Keeping Within Family Chapter 28

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Tariq entered Omar’s house to find him sitting in the living room, watching the news.

“Omar, chale, there’s fire on the mountain.”
“Hold on. Let me listen to this.”
Tariq joined him on the couch. The news anchor was reporting on Yaw’s arrest.

“What’s so interesting about this story?”
“He is a fitness trainer at…” Tariq gasped.

“Oh no.”
“Oh yeah,” Omar said with a grin.
“You didn’t.”
“I did. Wait, did what?”
“Is that Ida’s side dude?”
“One and only.”
“And he has been caught with drugs? You did this, didn’t you?”
“You, I trust; these walls, I don’t.”
“Uh huh. So where’s Ida?”
“She must have arrived in London. She hasn’t replied my text yet.”
“She must be brewing hot with rage. She would be so mad.”
“And yet she can’t accuse me of anything. As far as I know, they are no longer an item. It could just be fate catching up with him.”
“Anyway, news coming from Bibi portal…two of your side chicks are at each other’s throat and one is threatening to oust her on social media. You need to handle it before that happens, bro,” Tariq said.

“It has already been settled.”
“Oh really? What did you do?”
“Played my leverage card. She now realizes she has more to lose by talking than by keeping her mouth shut. Don’t worry about it. But how did Bibi hear about it?”
“She seems to have very reliable sources, man.”
“Interesting. But you better warn her to keep her nose out of my business. She might be family now but she’s not Tam,” Omar said.

“Duly noted. What are you having?”
“Jack Daniels. Would you like a glass?”
“Yeah; don’t worry, I’ll help myself,” Tariq said, getting up.

As Tariq poured the drink into a glass, his phone beeped. A message from Ida.

“You won’t believe what your brother has done!!! He planted coke on Yaw. How petty could he be?! Does he realize this could ruin him forever? You better tell him to stop the nonsense and quickly undo the damage he has done before it’s too late,” Tariq read out loud as he walked back to the couch. He sat down. They both burst into laughter.

“But seriously, how far are you willing to take this?” Tariq asked Omar as he typed a reply to Ida.

“As far as it takes for her to promise me she would actually drop this dude for good.”
“That’s all you want, her undivided loyalty to you?”
“Yes; her messing around with that guy for this long is an insult to me. What does she mean by that, that I’m not good enough for her?”
“Women cheating is a whole different thing, dude. They are not like us. We don’t need emotional connection to sleep around. Thinking they can beat us at our own game is laughable. They only hurt themselves.”

“Like it or not, it’s a men’s world. Cheers to that.”
“Cheers.” They clinked glasses.


“Ei Nadia, have you heard the news? Your mum’s playboy has been arrested ooo,” Ayesha said excitedly when Nadia’s face appeared on her phone screen.

“Oh sis, I’ve heard ooo. I guess we both know who masterminded this.”
“Oh yeah; he must be having a good laugh right now.”
“He definitely is. I just called to inform him and he didn’t seem surprised at all. I’m sure he was grinning over the phone. Your dad was with him.”
“Oh yeah? Then I’m sure they even did a toast to it. Those two,” Ayesha said with a shake of her head.

“But have you heard from your mum?”
“No, I wanted to text her but I don’t know…should I? Wouldn’t it be awkward, knowing what I know and she wondering if I do? Maybe I should spare her the embarrassment,” Nadia said.

“Well, maybe; you are terrible at concealing your feelings. Maybe I should call her. It would be less awkward.”
“Yeah, you should.”

Jamal walked in.

“Your brother-in-law just walked in. Want to say hi?”               
“Sure. Jamal?”
“Hi dear,” Jamal said, joining Ayesha and waving at Nadia.

“Hi handsome. How are you doing? Is my sister being a good wife to you?”
“She is. I’m also trying to be a good hubby.”
“Try harder. She’s a gem.”
“I know,” Jamal said, kissing his wife on the cheek.

“Aww…I was about saying, ‘get a room’ but I realized you’ve already got one.”

They all laughed.

“Alright, let’s talk soon, Ayesha.”
“Sure. Take care, love you, bye.”

The call ended. Jamal opened the refrigerator.

“Did I hear you say Nadia’s mum’s boyfriend has been arrested?”

“Oh, it’s just a nickname we have given him. Auntie Ida had a crush on some guy and we’ve since called him, ‘mum’s boyfriend,” Ayesha said.

“Oh I see. Interesting family.”
“Interesting is such a cute way to put it.”
“I know.”


