If I Were A Boy Chapter 15

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Alexa and Theo planned to hang out together one Saturday. Alexa came out of her room wearing jeans shorts, a T-shirt with the words ‘Let’s vibe!” printed stylishly on it and some grey sneakers. Her mother took in her wigless appearance in oversized sunglasses and arched a brow.

“Going window shopping or something?”

“Nah, going to hang out with a friend.”
“You mean Louie and Esme?”
“No, another friend. We met during my driving days.”
“And you’re going without a wig?”
“Nah, he knows me like this.”
“A he…I see. I hope it’s nothing serious.”
“Well, I’m keeping my options open, mum,” Alexa said, walking past her to the dining table and opened a bowl of roasted groundnuts. She cupped one hand and poured some into it. She popped some into her mouth and covered the bowl.

“What do you mean? Is this friend of yours also interested in you?”
“Soon to tell but I like his company. I’ll like to see where it is headed.”
“Don’t waste your time playing mock relationships when you have a serious guy ready to settle down with you.”
“And maybe I’m not ready to settle down just yet. Can’t I enjoy my youth while it lasts?”
“Mum, let’s not go over this again. I have to go.”
“And if Paul calls, where should I say you should go?” Alice asked.

“First of all, he should be calling me and not you. The fact that he would call you to get to me just rules his name from my book.”

Alice sighed in resignation. “Anyway, take care of yourself.”
“You too, mum,” Alexa said and walked out. Alice noticed Alexa’s car keys on the table. She took it and went outside.

“Baaba! Baaba! You left your car key,” she called out.

“Yeah, I’m not going with it.”
“Why not?”
“He will drop me home in his car.”

“Wouldn’t it be easier if you went in your own car so you can come home by yourself and spare the poor guy from having to drop you home?”
Poor guy? Is every other guy now poor in mum’s eyes compared to Paul?
“We’ve already discussed it, mum. I’ll be fine. I’ll be back soon!” Alexa said with a wave and sat in the Uber ride waiting for her outside the gate. The driver took off.

Alexa sighed. She had told herself that it was better to leave her car at home so that by Theo dropping her home, they would have more time to talk. A gnawing thought countered that she would have to tell him how she got the car and it was either she lied or told Theo about Paul. And she wasn’t ready to do that yet.

She took her phone and stared at herself with the camera. She liked her cute look with the short hair. She took a photo. She swiped and saw the photo she had taken of herself before her date with Paul. She looked quite different with the long hair. She swiped back to the photo she had just taken. Same girl, different looks for different guys.

I’m doing nothing wrong, she told herself as she put the phone back in her bag.


Alexa’s heart melted when she saw Theo looking all cool, pocketing his hands in his khaki shorts. He was wearing a polo shirt with sneakers and sunglasses.

“Hey you,” he said with a broad smile as she approached him. She moaned in delight as she took in his scent when his arms enveloped around her.

“So good to see you, Lexa.”
“Same here, Theo. I love this casual look of yours. Really dapper.”
“Thank you. You look cute as well,” he said, brushing the back of his hand across her cheek. Alexa giggled like a little girl.

“What shall we get?” He asked, slipping his hands into hers. Their fingers intertwined.

“I’m feeling like pancakes and waffles today.”
“Hmm…good choice.”

Theo had coffee while Alexa had tea as they enjoyed their breakfast. They chatted about the weather, work, movies and TV shows.

“We can go and watch the new Spiderman movie. It came out last weekend,” Alexa suggested.

“Yeah, as long as I’m not tagging along with your bestie.”
“Oh yeah? Didn’t enjoy our first movie night together?”
“I did but I felt this ‘You-are-not-needed-here vibe’ from your friend so I’ve taken note. It’s either it’s just us or I’m out.”
“Okay, duly noted.”

Alexa sipped her tea as a moment of silence passed.

“So next week Sunday?” He asked. She looked at him, a smile creeping on her lips.

“You want to hang out on a Sunday? Don’t you have to rest up for the week ahead?”

He shrugged. “Have done much of that already. Some fun out one Sunday won’t hurt. You in?”

“Yeah. I don’t think I’ve any commitments that day. If something comes up, I’ll let you know.”
“Nothing will come up.”

She chuckled. “Okay then.”

Theo dusted his palms when he finished his plate.

“Anything you want to do next, Miss?”
“If this were to be some years back, I’d say let’s go to a studio and take photos and torment Facebook with them.”
They both laughed.

