If I Were A Boy Chapter 46

Read Chapter 45 here.

Louie felt Theo’s phone vibrating in his pocket. He took it out.

“Whose phone is that?” Esme asked.

“Theo. Guess what, his sister’s calling.”
“Give me that,” Esme said, snatching the phone from him. She answered the call.

“Now listen to me, you psycho, you bit more than you chew. You chose the wrong bride to mess with at her wedding. You’ll be joining your psycho boyfriend in jail, I can promise you that. You know why, you just committed murder,” Esme said and ended the call.

“Hello?” Theophylline glanced at the phone. She shrieked and covered her mouth to muffle her cries as her legs gave up beneath her.

She heard her mother’s approaching footsteps.

“Ataa, is that you?”

Theophylline swallowed hard. “Yes, mum.”
“Where’s your brother? Did you come with him?”
“No, I took the lead. I had some rounds to do.”
“Alright. Will call him then.”
Theophylline started to tremble. She buried her head in between her legs and cried.


The family were now in Alexa’s room. Her shoulder and upper arm were bandaged up.

“How’s Theo?” Alexa asked weakly.

“Why don’t you focus on yourself first? The doctors are taking care of him,” Alice said.

“Please find out how he’s doing. Someone, please.”
Theo’s phone rang.

“His mum’s calling,” Louie said, holding up the phone.

“Let me speak with her,” Alexa said.

“Is that a good idea?” Esme asked. Louie gave her the phone.

“Hi mum, good evening.”
“Alexa? Are you with my son?”
“I was…we were at my cousin’s wedding.”
“Oh I see. His sister just came in. Is he alright? May I speak with him?”
Alexa sobbed. “Mum…”
“What is it? What has happened to my son?”
“He got shot. We both did.”
“What? At the wedding?”
“Yes. I don’t know how he’s doing yet.”
“Oh no…who did this?”
“Please come to the hospital now.” She mentioned the name.

“I’ll be right there.”

“Ataa! Ataa! Your brother’s at the hospital! He’s been shot!”
Theophylline slowly opened her door and stepped out. Her mother paused and gave her a good look.
“Ataa, why are you crying? Did you know?”
“I’m sorry, mummy.”
“Sorry for what? Sorry for what, Ataa?”
Theophylline only cried.

“You’re coming with me to the hospital.”
“I can’t.”

“Why not?”

Theophylline didn’t respond but kept on crying.

“I don’t know what has gotten into you,” her mother said, rushing past her into her room.

She came out a minute later with her phone, bag and car keys. She rushed past Theophylline and stopped.

“Are you sure you’re not coming?”
Theophylline shook her head.


The door closed behind her.

“God, please save my brother. Please…”


“Okay, now can we know who’s behind this?” Alexa’s dad asked.

“Uber boy’s crazy twin sister,” Esme said.

“Uber boy? Who’s Uber boy? The thug we have behind bars?” Alice asked.

“No, a guy I picked up one of the days and became friends with.”
“I see. And why would she want to hurt you?”
“She happens to be the girlfriend of the thug you threw behind bars,” Esme explained.

“I see. We have to give a statement then. Who saw her?”
“I did,” Paul said.

“Wait, let me speak with Theo first. He might not want to get his only sister arrested.”
“Who cares about what he might want? She almost took my only daughter away!” Alice said angrily.

“He saved my life. Again.”

“Paul, come with me. Louie and Esme, today has been a long day but you’re still married. Go to your hotel room and get some rest. Mummy will stay with her,” Alexa’s dad said.

Louie looked at Alexa who nodded.

“I’ll be fine. Guys, go and enjoy your first night together.”

“There will be no enjoyment after my ruined reception,” Esme said. She bent forward and kissed Alexa’s forehead.

“Get well soon, sis. We’ll be here tomorrow morning.”
“Thanks, sis.”
Louie took Alexa’s hand and squeezed it.

“Get better soon.”

“I’ll be back soon, dear,” Alexa’s dad said and touched his wife on the back.

“Be safe out there.”
The four of them left the room.

“I want to see Theo, mum. I want to know how he’s doing.”
“Alright; I’ll ask the nurses how he’s faring.”
“I want to see him.”
Alice sighed. “You can be one stubborn girl, you know that?”

