Blogmas Challenge ’18 #25: Christmas looks like…

It’s Christmas! The month had been usually hot but I woke up today and the right feel and temperature didn’t disappoint! It might just be a day but it’s one out of the many that I always look forward to because of how it makes me feel each year without fail: joyful, peaceful and thankful!

People may say it isn’t the exact day Christ was born and it has pagan roots but for me, it reminds me that Jesus came down from on high to live among us, die and rise again for my sake! Why, because He loves me that much. Nothing can ever beat that. Christmas reminds me of love; one that transcends understanding.
To me, Christmas looks like a salad of goodness; portions of love, acceptance, forgiveness, peace, joy, grace, mercy, strength, faith, purpose, favor, wisdom and every other good thing put together to warm every heart that receives Christ.

Christmas reminds me of a God who loved me even before I knew what love was. Likewise, I should love all, whether they reciprocate it or not; whether they deserve it or not, whether they understand it or not.
May the spirit of the season rest in your bosom, in your home and abound wherever you find yourself. Make someone feel loved today. Forgive someone today. Lend a hand to a stranger. How I wish everyday was Christmas! The world would be a better place!

What does Christmas look like to you? Kindly share and thanks for reading.

Merry Christmas and thank you to Beaton and Afrobloggers for this blogmas challenge. It’s been a while since I committed myself to one and it has been a fun journey.

© Josephine Amoako 2018


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  1. I couldn’t say any less about what you’ve said.

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