When Divorce Falls in Love with Counseling 

Gerty had seen it all. Her childhood was plagued by a nasty divorce between her parents. She grew up confused about whom to love since per the custody arrangement, she was to stay with her mother during school days and be with her father during the holidays. Each parent took any chance he/she got to…

UK Visa Marriage

Millie was beside herself with joy when the day she had been praying towards for months came to pass: the day Dave asked her to marry him. They had been dating for close to eighteen months.

Nude Sabotage 

What happens when an innocent effort gets you in trouble?

When Your Husband says, ‘Call Me Daddy.’

A man’s ego is intricately woven into his DNA, I believe.  An expert once said that an essential key to a successful relationship is knowing how to massage his ego and making him feel appreciated for all his efforts, whatever they may be. But what happens when he sees the ego-pampering as a ticket to…

Legally Married, Physically Single

You must be wondering what the caption means. How can one be married and single at the same time? Well, it is not that strange where I come from. Lots of women find themselves in this predicament. Want to understand? Stick and stay. Legally, I’m married but physically and emotionally, I’m as single as ever….