Alexa smiled. “I know. Please help me up.”
She winced as she got out of the bed.

“Maybe you shouldn’t move.”
“I’ll be fine, mum. Let’s go.”
She placed her arm around her mother’s neck and walked out of the room.

Alexa held in her breath when she saw Theo on the bed. He was sleeping. She held his hand and squeezed it.

“Oh Theo…I don’t want to be the death of you, please… For your mother’s sake, please.”
“He looks young,” Alice remarked.

“Yeah…a few months apart from me.”

“I see.”

Theo’s phone rang. Alexa picked up.

“Hello mum.”
“Where are you? I’m here.”

Alexa told her and hanged up.

“I’ll leave you to have a moment with her,” Alice said.

“Thanks, mum.”

When Theo’s mother entered the ward, she gasped when she saw her son. She rushed to him and held his other hand. She touched his face.

“Oh my son. How did you end up here?” She asked and began crying.

“I’m sorry to say this, mum. But the bullet was meant for me.”

“What? Again?” Theo’s mother gaped at her in shock.

“How many people have you offended that want you dead? And why is my son always around to risk his life for you? He’s my only son, you know!”

“I know, mum…”
“Then you should understand that I can’t have him playing hero in whatever game your life is made of.”
“I understand you’re upset but…”
“Don’t but me! I like you, Miss; I really do and I liked that my son had found someone who made him happy. But I can’t sit idly by and watch him slip through my fingers because of love. I won’t bury my son. So please, leave and don’t let me see you around my son ever again. Please…”
“Okay. I’m sorry. This is his phone.” Alexa put the phone on the bed and started to leave. When she got to the door, she turned.

“Where’s Theophylline, if I may ask?”
“She’s home. She looked a bit distraught. Did something happen with her at the wedding too?”
“Who knows?” Alexa said with a shrug and left the room.

“Oh my boy! Please come back to me!” His mother wailed.

Hours later, Theo woke up. He felt a familiar hand in his and he looked down.

“Mom,” he said weakly, squeezing her hand. His mother’s head on his thigh. She was asleep. After a few attempts, she woke up.

“My son, you’re awake! How are you feeling?”
“Feeling quite weak.”
“Which is understandable due to your loss of blood. You’ll get better soon.”
“How’s Alexa? Is she also okay?”
His mother sighed. “Please son, focus on yourself for once. She has a battalion of people looking out for her. And why should you be worried about her when she’s the reason why you’re in this state?”

“You don’t understand. May I have some water, please?”

She opened one bottled water and helped him take a few sips.

“You don’t have to be her hero, dear. You have nothing to prove. If you have to do that to deserve her affection, then it’s not worth it.”
“Where’s Theophylline?”
“She’s home. Who was it that wanted her dead this time? Kay’s brother?”
“No. Her.”
“Who’s her?”
“Your daughter.”
“What? What do you mean? Let me call the doctor. I’m sure the drugs they have given you have got you hallucinating a bit.”
“No, mum; listen to me,” Theo said, stopping her mother by holding her hand.

“I need to speak to Alexa.”
“No; I won’t let that happen. I’ve already told her to keep away from you.”
“It was my sister who shot me, mum. She was aiming to shoot Alexa.”
His mother withdrew her hand from his when her breath got caught in her throat.

“But why?”
“As silly as it sounds, it’s because Alexa happened to date her big crush, Paul and also got her other boyfriend, Kay behind bars.”
“I don’t understand. My daughter can’t do something this stupid.”
“That’s why I need to speak to Alexa before she presses any charges. Perhaps I can convince her not to.”
“Well, I doubt it considering how I confronted her today.”
“Alexa has a calm heart. She may understand how you feel under the circumstances. Do you know where my phone is?”
“I have it. Here.”
He called Alexa’s number.

Alice picked up.

“Hi Alexa, I hear you came to check in on me. Hope you’re not so hurt.”
“It’s her mother on the phone.”
“Oh may I please have a word with her?”

“Sorry, she’s resting.”
“Oh okay. Kindly let her know I called when she wakes up.”
“Okay.” Before he could get another word in, the call ended.

