Being a David

If you ever attended Sunday School, then you must have surely heard of one Bible Character called David. And if there’s one thing he’s famously known for, it is his encounter with the giant Goliath and how he defeated him with a stone and a slingshot.

He wasn’t your typical talented or well-endowed guy. Unlike his brothers who were strong and were in the army who must have been admired by many, David was made to cater for his father’s sheep. I doubt you take the time to look at a shepherd twice when you come across one. As sheep usually fell prey to wild animals, it was David’s responsibility to ensure their safety. He did this so well that it became a skill.

As human as he was, he must have wondered at one point in his life where his life was headed as a shepherd boy whilst others were doing great things like fighting in the army. But little did he know at the time that he was being prepared to face one of the greatest threats against his people and emerge victorious.

Like David, you might not have the kind of talent that people appreciate much and might suffer moments of self-doubt and self-pity but don’t waste your time and emotions about it. Just seize every opportunity to hone your craft. Believe that God has a plan for you and prepare yourself to be ready when the time comes.

For David who was least regarded as a mere shepherd, he became the giant killer that the women sang praises for. When your time comes, people will celebrate you but don’t let the applause of men get into your head. It is as fickle as the weather. You depend on people’s praises to do better, you might never realize your truest potential because it is bound to fizzle out at one point. Just remember who prepared you for what you have achieved so far and keep trusting him to take you to higher places.

If you have a talent that is more conspicuous, thank God for it and use it to impact the world in more useful ways than just being seen as a source of entertainment.

If a shepherd boy cum expert stone thrower can end up being a king, then you have no idea what you will end up becoming if you keep on trusting God and sharpening your skills.

Thanks for reading. Have some thoughts? Drop them below and let's chat!

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