An answer to everything

Whenever you feel alone and sad about the loss of a loved one or some possessions, He can be your Comforter who will wipe away your tears and take away the pain you feel;

Whenever you need someone to confide in, someone to pour your heart out to, share your joys and sorrows with, who will be there for you every time and anytime you call on him, He can be your unconditional Friend who will never abandon you in your time of need;

When you have lost the means to afford your daily bread and you just don’t know how you are going to survive each day, He will be your Provider who will never let you lack any good thing;

As you go about your duties during the day and as you close to sleep at night, he will be your Protector who never sleeps nor slumbers; thus will keep you safe from any attacks;

Whenever you find yourself at a crossroad where you need to make a major decision which would alter your life forever, He can be your Guide who will make sure you never stray off the right path He has set for you;

Whether you are just feeling funny or unwell or when you are diagnosed with a terminal disease, just remember that He is your Healer and will keeps your bones strong every day;

And whenever you find yourself in some kind of trouble that you think is the beginning of the end for you, He will be your Savior who will rescue you from the mess and set you on high places;

When you have admitted that you are a helpless sinner and you need to be purged and become a new person; He will be your Redeemer who will cleanse you from the stains of your past;

And when you need someone to guide and correct you in every step you take in life, He is your heavenly Father who sees whatever you do and think; thus will take care of you and chastise you whenever you stray away so your ways would always be straight;

Whenever you want someone to love you unconditionally, someone to share your intimate moments with and one to shower your love on, He will be the Lover of your soul who loves you so much that He died on the cross so that when you accept Him, you may not perish but may have everlasting life;

So why don’t you make up your mind and accept this Son of man who is the Son of God into your life? Unlike mortal men whose feelings and actions change as unpredictably as the weather these days, Jesus never changes. He is ever loving, faithful and merciful. You don’t need to do anything extraordinary.

All you need to do is to believe Him and confess that He is now the Lord of your life and trust me, you will never regret this.

And for us who already know who Jesus is, this is just to remind us that He is the answer to every question, issue, problem or care in the world. So don’t worry, whatever you need, just go on your knees because your answer is just a prayer away.


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  1. Susan Michaels says:

    Joseyphina, all of your writings today were just the refreshing power from God that I needed to hear…Bless you! I am sending you another blog award which you may choose to post on your web site…the 7×7 award. You can read about it here at Kate Kresse’s site. Kate blessed me with the award and the award asks us to pass it on… to 7 other special bloggers…YOU are one of my 7 🙂 Here’s the award info at Kate’s site:


  2. Your words feed my spirit and my heart! You are blossoming more and more, sharing your pain and love for others. Your light is growing brighter. This is the month of Valentines, i have put a poem on a site called that i wrote for God! It is called “A Treasured Valentine”. You will enjoy it. No matter what comes before you keep moving forward and stay on the path!


  3. Colorstorm says:

    Well done Jo-

    Truly He is Lord of all and meets every need-


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