“She’s resting, her mother says. We’d have to wait.”
“Alright. Why don’t you get some rest as well? Your body’s in shock. It needs time to accept the trauma it just experienced.”
“Yes, ma,” Theo said, lying down with a wince.

“What is it?” his mother asked, catching the odd look on his face.

“Something is off.”
“Of course you feel off, you’ve been shot. Close your eyes and get some rest.”

Theo’s father came around at the time that Theo was asleep. His mother assured him he was no longer in critical condition. She convinced him to go back home; she’d spend the night by their son’s side.

“And please keep an eye on Theophylline. Make sure she doesn’t go anywhere.”
“Why, what’s up?”
“I’ll explain later. Drive safely home, dear.”

Alice woke up the following morning to find Alexa on her phone.

“Good morning, mum. Slept well?”
“My neck hurts. How are you feeling?”
“Still in pain but will manage. Theo called last night?”
“Yes, his mother. She wanted a word but you were sleeping.”

“Maybe we should go and see him.”
“Why don’t we wait for your doctors to check in first, yeah?”
“He’s just across the hall, mum. Won’t take long,” Alexa said, getting off the bed.

“Gosh, you’re stubborn.”

Theo opened his eyes when the door opened. His mother was awake. She stood when Alexa and her mother entered.

“Alexa my dear…I’m sorry for how I spoke to you last night…”
“It’s alright, mummy. I understand. How are you feeling today, Theo?”
“Hanging in there. Please…about my sister…I know I’m asking for too much but could you please not press any charges?”
“Theo…your sister tried to kill me. She shot twice. If we don’t put a stop to this craziness, the next time, I won’t be so lucky,” Alexa said.

“That’s right. I’ve no intention of burying my daughter and dying childless,” Alice said.

“Please…I don’t know what came over her. I promise you, I’ll take her away from here. You’d never have to see her again,” Theo’s mother pleaded.

“I wish I could be comforted by that. Twice, my daughter has faced near death, one by your daughter and another by her boyfriend,” Alice said.

“On which both occasions, my son put his life on the line to save her! How about a little appreciation?”

Alexa and her mother shared a glance.

“Will have to convince my father which would be very difficult to do.”
“I’m sure he has already been to the police station,” Alice said.

Alexa placed her hand on Theo’s thigh. He looked at her hand and back at her face.

“What is it?”
“Why don’t I feel that?” he asked, voice trembling. Alexa looked at his mother, alarmed.

“I…let me get the doctor,” she said, rushing out.

“You feel nothing at all?”
“No. God, please don’t let it be worst case scenario.”
“It won’t be. Your body is still in shock. You’ll recover fully,” Alexa assured him.

The doctor came in and Alice drew Alexa back to give him space to conduct his tests.

“Kindly excuse us so the doctor can do his work,” Theo’s mum said to Alexa and Alice.

“Sure, let’s go dear,” Alice said, eager to leave the room.

Tears were running down Alexa’s face by the time she got to her bed.

“Dear God, please give him a full recovery. Don’t leave him to suffer for the rest of his life for my sake,” she prayed, crying. Alice was too stunned to talk.

Few hours later, Alexa’s dad, Paul and the newlyweds arrived.

“How are you feeling?”
“Oh you didn’t have to come. No honeymoon includes hospital visits,” Alexa said.

“Yeah, especially when the bride’s sister dumps her for the groom,” Esme said sarcastically.

“We couldn’t just sit around, waiting for news.”

“Dad, I hope you haven’t pressed any charges.”
“Well, I have,” Esme said. “You didn’t think for ruining my wedding reception, I’d let that slide, did you?”
Alexa’s phone beeped. She swiped the screen and covered her mouth.

“What is it?”
“Theo…he’s not feeling his legs. The doctor says more tests will be conducted but he fears the worst.”
The room became silent.

“The more reason why his sister must pay for it. For ruining her brother’s life and subjecting you to trauma which will stay with you for a while not to speak of the ugly scar it’s going to leave you. I can’t wait to hear she’s been arrested,” Esme said.

“I’m sorry dear, it was attempted murder and we can’t just sweep it under the carpet. It’s even in the news: Shooting at wedding at hotel.”

