Life and its lemons!

It’s funny how life and fate work out. You wake up dreaming of how you’d like your life to turn out, you work towards part of it and leave the rest to the powers that be to do their part. For some people, it works out pretty well; for others, well, it becomes one hell of a roller coaster ride.

For Eyram, it was more of the latter. Being the hopeless romantic that she was, she dreamed of getting married at the cute age of 24 and if things delayed a bit, latest by 25. She was going to have three kids: two boys and a girl. There were far more girls being born and she wanted to bless them with two gentlemen to marry them off. She had heard somewhere that there was a way to conceive a boy and she was itching to try it. The one daughter would give her the opportunity to dress up a live doll with all the colorful ribbons in her hair, with cute shoes and bags.

Getting hitched would not be a problem, Eyram strongly believed, because everywhere she went, she had guys falling over themselves for her. Then, she had three strong candidates. She just had to sit down and take a hard look at what kind of life she imagined having with each of them and apply elimination tactics. So far, the future seemed bright.

Twelve years forward and Eyram found herself, not married. How the time flew so fast she was not too sure. To make matters worse, she had to resort to playing ‘cat and mouse’ with her parents who had started chanting the ‘when are you getting married’ anthem in her ear at any opportunity they got. Oh, the three guys she thought were her top hubby materials some years back? Well, let’s just say, don’t be too quick to judge a book by its cover.

Not too sure if adulting messed up her judgement as she aged but she realized the guys coming her way of late were just not it. They were neither exactly the typical bad boy that tickled your fancy nor the goody two shoes nice boys from church who sent you devotionals on WhatsApp every morning. They found themselves somewhere in the middle – very lukewarm, not very fun and not that ambitious.  No wonder she couldn’t tell her colleagues at work about her latest one. She wasn’t that ashamed of him; but she wasn’t exactly proud of him either.

One fateful night, after a hangout with friends having had drinks and assorted protein, she found herself the next morning in her boyfriend’s bed. The name was Sammy by the way. Something told her right there that she had conceived. Her first instinct was to rush to the nearby pharmacy and get a morning after pill to flush it down; only to get there to see her mother’s friend buying some prescription pills. She rushed out of the place like she had seen a ghost. As fate would have it, she couldn’t get the chance to buy one and work got too hectic that she forgot to get it the following day.

Six weeks later and the stick confirmed her fears – she was cooking a fetus in her womb. What was she going to do? She tried hiding it from her mother till she figured out what she was going to do – either keep it or quickly get rid of it. But like a hawk, she quickly noticed something was off with her and confronted her plainly. She nodded, not being able to bring herself to say the words.

Although her mother seemed a bit disappointed with the turn of events, she was equally grateful for the chance to be a grandma. And the baby daddy? He wanted to do right by her and get married but she wasn’t sure. He was a good lay, but she doubted he was going to be the right life partner for her. She wasn’t going to be tied down to a union for the sake of the baby. God forbid but what if it died? Was she going to walk out or try to have another one with him? Nah, she wasn’t ready for that kind of stress.

Image credit: Nappy

But she wasn’t ready for what was coming next. Aside the pregnancy blues, she felt heavy pain in her abdomen. Was it a sign that the baby wanted out? Well, that makes two of us, she thought.

She got to the hospital, had some tests done only to be told she had fibroid…not just one but two of them. It was like watching a bad movie…getting worse. Fibroid? From where? No one in her family had gotten it, or…none that she knew of. But why her? What was going to happen to the baby? Was it heaven’s way of sparing her the anguish of the ‘born one’ woman status she was going to bear for the rest of her life?

The doctor wasn’t done with the bad news. She was going to have to carry the baby full term…along with the fibroid. Unfortunately, the positions of the fibroids required that in taking them out, it would come with the womb. Taking it out meant she was never going to be a mother. At least in her present condition, she would be a mother of one.

What did she do wrong? Who did she offend? Her future seemed gloomy. She was not only going to be a ‘born one’ mother, but she was also going to be just that for the rest of her life; with no second chance of redeeming herself as the mother of another in marriage. Who was going to marry her? This wasn’t the picture she had in mind when she dreamed her future a decade ago.

But life happens, right? Whatever happens, we keep living. When life throws you lemons, you make a lemonade and say cheers!

© Josephine Amoako 2022

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  1. Ernest Armah says:

    Here’s life making a bold entrance to diss the appointment we thought we had with destiny, breaking us into pieces it would eventually use to make us whole. But we emerge from this painful, depressing and grueling process different and better. Kintsugi, that’s what the Japanese call it.

    Life, as I’ve come to understand it, will break us out of every frame of idealism and sexy fantasy we carve for it. It saves us from living a lie and rescues us from the futile chase after perfection that is non-existent in this world. It brings us home, to the here and now, the depravity and the nobility, the yin and yang of our civilization. We are condemned to a life of endless suffering when we refuse to embrace this reality.

    Not all lemons are meant to be lemonade. Lemons have their purpose too.

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    1. joseyphina says:

      Very well said. Thanks for sharing, Ernest.

      Liked by 2 people

  2. justine love says:

    Like they say

    Sometimes life just happens

    Liked by 2 people

    1. joseyphina says:

      Yes, it does. Thanks for reading, Justine.

      Liked by 1 person

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