This world offers a lot of enticing pleasures and promises no or minute side effects but by now everyone should know that that is totally not true. Every rose this world offers has a hidden thorn in it and when it withers and its beauty fades, what is left behind is a stinging pain you can’t eradicate. And one thing many people do not realize is that, whenever this world offers something, it takes something much more valuable from you. It does so subtly so many people don’t notice it at first and by the time they do, it is almost too late.

But the good news is, it is never too late to accept Jesus now. No matter how hopeless your situation is, how messed up your life is, how unworthy you feel about yourself, Jesus says he loves you just the way you are. He’s waiting with open arms to accept you in His loving arms. You don’t have to clean yourself up; He will do that for you because you can’t do it on your own. That’s because the more you try to wipe away the stains, the more the stain spreads all over you. Only the precious blood of Jesus is powerful enough to wipe away the toughest of sin stains.

So, what are you looking for? Whatever this world is offering is a perverse duplicate of what only God can give to His creation. If it is security you are looking for, God will shield you under His wings and you would not have to be afraid of any turbulence because you would be totally covered. If you are looking for a friend, He will be with you always and will be your Comforter whenever you need to be consoled. If you are looking for a lover, guess what He just doesn’t want your body, He loves your very soul. If you want a father, He will guide you on the right path so you don’t stray away and of course chastise you when it becomes necessary (besides, everyone needs a spank at one time or the other to get our heads straight, right?)

He loves you unconditionally; whiles we were yet sinners, He still loved us. You don’t need to be a good person to be accepted by Christ. All you need to do is to go to him just as you are and lay down everything you are and have at His feet and accept Him into your heart and life. When you let him in, He will cleanse you completely and you’ll have a new fresh fragrance. Yes, you will smell different, special and everyone around you will notice because this fragrance is not of this world- it is…heavenly.

You will begin to see the world differently. Even though we are living in evil times right now, with Christ in your boat, you will sail safely through. Whatever you are looking for, don’t worry, it’s all in the package. Just run to the throne of grace and mercy and let the Lover of your soul cast away every chain on you and the rags you are wearing. He will clothe you in a new apparel which is eternally glorious.

Just give Him a chance and you will never regret you made this decision. In fact, you would be regretting not making this decision earlier. Just remember, whatever you are looking for, it’s all in the package!


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  1. Susan Michaels says:

    beautifully written, Joseyphina! I pray for every drowning soul to take hold of the lifeline of Jesus!


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