Beautiful, not Perfect

Beautiful doesn’t always mean perfect. Because beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder, there will always be some things that we’d consider and call ugly. But in the grand scheme of things, when you decide to step back and look at the big picture, for something to be seen as wholly beautiful, some ‘ugly’ parts need to be in there to make the beauty pop out.

A great example can be made of dimples. Who doesn’t find dimples cute? They just have a way of softening the facial features when the bearer smiles and they show. Even if they are not so beautiful, the presence of dimples alone would push them into the beauties’ list. But guess what, according to scientists, dimples are actually deformities. Hence, they are imperfections that people should ideally dread having. But every dimple-wearing person is proud to show it off and those who don’t have it can only secretly admire it or tell themselves, ‘It’s only a pretty deformity’ to console themselves on missing it. 

 There are ugly parts of our lives we would rather bury or wish never happened. But sometimes the bad must happen for us to appreciate the good when it comes our way. As much as we strive for perfection, we need to keep reminding ourselves that we are human and things are bound to go wrong, some things will not go according to plan no matter how hard we try to ensure the best outcome. And that’s okay. All we can do is pray for the grace to accept the things we can’t change, pick up the pieces and move on.

The people you know to be beautiful inside out are not perfect; they are only deliberate in maximizing their strengths in the relationships they have. So, when moments come and the weaknesses show, you can easily love them above that.

What makes you beautiful? Everything you are and have been through; for some, more hurts, and tears than happiness and laughter. Sometimes, you need to step back from where you are and look at the big picture…how far you’ve come and see how beautiful it all comes together. There is time for a close-up view and there is time for a far wide view. Knowing when to do either, changes perspective and can change lives.

© Josephine Amoako 2022

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  1. Beautiful, not perfect, but perfectly beautiful none the less. 😉

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  2. bagderasimon says:

    Bonjour,tu es jolie moi je dit jolie sourire


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