TV Series Tag #65: The Mess You Leave Behind

Hi there, welcome back to the TV series train. Our next stop is at Galicia, a small village in Spain. This series tells the story of Raquel, a newly posted high school teacher who has to deal with the suspicious death of her predecessor Viruca, her students and her rocky marriage.

The Mess You Leave Behind, created by Carlos Montero is streaming on Netflix.

  1. Where would you rank it among your favorite shows?

Top 70.

2.            From 1-10, how obsessed are you?

I liked the fact that the timelines of both Raquel (present) and Viruca (past) were run simultaneously so it kept the interest going. I would rate myself at 7.

3.            How did you discover the show?

I saw the trailer on YouTube and I found the title catchy so I decided to check it out.

4.            What was your initial thought of the show and did it change after watching it?

Initially, I thought the show would be about Raquel having to suffer the consequences of whatever Viruca did; which it did but every episode revealed another layer to some of the characters in the show and how they might have contributed to Viruca’s death.

5.  Why do you like the show?

I like the show because it addresses inappropriate relationships – teacher/student, affairs with ulterior motive, cheating etc. and how quickly they can blow out of proportion.

6. Favorite episode?

I enjoyed every single episode as each one steadily built upon the plot.

7. Favorite character?

I’d have said Raquel but I didn’t get why she had to sleep with Viruca’s widower…didn’t make sense to me.

8. Worst villain?

Definitely Iago’s dad. Really cruel of him to prostitute his son out for what…power, influence? You can’t possibly hate your own flesh enough to do this.

9. Who is your crush on the show?

Don’t have one.

  10. If you were to be a character, who would you choose?

Hmm…that would be difficult.

11. Which of the characters would you like to meet?

Iago – I’d like to know how he got himself into the frame of mind of being obsessed with Viruca and despising her at the same time. He portrayed the conflicting emotions really well.

12. What lesson(s) have you learnt from the show?

Almost everyone has baggage. Two wrongs never make a right – you can never correct a wrong with another wrong. When someone displays signs of crying for help, most often than not, they actually are. Help them out as much as you can.

Have you watched The Mess You Leave Behind? What are your thoughts of the show? Kindly share your thoughts and thanks for reading.

© Josephine Amoako 2021

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