Ayesha called Ida. She was about to hang up when Ida answered.

“Auntie! How are you doing?”
“Ayesha, I’m good. How are you too?”
“I’m great. Nadia told me you had flown out. All is well?”
“Oh yeah. You know that partnership idea I was brainstorming with you on? Yeah, I’ve found a couple of interested parties, that’s why I’m here. Hopefully, we would get ourselves a deal.”
“Yeah, hopefully. But that aside, is everything okay?”
“Of course, it is. Why wouldn’t it be? Have you heard something?”
“Oh no…just asking. Do buy me something when you’re coming back, will you? As usual, surprise me.”
“You have a husband now, Ayesha.”

“But you will always be my Auntie. And I do love your gifts.”
“Uh huh. How are you doing by the way? Is Jamal being a good boy?”
“Oh yes, he’s a darling.”
“Good for you, dear.”
“When are you coming back, Auntie?”
“Um…should be back by next week Thursday, I think.”
“Alright. Take care of yourself then, Auntie. Will talk soon.”

“Yes dear. My regards to Jamal.”
“Will tell him. Bye.” Ayesha waited for Ida to end the call and smirked.

“Oh dear Auntie, tsk, tsk, tsk.” Ayesha sipped her red wine.


Keeping Within Family by Joseyphina

“Ida, why the hell aren’t you doing anything?!” Yaw’s frustrated voice rang when Ida answered her phone.

“Yaw? What is it? Is everything okay?”
“Okay? Did you just ask me that? I had told you of my predicament at the airport two days ago and you’re asking me if I’m okay? Of course, I’m just peachy.”
“Alright, no need to give me an attitude, Yaw.”
“Have you spoken to your husband or not? Do you know I’ve been charged?”
“Oh really?”
“Oh you don’t know? Do you actually care about what is happening to me, Ida?”
“Of course, I do! You have no idea what I’ve been through these couple of days…cracking my brain to figure out how to get you out of this.”
“What you’ve been through? Sleeping on a bed and having hot baths? I’ve been behind bars and been spoken to like a criminal, Ida. Why haven’t you spoken to your husband?”
“What has my husband got to do with this, Yaw? He isn’t the Inspector of Police, is he?”
“We both know he’s behind this.”
“I honestly don’t think so. If he were, he would have gloated by now. I told him we were history. Why would I approach him with this?”
“What are you implying then, Ida? That I’m actually a drug dealer?”
“I don’t know…perhaps you have another enemy you’re unaware of. Have you been sleeping with another wife?”
“I can’t believe this. This is downright insulting, Ida. You know you’re the only one I’m seeing.”
“Well, that’s not exactly true, is it? There is…”
“That is not the point here. Are you going to help me out or not?”
“I will, Yaw. Just be patient.”
“So easy for you to say. When are you coming back?”
“Looking at Thursday.”
“I’d have been sentenced by then! Please tell me you have grown some balls and confront your petty husband.”
“The last time I checked, I was born a woman and won’t be able to grow balls no matter how hard I tried. Don’t you ever talk to me like that, Yaw. Show me some respect.”
“Listen to me Ida, I don’t think you sense the full gravity of the situation. This incident has ruined me and my reputation. With every hour I stay in here, I keep losing reasons to be decent so my dear, it boils down to this. If you don’t get me out of this hole, I’ll start talking.”

Ida chuckled. “Wow…desperate much, huh? Resorting to threats and blackmail? I thought your love was genuine. It couldn’t even stand a week in jail.”
“Please don’t give me that. And I’m serious, Ida.”
“I don’t think it would serve your interests to be issuing threats from your location. It’d be quite easy to just silence you once and for all.”

“Wait, was that a threat?”
“Since we’re trading them, that’s mine. I said I’ll find a way out so I need you to be patient. If you keep this up, you’ll be more a liability than an asset to me. And what do we do with liabilities? We discard them!” Ida said and hanged up.

She covered her face with her palms and sighed.

“Damn you, Omar. Damn you.”


Omar entered his house laughing over the phone. His laughter got caught in his throat when he saw Ida sitting on the couch, sipping wine.

“Charley, I’m home now. Let’s talk later, okay? Sure. Goodnight.”

“Welcome back home, my love. I thought you said you were coming Thursday.”
Ida got up and crossed her arms.

“Enough, Omar. You’ve made your point.”

“Let the poor guy go, will you?”

“What are you talking about?”
“Stop the charade, Omar; this is getting old. Why do you have Yaw locked up?”


