The Mother-in-law


Like the mother hen who watches over her eggs anxiously;

So does the mother’s heart follow her son wherever he goes;

In him she sees the fruit of her love, blossoming to be the finest young man ever seen;

Others may see her as overprotective,

But she sees it as a caring gesture; his wellbeing is all what matters to her.

So when and how does this sweet loving mother become the mean and cold person that everyone points at?

Does she turn selfish with the boy she has seen grown up well so as not to share him with anyone else?

Photo credits to Google Images.

Every spinster’s greatest fear is meeting that harsh, hard-to-please woman who holds the key to her future happiness.

The mother is the first rival of every wife and the strongest contender of them all.

She may be a little extreme but she just wants to be sure the one she is handing her mantle to, can handle her precious son the way she thinks best.

She can be every wife’s greatest nightmare but she can be her new best friend as well;

Who else knows the man as well as his sweet mama?

But just the earth is round and life is full of cycles;

The wife also becomes a mother to a bouncy baby boy and before she knows it, she becomes the figure she once feared: the mother-in-law.

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  1. Absolutely love this! It is so amazing and true! I am the mother in law and totally get this! Thanks for sharing! My kids are my world! You nailed this!! 🙂

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    1. joseyphina says:

      Thanks for reading! 😃

      Liked by 1 person

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