Scarred but not Damaged

I have always admired people with bodies ‘without blemish.’ I always perceive them to have lived comfortable lives thus not having to engage in tasks that would taint the body. Or even if their lives were not that comfortable, they took enough care of their bodies such that their hardships would not be visible to every watching eye.
In the same way, no matter how accomplished someone is in his/her field; I find the presence of black spots especially on the legs gross. I’m tempted to think, ‘Perhaps he didn’t know he’d grow up to be this important so he didn’t think of taking better care of his body.’ Thus, I found it almost unforgivable when people mar the lives of others by scarring the bodies with acid and other weapons.

But I’ve realized how vain I was to focus on the perfection of a body that would end up six feet down anyway. Because at the end of the day, when we go up to meet the Father, we will be given heavenly bodies devoid of all blemish and we will have this amazing body for all eternity.
And one sort of scar which isn’t drawn on a person’s face but deeply damages him is the emotional one. These scars could be well concealed with cool looks, charming smiles and conservative moods. You wouldn’t know what someone is dealing with till you draw closer.

We are all born the same but life deals with each one of us differently. We all go through the fire; some come out well refined like gold, others come out burnt like wood. Some scars remind us of where we’ve been on the way to where we are headed. It doesn’t matter what people perceive of you when they see the scars, what matters is what they mean to you.
Instead of looking down on your scars with disdain, look at them with pride because they made you stronger, wiser and well prepped for whatever lies ahead.

Life isn’t fair and no one is perfect so it’s nearly impossible to live out your days without scars. Physical ones are shameful but the emotional ones are dangerous. Let them strengthen you on your journey, not retard you. After all, we are made of clay and dust we will return to after we’ve drawn our last breath.

So never again will I look down on someone with scars because I don’t know what he/she has been through. I am dealing with mine and I expect others to respect that so why make someone else’s my business? Smooth skins don’t necessarily mean smooth lives; the same way scarred bodies don’t mean irreversibly damaged lives. No need to pay much attention to a canvas which will end up rotting anyway when what really matters is where we will end up beyond this world.

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