If I Were A Boy Chapter 21

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Theo was scrolling down on this Facebook timeline when he saw a post of Alexa’s. It was a collage of people who had been selected as the year’s most influential young persons with the caption ‘Seeing you made the list makes me proud. ❤’. She had tagged Paul Attoh. Paul had liked the post and commented, ‘Making you proud is a great feeling. Calls for a celebration, doesn’t it? 😃

Theo’s curiosity urged him to check out Paul’s profile page. He scowled when his face seemed familiar.

“Where have I seen you before?” he muttered. Paul. Paul. Paul.

He remembered his sister gushing over one Paul guy. Was this him? Another memory of Alexa’s mother mentioning Paul and a car…how close were they?

He scrolled down his page and paused upon seeing a full photo of Paul. He was a decent looking guy. No wonder Theophylline had the hots for him. But Alexa? That bothered him a little. Please don’t be a rival player, he prayed. He already had Alexa’s bestie to contend with.

It didn’t matter who else was in the picture. She liked him for a reason. All he needed to do was to exploit that to his advantage. What could he possibly give her that would make him the preferred choice among the lot?

Just be yourself, Theo, a voice in his head said. If she doesn’t appreciate you for who you are, that’s her loss. Was it, really? Would she even miss him if they stopped being friends?

Theo took his phone and started typing.

Hey Lex, don’t forget you’re my ride tonight.

How could I forget? My fave ride partner of all time!

Lol. Take care of yourself.

You too, T.

“What’s making you smile, Theo?” Asante asked as he sat down next to him at the canteen. Theo put his phone face down on the table.

“I’m sorry if it seems I’m always butting in your business. It’s all for jokes, okay? No hard feelings, yeah?”

“Uh huh.”
Hours later…

Theo’s phone rang. He picked it up.

“I’m here.”
“Alright; will be down in a minute.”
“Okay.” She ended the call.

Theo came downstairs and looked around. All he saw was his boss’ car and a BMW. Where was Alexa? The BMW honked and a hand came out waving. He walked towards it.

“Hey you.”
He opened the door and sat inside. “Wow, what an upgrade.”

The windows rolled up. “I know, right?”

He hugged her. “You’ve been missed.”

“I know. Same here.”

She got onto the road. He noticed her neatly done nails.

“Your nails look nice,” he complimented.
“Yeah? Thank you. Went on a self-care date with my mum.”
“Mother-daughter bonding in a beauty salon? That’s nice.”
Alexa chuckled. “Yeah.”
“Anything for the road? Kind of hungry.”
“I think there’s Yah! Not too far from here. But you’re going home. You will have food ready for you, right?”

“Yeah but I love to eat with you.”
“Aww…aren’t you cute?”

Theo chuckled. She stopped the car and killed the engine.

“Coming in with me?”
“I’ll just wait in the car.”
Theo got out of the car and entered the shop. He made his order and came outside. Alexa’s eyes were on her phone. She looked up when she heard a knock on the window. He gestured for her to lower the window. She did.

“This would take quite a while. Why don’t you join me outside?”
She smiled and nodded. She rolled the window back up and unlocked the door. He opened it and helped her out. He loved the feel of her hand in his.

He closed the door and she locked it. He put her arm around his and led her inside. They sat down.

“I wanted us out here because sometimes it feels our friendship begins and ends behind the wheel; as if we don’t exist in the real outside, you know? Taking in fresh air outside with you has a nice feel, doesn’t it?” Theo said, touching her hand on the table.
“It surely does. Thank you.”

He turned her hand slightly and noticed a small tattoo on her wrist.

“Is that…”
“A tat? Yeah. Got it some years back.”
“Wow…okay; never thought you were the type.”
“Type? What type according to you gets a tat?”
“The hard rebellious type.”
“Not rebellious. I didn’t get this because I wanted to rebel. It’s supposed to be a memorial, sort of.”
“What is that, exactly?”
“Half a heart.”
“Why half?”
Alexa gave him a tight smile. How could she tell him someone else wore the other half?

“That’s personal.”
“Alright.” He traced it with his finger.

“If I weren’t afraid of needles, I might consider getting myself the other half,” he said lightheartedly. They both chuckled.

“You don’t have to.”

The vendor behind the counter informed Theo his order was ready. He got up and took his wallet out of his pocket to make payment. He turned, holding the take-away bag. Alexa got up. He opened the door for her and they stepped out.

They both sighed when they settled in the car.

“This is your smoothie…sorry, I didn’t ask you which one you wanted.”
“It’s fine. I like to be surprised.”
“Huh. Well noted.”
“Kindly put in the straw for me,” she asked.


