#WinterABC2022: African Women – AMAZING!

Today’s African women are not what we knew them to be; they are more than that now.

They are homemakers and board chairpersons, children nurturers and key decision makers;

They make food and clothes, build houses and make homes out of them;

They advocate for humanitarian causes and fight for the vulnerable;

They are bankers, putting your money to good use;

They are software developers, creating cool apps to make your life more convenient;

They are in law enforcement, putting their lives on the line to keep yours safe;

They are in beauty and fashion, because if they aren’t, who would? After all, they are the epitome of beauty;

They are surgeons and healthcare workers, fixing bodies and nursing us back to health;

They are engineers and architects; behind some of the captivating artifacts you see in town;

They are writers, crafting stories for generations unborn to know the world they have been born into;

They are athletes, artists, musicians, entertaining us with their creativity and keeping us sane in the midst of life crazy moments;

They are the strict mothers, fun aunties with vibes, cool sisters and daughters anyone can be proud of;

They are everywhere; think of something and there’s an African woman doing just that.

They are God’s masterpieces, bathed in rich melanin, with hearts of gold and courage of a lion;

African women are and can be more than we envision them to be.

Just take off the limits and watch them run, fly and roar!

© Josephine Amoako 2022

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