The ‘Michal’ mentality

Quick question: Have you ever witnessed someone dance ‘over-the-top’ at church during praise time and you’ve caught yourself ‘judging’ and ‘despising’ the person in your heart?

Confession: I have.
And I’ve immediately prayed for forgiveness after such moments. I’ve repented of that and I’m now very conscious of my thought process when I watch people who overtly celebrate God especially in church.

We all have different personalities and that shows in how we express emotions be it happiness, remorse or sorrow. Because some of us are not really dance-inclined, we keep to clapping and the simple two-stepping moves during praise time while others engage in more flexible choreographed moves which we can’t help admire and hope we could do that too.

But you would admit that some people tend to become the center of attention by their dance moves. I used to think that most of them just enjoy being the object of everyone’s interest and tend to go a little extra just because it’s their moment to bask in.

That was until I heard someone’s testimony about having injured his leg so bad that the situation was amputation-likely. He prayed to God to save his leg and God being merciful, answered his prayer. He told himself he would dance like never before to show his gratitude to God and that’s exactly what he did.

Most of the time, we are ignorant of the issues people have faced and how God brought them out of them so we fail to appreciate the joy and energy people exhibit when they are worshipping or praising God. In the end, we look at them in disdain when we should be concentrating on praising God for what He has done in our lives.

When I first read the account of Michal, (Saul’s daughter who got married to King David who despised her husband in her heart because he was praising God in a manner that was not befitting of a king), I felt convicted. God punished her by shutting her womb till she died.

I knew it wouldn’t be easy to stop such trail of thoughts when a similar situation presented itself so I asked God for grace to help me change. And with time, I disciplined myself to think of the testimony I heard some years back about his dance whenever I came across anyone who danced more dramatically. I remind myself that the person is thanking God for something He has done for him or her. Hence I should utter a prayer of thanks on the dancer’s behalf to God instead of despising the person in my head and heart.

That’s a way better option than inciting God’s anger and curses on my poor head.

Do you or have you ever had the Michal mentality? How are you dealing with it? Thanks for reading and kindly share your thoughts.

© Josephine Amoako 2019

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  1. I’m glad you have a whole post about this. Had an argument with my grandma on Tuesday over this issue when she was trying to be judgmental about how people dance in church. I can’t dance and so I’m excited to see others dance in church…. I even feel they are dancing what I can’t dance for me.

    Bring judgemental is just a problem we who go to church have and for that matter we find it difficult to appreciate people and things.

    On Tuesday I was at an ordination and Bishop Dag Heward-Mills said something; He said “If we take off our fault finding spectacles, we would learn to appreciate a lot of things. “

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    1. joseyphina says:

      Very well said. We must be consciously aware not to judge people for how they express their emotions to God.


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