Blogmas Challenge ’18 #24: Gift Ideas

Merry Christmas, everyone! Whether you’re having a thrilling holiday or not, there is always something to be joyous about. People are usually in their best moods and the smiles and goodwill shared are infectious.

By now, some people have already purchased or made their gifts and are wrapping them, some are thinking of what to get for their loved ones and others are gifting their time, strength, resources to support someone or a worthy cause. It’s all good and may we all be blessed for that.

I’m not big on giving gifts partly because I didn’t grow up with that culture so it’s not a part of me…yet. I’d rather offer my service or time than think of getting a physical gift. My office decided that we should do secret Santa which was the first time I’ve ever heard of it by the way and I was so not amused. Why force us to give to people who you might not even know that well? One thing I found out the hard way…finding the appropriate gift can be such a headache! I’ve a long way to go in this lesson of gift giving. But I enjoyed the time for gift exchange. The genuine smile on each person’s face was heartwarming.

So on the topic of gift ideas, I think it depends on the person you would be giving it to. Not everyone likes ostentatious stuff; it’s all about the gesture and the sentiments attached to it. My colleagues said I was one of the easiest person to get a gift for: a novel any day! I beamed at that. Another said since I’m a TV show buff, a Netflix subscription would be appropriate. My heart melted! You know me so well, Ben! The 🤗

I’m sharing this so you can think out of the usual box when it comes to sharing gifts. Just something that would bring a smile on the other face.
And since this is all thanks to the special occasion called Christmas, let me quickly add that, the best thing we have already received (or can receive) is the salvation of our Lord Jesus Christ. There is no Christmas without Christ. The King of glory was born in humbling conditions so through his death could reconcile us all back to God. This gift once accepted, never gets old. It renews you each day, shaping you to be just like Christ.

If you can’t think of any gift to anyone, the best gift you can give is to share the Good News with your neighbor. Just tell someone, “Jesus loves you. Yes, you. He loved you so much that he died in your place so you wouldn’t perish for your sins but would enjoy eternal life in him. When you confess you are a sinner and accept him into your life, he is faithful and just to forgive you for all your wrongs and wipe the slate clean. He loves you even before you love him. He made you in his image and it is his will that you should not perish but have eternal life.”

What is your idea of a gift to share with a loved one this Christmas? Kindly share and thanks for reading.

© Josephine Amoako 2018


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  1. VennRhymes says:

    I am giving my time to people around me. For me, aside the gift of Jesus, nothing beats that.


  2. I’m a gift freak in terms f giving and receiving. You are right about knowing the person you are giving the gift to in order to inform your choice of gift.

    I love fragrances and I have a number of fragrance freak friends and so it’s constant gift idea but apart from that cards a great too…. I’d prefer a card over a cake any day. And books. 😍

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    1. joseyphina says:

      Nice! Thanks for sharing and Merry Christmas!

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