“Oh gosh, my wedding goes down in history as a shooting incident. Just great!” Esme fumed.


Theo’s father was getting ready to leave the house when the doorbell rang. He opened to find two police officers.

“Good morning, sir.”
“Good morning, officers. How may I be of help?”
“Is this the residence of Miss Theophylline Grant?”

“Yes, I’m her father. What is this about?”
“We have an arrest warrant for your daughter, sir. For the attempted murder of Miss Alexa Baiden and putting the lives of others in danger.”
“Excuse me? My daughter is no murderer,” he said, taking the warrant to have a look.
“May we come in?” one of the officers said, entering.

“Is she here, please?”

She came out of her room, looking guilty as ever.

“Something tells me you know why we are here. Please put your hands behind your back,” the officer said, walking towards her. He told her the charge and her rights.

“Is this true?” her father asked, too shocked to move.

“Anything you say could be used against you in the courts of law.”
“I’m sorry, dad.”
“I’ll be right behind you, officers.”
“Of course.”


Theo’s mother’s phone rang. She went outside to pick the call. When she returned, she looked broken.

“What is it, mum?”
“It’s your sister. She’s been arrested.”
Theo closed his eyes. His mother burst into tears.

“Good to go?”

“Yeah; the discharge papers have been signed. Let’s go, Baaba.”
“May I see Theo for the last time? Just to check on him.”
“Okay. Don’t go making any promises.”
“I won’t; I’ve run out of any more to make.”

When Alexa saw Theo, they were both in tears. She held his hand.

“What are the doctors saying now? Any chances of full recovery?”
“Not at the moment, no.”
“I’m so sorry; this is all my fault. Maybe if I hadn’t asked her to leave…”
“No, don’t blame yourself, Lexa. She had it planned all along.”

“You don’t deserve this, Theo. I’m so sorry.”
“I’ll be fine.”

(c) Josephine Amoako 2020

Read Chapter 47 here.

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  1. Ade Wryts says:

    Chale! All this stress just because your twin decides not to use her common sense all in the name of love… The things we do for love 🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️

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    1. joseyphina says:

      I know…but there should be a limit to that or?


      1. Ade Wryts says:

        The girl doesn’t have sense kɛkɛ and is a fool on top… What ankasa was she thinking?

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  2. rukutitus says:

    Was almost in tears, poor Theo.

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    1. joseyphina says:

      Thanks for reading


  3. Hmmmm!

    On Wed, 17 Jun 2020 at 00:00, Joseyphina’s World wrote:

    > joseyphina posted: ” Read Chapter 45 here. Louie felt Theo’s phone > vibrating in his pocket. He took it out. “Whose phone is that?” Esme asked. > “Theo. Guess what, his sister’s calling.”“Give me that,” Esme said, > snatching the phone from him. She answered the call. ” >

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  4. verojanuary says:

    When I read Theo saying “Something is off.” I thought Psycho had put a gun to her head 😂 oh well, at least she’ll go to correctional services now.

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    1. joseyphina says:

      Haha…..that would have been crazy! 😂😂

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  5. Theophylline filled with psycho. Sigh. This is just a tragic tale.

    I hope Theo recovers. If he doesn’t I might not forgive you😪😪

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    1. joseyphina says:

      Lol…thanks for reading, Deshi.


  6. I just keeps getting worse!
    I just hope there’s some kind of silver lining cause everyone is tired. Ei.
    And Alexa too… I hope she doesn’t use pity and guilty co to choose Theo. Hm.

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    1. joseyphina says:

      Lol…yeah, that would be sad. Thanks for reading, Agyeiwaa.

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      1. Always my pleasure, Joseyphina 🙂

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  7. watmelissa says:

    I’m so sad for Theo. I hope it turns out different for him. 😔 I wonder what are Alexa’s thoughts now on trying to love like a boy

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    1. joseyphina says:

      Not the best idea, I believe. Thanks for reading.


  8. This is disturbingly sad and annoying in equal measure. How can one person be that stupid and evil at the same time?
    Now, I don’t know what to expect anymore.
    It’s fiction but… whew

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    1. joseyphina says:

      Thanks for coming along for the ride, Venn.

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