I wish you could understand…

I wish you could understand how I feel;
How my heart bleeds whenever you turn your back towards me;
I wish you could see things through My eyes;
And know there are more than what your naked eyes can see;

-I feel this burden in every heartbeat;
About how God feels about those who constantly reject Him;

There is an emotion that surpasses the need for judgment;
It’s the love that made God come down to die in our place;
There’s yet another feeling stronger than justice;
It’s the mercy God shows on humankind;
Whenever He sees the blood of His beloved Son trickling down His pierced side;

It is this marvelous love that keeps on waiting no matter how long it takes;

Beckoning and waiting for you to take His hand;
Ever ready to take you in and give you a clean slate;

The world is trying to use whatever science can prove;
To convince themselves that there is no God;
When even our next breath is not determined by us;
Because it is God’s and not a lab-manufactured product;

Whoever or whatever you decide to believe in is up to you;
Because we were created to have free will;
But as a creature, no one knows you better than your Creator;
Like a potter, only He knows your form because He molded you;
When you get broken, only He can fix you; no one else can.

So take a another look at yourself and reflect;
Are you broken or lost or messed up?
Do you need help being who you really need to be?
Make an appointment with your Maker on your knees;
And your Manual Guide called the Bible by your side;
Then you will feel…you will know when you get there.

Have a blessed day, folks!

8 Comments Add yours

  1. Lester Young says:

    Beautiful…and very touching. Only our Creator truly knows us, and feels us.


  2. Phina, your words are so delicate and soothing…yet very inspiring you speak so fluently His love from your spirit…i know it will bring many to drink from His table. Truly beautiful dear sister! Much love to you always and God bless!


    1. joseyphina says:

      Thanks very much, Wendell! Really appreciate your comment. Very encouraging. Stay blessed.


  3. catnipoflife says:

    So beautiful filled with emotion that inspires the very essence of our soul! So glad I visited you today. I know I miss some but this one is really special!


    1. joseyphina says:

      Thanks dear; i’m so glad you passed by. Have a blessed day!


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