“Since I suggested breakfast, let’s hear what you’d like to do.”
“Well, my mum gave me a shopping list as a condition for taking her car. So, if you don’t mind…”
“Grocery shopping? I love it!”
“You do? What about it?”
“Seeing so many types of the same things? I like to pick up things I haven’t seen before and check out the nutritional value and expiry dates.”
“Okay, healthy conscious much?”
“Not really; it makes me appear serious, doesn’t it?”
Theo chuckled. “Seriously?”

She finished her tea. Theo called for a waiter. He came with the bill. Alexa put a 20-cedi note on the table. Theo looked at her questioningly. She shrugged and put her purse back in her bag. Theo ignored the note and fetched his wallet from his pocket.

“We had an agreement, remember?”
“I didn’t think you meant it.”
“When have I never?”

He took some notes from his wallet and with a warning look with Alexa, he reluctantly added the note on the table. He thanked them and walked away.

“Let’s go,” Alexa said, getting up.

They entered ShopRite and Alexa beamed.

“You smile like you’ve entered a bridal shop,” Theo said with a chuckle.

“For a foodie, a supermarket exudes the same feelings, dear.”

He picked a trolley.

“I think I should pick one too. My mum might need some groceries.”
She opened her purse and saw her VISA card. She picked her phone to call her mother.

“Hello, Baaba.”
“Mummy, I’m at ShopRite. Would you want me to get some groceries for the house?”
“I thought you were meeting a friend. What are you doing at ShopRite?”
“He has to do some grocery shopping for his mum and I thought of you.”
“Which guy takes a girl on his errand during a date? I must say, guys of this generation have lost it,” Alice said disdainfully.

“Please mum, don’t start. So is there something you need or not?”

“Hold on, let me go and check the kitchen.”

Alexa picked a basket and motioned for Theo to start walking. After Alice started mentioning the groceries running out, Alexa asked her to text her the list. She ended the call and fell in step with Theo.

“Where’s your list?”

He took a folded list from his back pocket and handed it to her. Her phone beeped as she read the list. She unlocked the screen and scanned through the list her mother had sent her.

“Great. Let’s do this!”

Forty-five minutes later, the duo made their way to the counter. They came out of the supermarket eating ice-cream.

“I’ve never looked forward to grocery shopping but I must admit, this has been fun,” Theo said.

“You’re welcome.”

When they came out of the supermarket, Theo paused and said, “Since we’re here, why not see a movie?”

“I thought that was scheduled for Sunday.”
“Nothing stops us from watching another movie today. After that, we grab dinner and we call it a day. What do you say?”
“I’m game if you are,” Alexa said with a shrug.

They put the grocery bags in his car and went back to the cinema.

“You’re definitely the healthy freak, aren’t you?” Theo remarked as Alexa ordered for chicken wrap and smoothie after the movie.

“Oh I have my cheat days but I love eating clean as much as I can. But you ordered a salad too, didn’t you?”
“I guess you’re rubbing off on me.”
“I see,” Alexa said, laughing.

They were quiet for some time as they ate.

“So…what exactly are we?” Theo asked. Alexa almost choked. She coughed and slurped some of the smoothie.

Theo waited for her to say something and when she didn’t, he asked, “Is it that you didn’t hear me or you’re thinking of an answer?”
Alexa swallowed the food in her mouth and chuckled nervously.

“I think it’s usually the girl who asks that question…”
“Well, it seems you’re not going to bring it up so I’m stepping up.”

“We are what we are. Why should we label it?”

It was Theo’s turn to chuckle. “That’s what a typical guy would say, isn’t it?”
“It’s fine if you don’t find me good or attractive enough…”

“Far from the truth,” Alexa cut in, placing her hand on his. His gaze fell on her hand.

“You’re the sweetest and kindest guy I’ve met so far and I count myself lucky to have met you and get to be your friend. I love where this is going and I don’t want to rush anything. My last relationship ended terribly and I’m still dealing with the heartbreak. So I’m not looking for any commitment right now; I just want to develop friendships and enjoy them. For now, at least.”

“I’m sorry…I didn’t know you were recovering from a breakup.”

“Yeah, it’s not something I like to talk about. So please don’t take my reluctance to label us as a sign of disinterest on my part. You’re not the problem, it’s me.”
Theo chuckled again. “Another popular guy line.”
Alexa bit her lower lip. Could she make this any worse?

