Naming your baby: A parent’s mandate

I bet holding your newborn baby in your arms is an emotional moment for every parent. And sealing the babe’s arrival into the world with a name is an important responsibility.

I’m sure whoever decides on the baby’s name differs from the culture but from where I come from, it’s usually the father. For some parents, they discuss and decide on names depending on which gender pops out. For some others, they would rather wait to meet the bundle of joy and the emotion they feel would inspire them with what name to give the baby.

Knowing the power of influence a name wields, I got thinking of what goes through a parent’s mind when choosing a baby name. For ‘cool’ millennials, they might go for a trending fancy name with a pleasant or cute meaning. For the more conservative type, a lot goes into choosing a name.

In my case, apparently, my parents were told I was a boy (obviously a quack doctor, lol) so they had decided to name me after my father who is called Joseph so they were preparing to call me ‘Junior’. Only for me to arrive as a girl. Hence, the decision was automatic: Josephine! My mum had a good laugh as she narrated the story; so did I.

For my brother Ephraim, it was pretty simple too, I guess. Since they were going with Bible names, Ephraim was Joseph’s son in the Old Testament so they went with that. As for my sister Abigail, they just wanted a name with a strong, godly character and settled on Abigail out of the lot.

I recognize that my father and I share a lot of traits; both physical and personality-wise. I don’t know if the name influenced it or if it’s pure genes. But with my sister, I believe she bears her name very well.

If you are a parent, what influenced your choice of names for your ward(s)? Are they living out the expectations that their names carry? How much influence does a name have on a child? If you’re not a parent but know the back story of your choice of name, kindly do share with us. Thanks for reading.

© Josephine Amoako 2019

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  1. Another beautiful piece. I’ve had name changes due to family issues but I respond to any and growing to find the meaning of the names, I feel the need to use all. I was first named Zainab which means beauty in Arabic and now I’m called Theodora after my great grandmother whose traits I have. Theodora means Gift of God in Greek or Theo d’Ora which is God of gold.

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    1. joseyphina says:

      Those are great names! Thanks for sharing.😊


  2. tdzifa says:

    We had our first child during the season of Easter, hence, we named him Paschal, which means Easter. The second should have been Theodolus which is a saint celebrated on the day he was born but we decided it was too rare and went with Theodore instead. 😊

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    1. joseyphina says:

      Wow…great choices, Cheryl. Haven’t heard of Theodolus before….but love Theodore as well. Thanks for sharing 😊


  3. One of my daughters was born as men were landing on the moon so we named her Diana, after the goddess of the moon.

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    1. joseyphina says:

      Wow…interesting. Thanks for sharing, Rachel. Have a great day.

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