Grateful for your kindness

On this World Kindness Day, I wish to thank every person who has been ever take time out of his/her schedule to visit this blog to read a piece. Ordinarily, you don’t owe me your loyalty but you continue to offer it generously and I am deeply grateful for that.

Knowing that you enjoy my work and look forward to read something every week serves as a healthy challenge for me to keep writing. Your kind words and amusing interactions are something I look forward to as they bring a smile to my face and peace to my heart in the midst of a hectic work schedule.

We have all been on a journey with the current ‘Marry Me’ series throughout 2018 as well as the other series over the years and I’m sure we have all learned something from the various experiences. For your constant engagement, I say a big thank you.

For some, kindness is being given something physical or being shown a favor. For me, it’s all of you taking your devices, sparing your data, waiting patiently for the page to load and reading to the very end. It makes my dozing struggles on Tuesday nights worth every painful minute.

I pray that someone will also show you kindness in ways you need the most and that you never stop showing love and generosity to the people around you. I have one favor to ask: extend your sweet kindness by sharing the stories you enjoy with your family and friends so they can also experience the fun we have in Joseyphina’s World. Do I have your word on that? I know I do.

Happy World Kindness Day to everyone!

Lots of hugs and kisses,


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