“I’m sorry if this is coming out the wrong way…”
“It’s fine. I get it. I’m sorry if I’m being pushy.”
“What are we to you?”
“Friends hanging out…but I’d like us to be something more,” Theo said, looking intently at her.

“You don’t really know me, Theo…”
“And I’d like the opportunity to know you more…that is if you let me.”
Alexa inhaled deeply. She was beginning to regret leaving her car at home.

“This is all I can give, Theo. I was hoping it would be enough for you.”
They stared at each other as the message behind the sentence lingered between them. She had just put her cards on the table. This was what she had to offer: take it or leave it.

“It is,” Theo replied, holding her hand and squeezing it. She smiled. Of course it was.

Her phone beeped. A message from Louie.

Babes, miss you. Let’s catch up, yeah?

Alexa swallowed and put off the screen. She forced a smile at Theo.

Theo’s car pulled slowly to a halt in front of Alexa’s parents’ residence.

“This was nice. I enjoyed spending the day with you. We should do this again,” Alexa said.

“Sure; let me know when you’re free.”
“Thank you.”

They hugged. The gate opened and Alice stepped out, holding a phone to her ear. They pulled out of the hug.

“That’s my mum. See you around,” Alexa said and opened the door.

“Don’t forget your groceries.”
Alexa opened the back door and took one of the bags and closed it.

“Baaba, is that you?”
“Yes, mum.”
“Oh good, you’re back. I was just about to call you. Is that your gentleman friend?”
Theo got out of the car.

“Good evening, ma’am,” Theo greeted politely as he walked towards Alexa’s mum.

“Good evening, young man. Were you going to drop my daughter off without coming to greet her parents?”
“I apologize. I…”
“He asked and I told him I wasn’t sure if you and dad were home,” Alexa interjected.

Theo and Alice shook hands as Alice took a good look at the guy.

“And the name is?”
“Theo. I saw you at the hospital when Lexa was admitted but we didn’t get the chance to talk.”

“I see. A good friend you are then. Thanks for coming to see her.”
“Don’t mention it, ma’am.”

“Baaba, I asked the driver to send your car to the washing bay for church tomorrow. Your father’s car has gone for servicing and mine seem to have alignment issues. I hope you don’t mind.”
“No…no, I don’t.”

“And Paul said he’d be visiting our church tomorrow. I think it’d be nice for him to see you driving the car.”
Theo looked at her curiously, the obvious question dancing in his eyes. She swallowed.

“Thanks again, Theo. We’ll talk soon.”
“Nice meeting you, ma’am.”

“Hmm…same here. Goodnight.”
Theo walked to his car and sat inside. Alexa entered the compound with her mother following suit. Theo drove away. Alice closed the gate behind her. Alexa paused and turned to face her mother.

“I thought you said you’ve had the car taken out for washing. Why is it here?”
Alice shrugged and started walking towards the house.

“Did you intentionally mention the car and Paul to send a message to Theo?”
“Come on, mum! That’s low even for you!”

“I think it’s only fair he knows he’s not the only player in the game and someone already has points ahead of him. If he’s serious, he’ll go pro in the league.”
“I’m not a game of football, mum.”
“Well, it depends on how you choose to look at it. You can look it like a game of chess. The earlier you accepted that, you clearer you’ll assess the situation and play your cards right. Let’s go in and have dinner.”
“Already eaten. Why did you even come out? Did you know I had arrived?”
Alice chuckled. “Fine, you can join us for dessert then.”
Alexa eyed the car as she walked past it. This automobile seemed to have the potential of giving her more problems than benefits. Was it too late to return it?

(c) Josephine Amoako 2019

Read Chapter 16 here.

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  1. Miss.Kizza says:

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  5. Lariba says:

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    Nice write up!

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    1. joseyphina says:

      The Baidens are aware of Alexa’s history with Louie so they might not be too shocked. Thanks for reading, Lariba.


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  7. Such a mother. 🤦🏾‍♀️

    On Wed, 13 Nov 2019 at 00:01, Joseyphina’s World wrote:

    > joseyphina posted: ” Read Chapter 14 here. Alexa and Theo planned to hang > out together one Saturday. Alexa came out of her room wearing jeans shorts, > a T-shirt with the words ‘Let’s vibe!” printed stylishly on it and some > grey sneakers. Her mother took in her wigless appe” >

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  8. Im getting curious to know what the characters look like 😩 I can’t stop picturing Alexa with a wig and without a wig…

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