Graceful Grace



She moved with such distinctive grace in her steps;

She spelled elegance in each move, glance and composure;

Her beauty transcended the usual physique;

Her sense of propriety made her outstanding;

Her consideration for others made her lovable;

  She wore compassion like a smile;

Kindness was her second nature;

She always said grace at every table she sat at;

Favor went before her everywhere she went;

People considered themselves blessed;

 To have her grace their occasions;

She always felt humbled by the honor given her;

Her speech, ever seasoned with goodness;

Her gentle touch healed the deepest of wounds;

Graceful she was in her ways;

 Grace always on her lips;

Grace she was filled up with inside out;

Her name was music to all ears;

Bringing comfort to the hearts of every soul around;

And guess what her name was?



Β© Josephine Amoako 2016

17 Comments Add yours

  1. fortunate23 says:


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    1. joseyphina says:



  2. monique says:

    Call me Monique- Grace

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    1. joseyphina says:

      Lovely name, dear


  3. Valerie says:

    Beautiful post! I love how the poem rolls out so pleasantly and, dare I say, gracefully πŸ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

    1. joseyphina says:

      Thanks, Valerie. I appreciate you passing by ☺


  4. peachykeen32 says:

    Beautiful! I love this. If I ever have a daughter I want to name her Grace and my hope is that she is just like this!

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    1. joseyphina says:

      Thanks, Peachy! I hope so too! 😊


  5. graycielynn says:


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    1. joseyphina says:

      Your name sake! πŸ˜…


  6. 😍😍😍😍

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  7. Aww makes me think about Florence Nitinghale ☺️

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    1. joseyphina says:

      Aww… thanks for reading, Daniella.


      1. Always
        ☺️ You’re biggest fan πŸ’πŸ½β€β™€οΈ

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      2. Your* about that series…

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  8. justynlove says:

    Grace always on her lips;

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