Would You Rather #113: Work in a group or work alone?

Work, no matter the industry, is getting tougher with each passing day. Both bosses and workers get swamped with assignments, targets and presentations on a weekly basis. Some tasks require that you get it done by yourself; others demand that you work with others to meet a deadline.

Reserved and perfectionistic people may prefer to work alone as they get to do the work at their own pace in their own way. Outgoing people would prefer to create a lively atmosphere for colleagues to share ideas and work together on a project.

To be assigned to a task alone means you are or almost an expert in that area; so your supervisor trusts that you can handle it. It can get overwhelming if it demands a lot of time and effort and yet requires to be finished in a short period of time. Since it’s just you handling it, you’re probably not to be slowed down unlike if you were working in a team with others who might delay progress by chatting longer than necessary. As long as you’re focused and disciplined, you’re likely to meet your deadlines.

Working in a group can be both exciting and stressful. The pressure to come up with the all the ideas to make a project successful is reduced because there are others to chip in. You also get the chance to learn from others as they suggest ideas you usually wouldn’t think of. You learn how to co-operate with others despite of your differences; as well as get the chance to influence and be influenced (positively) by your team members.

However, you literally stand the risk of having your blood pressure rising if you have lackadaisical team members to work with. If they know you to be the serious one, they can deliberately frustrate you knowing you would take it upon yourself to complete it. There are also some people who would poke holes into every suggestion brought forward and yet have nothing to submit on their own. They test your patience and sometimes it seems they breathe better when they frustrate others.

I like to work on my own because I like to get things done as soon as possible. But I must admit, I have enjoyed working with others as well. I learned new and smarter ways of getting things done and allowed me to bond more with my colleagues. In today’s work world, you can’t say you only want to work alone or in a group. You should be disciplined enough to work alone with the job demands it; likewise, you should be co-operative enough to work with others. As they say, wisdom doesn’t reside in only one head. It’s actually wise to admit when you need help and know how to ask for it.

What about you? Would you rather work solo or in a team and why? Kindly share your thoughts and thanks for reading.

© Josephine Amoako 2018

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  1. For me it definitely depends on the group, if we can get along and work well together then it’s great. I especially like when we have our own independent tasks and meet only to pool ideas and share information. Independent analysis within a group dynamic, that way everyone contributes. As you mentioned earlier, not everyone contributes which can get frustrating and some tasks are just too big to do alone.

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    1. joseyphina says:

      I totally agree with you. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Have a great week.

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  2. zahthinks says:

    I like to work alone.. Group things don’t go well with me.

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    1. joseyphina says:

      I see….Thanks for adding your thoughts.

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  3. Definitely alone, although I might be convinced to work with one or two other people.

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    1. joseyphina says:

      Oh ok….thanks for joining the conversation


  4. gracelarbi says:

    Good write up there. For some of us we are perfectionist to some point and yet still the sanguine in us enjoy the ‘socialyness’ of teamwork.

    But basically as an HR professional, I believe the kind of industry and work environment you find yourself in tells which way you are more likely to sway if you are adaptive like moi.

    On the other hand both has its advantages and disadvantages and i believe organisations would always go with what works best in their favour!

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    1. joseyphina says:

      That’s true. Thanks for adding your thoughts, Grace.


  5. Jo Smith says:

    I mostly had bad experiences working with other people (as I end up doing most of the work) but it depends on the assignment and who I’m working with. If there is no one else to work with, then I’m fine with doing it on my own, but if I’m working with people that actually complete their part, then I’ll work in a group.

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    1. joseyphina says:

      Same here. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Jo!

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  6. I like working with a group for ideation and brainstorming. I think there are so many perspectives and ideas to pull from when collaborating with others on a project. But after ideation, I prefer to work individually. It can be more efficient.

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    1. joseyphina says:

      That’s very true.👍


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