“You know who.”
“I honestly don’t. The name doesn’t ring a bell and I haven’t had anyone locked up.”
“Why do you have my gym trainer locked up, Omar?”

“Oh he’s the one? Huh, I saw him on TV once and I thought he looked familiar. So that’s the connection. What has that got to do with me, babe? Why are you even interested in his plight? Are you still sleeping with him?”
“Are you, Ida?”
“You promised you would end it.”
“I did…end it. He is threatening to talk, Omar.”
“Oh is he? That little bird wants to sing? Interesting. Do you want him to?”
“Of course not. That would be damaging to you, Omar!”

“Oh so you now care for my reputation? I’m touched.”

“We are not the perfect family but our image is important – both for your career and my business. Let him go and I assure you, we’re done for good,” Ida said earnestly with her palms together.

“Wait, you are assuming I’m behind his arrest.”

“Who else would be?”
“Have you actually paused for a minute to wonder if he actually was carrying the drugs?”
“He’s not a dealer.”
“He told you that? Where, in his bed?” Omar asked cynically.

“Omar, please! You don’t want him spreading bad press about us.”

“As I said, I don’t have a hand in the arrest of whatever his name is. I’ll try and find out if someone can help close the case.”
“Thank you,” Ida said with a sigh of relief.

“So did you make dinner or do I have to sort myself out?”
“Enough with the attitude, Omar. I’ll whip up something.”
“Thank you. It’s the least you can do…to make your husband get your drug dealer boy toy out of jail,” Omar said and poured himself a drink. He went to sit down and sipped. He made a call.

“Shut it down.”


Ida was eating sliced mangoes by herself when her phone rang. She picked it up.

“Hey babe, thanks for doing your magic. I’ve been released and all charges have been dropped.”
“Good for you. I’m glad you’re out now.”
“So it was your hotheaded husband’s doing after all, huh?”

“Actually, it wasn’t.”
“Oh really? Then who was it?”
“That’s the big question, isn’t it? Which makes me wonder if the allegation was actually true.”
“Which allegation?”

“Stop playing dumb, Yaw.”

“Are you insinuating that I deal drugs? Come on Ida, you’ve known me long enough not to believe that.”
“Come to think of it, I don’t believe I know you that well aside how you look like naked.”
“Is this your husband’s doing? He’s trying to turn you against me, isn’t he?”
“Leave him out of this, Yaw. He has nothing to do with this. I know you’re no saint but I didn’t think you were that messed up type to deal in drugs. And for that threatening stunt you pulled, it better be the last time you try that on me.”
“Come on babe, you’ve got to understand me. I was desperate and out of options. I figured playing that card would make you sense the urgency in my predicament and honestly, I think it did,” Yaw said with a smirk.

“And this is where the road ends for us, Yaw. It was fun while it lasted but I think it’s about time we parted ways.”
“Come on, don’t do this. I’m sorry, okay. Let’s meet up and talk about this.”
“We’re done. Lose my number and have a good life.” Ida ended the call.

(c) Josephine Amoako 2021

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  1. That was a good one. I’m gloating over Yaw’s arrest and I hope they really end it. He’s a sucker. On Wed, 21 Apr 2021 at 00:01, Joseyphina’s World wrote:

    > joseyphina posted: ” Read Chapter 27 here. Tariq entered Omar’s house to > find him sitting in the living room, watching the news. “Omar, chale, > there’s fire on the mountain.”“Hold on. Let me listen to this.”Tariq joined > him on the couch. The news anchor was reporting on” >

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    1. joseyphina says:

      Hehe… let’s see. Thanks for reading, Mianu. Means a lot to me 🤗😊


  2. Kadali says:

    Ahaaaaa. I wanna see his next move after being dumped

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  3. Lúcia.M says:

    😂😂😂 I’m lowkey doing the evil laugh towards Yaw’s arrest.

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  4. Racheal says:

    Wooow…I`m sad about Yaw`s arrest, really. He fell into a family web he had no knowledge about. Omar being a selfish man doesn`t help matters. He wants to cheat but doesn`t want his wife to cheat. The next chapter needs to come tomorrow.😅

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    1. joseyphina says:

      Haha…you’re the only sad for him ooo….others are happy! 😂 Thanks for reading, Racheal.

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        I saw the comments…smh. They should be mad at Omar😂

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    All I could do after this episode was heave a really big sigh

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  6. Omar 😂😂Pettiest man

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  7. CBG says:

    My only advice to Yaw: let Ida go. Don’t get entangled in this web.

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