The smell of pancakes filled the car. “Pancakes!”

“You like them?”
“I love them.”

There was silence for a while as they enjoyed their pancakes. Alexa switched on the stereo and Lauren Daigle’s ‘You Say’ started playing.

“You listen to Christian music? Nice,” Theo remarked.

“I listen to all genres as long as it’s good.”
“You go to church?”
“Yeah…not all the time though. God and I had a falling out sort of but I’m working my way back. You?”
“Falling out…you make it sound like you two have a relationship.”
“We do…that’s what it’s supposed to be. I’m not a fan of religion with all its rules and burdens. I’m God’s girl and He’s my daddy.”
“I see…I also go to church once in a while mostly because my mum makes me.”
“Then you haven’t really discovered God for yourself then.”
“I guess not.”
“Hope you do soon. He’s all you really need, trust me.”
He nodded.

They arrived at his house.

“Your money is finished, young man,” Alexa said jokingly.

“Why don’t you come in and say hi to my mother?”
“I told her about you and she wants to meet you.”
“Um…what exactly did you tell her?”
“The nicest girl I’ve met so far. Come on,” Theo urged as he opened his door.

Alexa took off her seat belt reluctantly. She wasn’t sure about this. The last thing she wanted was some mother calling her in-law prematurely. She got out of the car. Theo rang the bell.

“Theo, I don’t think it’s…”
“It’s okay, Lexa.”

Theophylline came out to open the gate.

“Hi. Sis, meet my friend Alexa and Alexa meet my twinnie, Theophylline.”
“Hi. Come on in.”
“You never told me you were a twin,” Alexa said to Theo. He grinned.

“You never asked,” he said and took her hand. They entered the house.

“Mum, there’s someone I want you to meet.”
“Really?” His mother said as she walked into the room. Alexa put on her best smile.

“Good evening, ma’am.”
“Good evening, my dear. How are you doing?”
“Very well, thank you.”
“Mum, meet my friend, Alexa. Alexa, this is my mother.”
“Nice to meet you, ma’am.”
“Same here. Theo told me you suffered an attack recently. So sorry about that.”
“That’s okay; mum. I’m better now.”
Theophylline was seated on the sofa watching Alexa.

“You look vaguely familiar. Have we met?” She asked Alexa.

“Not that I recall.”
“My son hardly introduces his friends to us so I’m particularly happy to meet you. How about you join us for lunch sometime? Perhaps, one of these weekends?”
“That would be nice, ma’am. Thank you.”
“Theo, it is your responsibility to make sure the lunch happens, alright?”
“Yes, mum.”
“I’ll be leaving now. Nice meeting you again.”
Theo and Alexa left the house. Theophylline got up and followed them.

“I remember you,” she called out. They both turned.

“You were the one with the other girl who were running their mouth after bumping into me the other day.”
Alexa squinted as she tried to remember the incident.

“Oh, I remember.”
“What’s going on?” Theo asked.

“I can’t believe you two are not only related but twins. Bye, Theo.”

“Wait, I don’t understand…”
“Let her go. She’s not your type, trust me, brother.”
“Yeah, you might be right about that,” Alexa said as she unlocked the car doors. She sat inside.

“Lexa, wait.”
“Goodbye, Theo. It’s late; I got to go.”
Alexa took off. Theo turned to face his sister.

“Do you care to explain what that was all about?”
“I met her with some other girl and they were very rude to me. If she is the one you’re dying over, please…she’s not worth it,” Theophylline said, walking back into the house. He followed her.

“Mum, about Theo’s friend…”
“You better shut up before I do something I regret,” Theo warned, grabbing his sister by the arm. They glared at each other.

“What is it, dear?” their mother asked.

“Nothing, mum. Only looking forward to lunch.”
“Ah great. I’ve a good feeling about the lady. I think she’ll be good for you.”
Theophylline scoffed as she shook herself out of her brother’s grip.

“We shall see about that.”

(c) Josephine Amoako 2019

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  1. Qwamenah says:

    Well, I knew that splat would cause a problem. Somehow I don’t trust Theo to settle it properly (that’s probably coz I still don’t like him that much, sorry, lol)


  2. Josey so this is how you want Theo to lose Alexa under my eyes 😭😭

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    1. joseyphina says:

      Hehe…don’t lose hope yet, Deshi.


  3. Astris says:

    Theo’s sister shouldn’t try me, I’m taking it personal


  4. Kadali says:

    i guess Theo wont need a twin if she wants yo be this influential

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      Lol…I know, right?

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