WBC #8: Let’s talk Technology

Technology: a curse or blessing?

If there’s one thing that has transformed our generation, it’s technology. Tech with its digital space has created a whole new industry for people to belong, work in and engage with. It has made every part of the world accessible and created the feeling of community. If the world being called ‘a global village’ ever appeared real, it’s now more than ever before.

Has it been a blessing or a curse to us? Well, like almost anything else, it is a double-edged sword. It can be a useful tool or dangerous weapon in the hands of anyone wielding it. Just as water and fire can bring life and warmth to one and yet bring death and trauma to another in another scenario, technology can open many opportunities but the wrong, inappropriate and uninformed use of it has also caused much pain to many people.

Thanks to technology, people have the choice of working remotely for companies and individuals, miles, countries and continents from them at their own convenience. No opportunity is beyond reach now to tech and the internet and that is a huge blessing! One doesn’t have to be born in or have to move to another country to be able to access certain opportunities. No one has to use his location as an excuse for being disadvantaged to do one thing or the other.

We all have the chance of learning various courses or languages without having to attend any physical class. You can pay bills, make business transactions from apps anywhere at any time. Every business virtually has the global audience as potential clients or partners and the opportunities for business and collaborations are limitless.

On the other hand, young people have and continued to suffer due to cyberbullying. Many young precious lives have been lost because they gave in to the pressure from peers and strangers alike about their looks, personalities, etc. Due to nearly unlimited access to information, unstable people have been fed personal info of others to do them harm.

As much as the merits are great, the demerits are equally significant. We should all be responsible for this gift of technology we have and strive to better the world with it.

© Josephine Amoako 2019



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  1. ChrisKamara says:

    True for the young people.

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  2. Technology, it’s a wonderful gift to the World!

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  3. Wow, its very good and interesting to read. keep it up, have a good day.

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    1. joseyphina says:

      Thank you very much for reading.

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  4. lweatherly76 says:

    If you are interested in the frustrations technology can bring in the classroom from a teacher’s perspective please check out my blog. http://leannesblog.org/2019/05/11/technology-in-schools-is-it-too-much/

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