Swapping Places Chapter 39

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“And you chose my birthday of all days to tell me?” Daphne asked, her voice shaking.

“Exactly…because that’s when I found out my wife disguised herself as her twin and seduced me. I just can’t imagine for the life of me, why any woman would stoop that low just to get laid.”

“I wanted to confirm if you had for my feelings and if that night is anything to go by, I’d say you have more than enough feelings for your supposed sister-in-law!” Daphne shot back.

“What you both did was disgusting. For goodness’ sake, how could you put your husband in that position and you, how could you sleep with your sister-in-law even if she ‘brought’ herself?” Delphine chided in a raised voice.

“Delphine?” Del spun around at the mention of her name. The three all held their breath, wondering how long he had been standing there and hoping he hadn’t overheard them.

“What’s going on? You left me in there to chat with your sister and brother-in-law all this while?”

“Dude, please, this isn’t the time for your insecure whimpers, okay? We were in the middle of a serious conversation,” Kobby said impatiently.

“Oh yeah? Are you going to stand there and let him to talk to me like that, Del?” He asked, pointing a finger at Kobby and walking towards Del.

“Rob, I’m sorry but this is an urgent matter that we need to sort out.”

“Why do I feel that I will always come second, no scratch that, third to your sister and her whatever of a husband here?”

“It’s not like that. I’m sorry if I make you feel like that but that’s far from the truth.”

“Is it?” Daphne snorted. Del turned and gave her sister an icy look.

“Whenever I see you three together, I can’t help but have this feeling that there’s something more binding you three than the ties of blood and marriage.”

“Like what? That we have threesomes from time to time?” Kobby said with a sneer.

“I wouldn’t put it past you,” Rob said.

“Cut it, you two! That’s a disgusting thought and to know you entertain that makes me disappointed in you, Rob,” Del said with a hurt look.

“I’m a guy and I’ve seen how in-laws relate and I know for a fact that when he looks at you, he doesn’t see you as family; he sees you as a woman he wants to bed.”

“And someone wants to know why I did what I did?” Daphne asked.

“What do you mean?”

“It’s none of your business. Now leave us alone.” Rob looked at Del who sighed and shook her head.

“Right. I’ll leave. Happy birthday, Del. Hope it was everything you wished it to be,” he said and turned to leave.

“Rob, wait!” Kobby caught Del by the arm. “Let him go.” Del shook his hand away and turned to face Daphne.

“What is wrong with you?! How could you? You pulled this same stunt with Seth which almost ruined your marriage to begin with and you go ahead and do this?”

“Oh yeah…I almost forgot this isn’t the first time. I’m afraid that I got married to a psycho.”

“You can call me whatever you want but you should be ashamed of yourself just the same. You made love to me like never before that night and you know it. Comparatively, I’d say all the times we’ve been together were just a matter of marital obligation to you. You’ve never kissed or touched me that way before, Kobby and you have no idea how it broke my heart to hear you mention my sister’s name with some passion in your moment of release.”

“Okay…I think I’ve heard enough. I’ll leave you two to talk,” Del said, turning to leave.

“Oh no, you’re going nowhere, Del. We are in this situation because of you.”

“Because of me? What did I do?”

“Look into my eyes, husband, and tell me I was wrong about that night. That on all other nights, it’s her you think of when you kiss me goodnight,” Daphne challenged, her index finger pointing shakily at Del. Her eyes were filled with tears. She didn’t know she had so much bottled up in her till now. She was doing all she could not to break down in tears.

Kobby saw the raw hurt in his wife’s eyes and the disappointed and shocked look in her sister’s eyes.

“Regardless…you shouldn’t have done what you did. The guilt almost rendered me impotent!”

“Which miraculously healed itself after you had the ‘chat’ with my sister, right?”

“Seth was so right about you. I should have walked away that very day.”

“You did…my sister brought you back.”

“Let’s stop this race-to-the-past game, shall we? How do we move forward from here?” Del asked.

“There’s no moving forward from this one for me,” Kobby said, staring hard at Daphne.

“What’s that supposed to mean?”

“We’re done.”

“Done? Oh baby, we’re just getting started. I see no end point on this ring,” Daphne said, showing him the ring on her finger.

“It’s over,” he said and walked away.

“What does he mean by that?” Daph asked Del.

“I don’t care what he means but what I do care about is how you keep painting me to the men in our lives. I forgave you for what you did to Seth but not this time, Daph. I’m ashamed to wear the same face as you,” she said and walked away. This time, Daphne couldn’t stop the tears from running down her face.

Robert was nowhere to be found. He must have left, Del thought as she called his number. Not reachable. How many times would they fight because of Kobby and Daphne? If only she could move to another planet and leave them to figure themselves out…


Kobby walked to his car and opened the doors. He paused when he heard his name. Daphne was looking at him morosely. Was she crying? Well, he wasn’t buying it. He sat in the car and drove away.

Realizing that the best night of his life was just a replica of the biblical Jacob and Leah was the worst news to hit him. How dare she deceive him like that?! Now, how was he going to face Delphine now that she knew he had always fancied her? He knew he should feel relieved that there was nothing to feel guilty about but instead he felt disappointed. Sleeping with ‘Del’ was nothing to feel guilty about. He had enjoyed it and wouldn’t trade that moment for anything else. But now that he knew it wasn’t her…did it mean it was all in his head? 

He imagined Daphne laughing at him the night after his ‘infidelity’ when he was a no-show in bed. Daphne was dangerous and couldn’t be trusted. How come he hadn’t noticed? It must have been the wine. Damn the wine! He hit the wheel with his fist and stepped hard on the accelerator.


The birthday party was over by the next hour. The sisters stayed out of each other’s way till everyone left. Delphine sat deep in thought and heard footsteps from afar.

“I’m sorry, Del.” She turned and for a second, didn’t recognize her sister. She looked away.

“Where did you even get the idea from? What if he had found you out?”

“A part of me wanted him to; another part didn’t. I didn’t want the moment to end…but hearing your name on his lips slashed through my heart with such intensity.” Del closed her eyes and shook her head in a futile attempt to clear the image of her dream from her head. 

“What do you think he means by ‘it’s over?’” Daphne asked. Del shrugged in a nonchalant manner. 

“Whatever he meant, you have it coming, Daphne. If mum were to hear of this…”

“Mum shouldn’t! Please, don’t tell mum.”

“I’m not because I have a feeling mum will blame me for it. This is the worst birthday so far and the first time I’m not proud to share it with you.”

“Forgive me, Del. I’m really sorry.”

“I’m going home,” Del said, getting up.

“May I come with you? Kobby already left. Maybe I should give him some space to come to terms of what I…what we did.”

“And what will you tell mum and dad?”

“That it was too late for me to go home after we hang out so I decided to come home with you.”

“Wow…how you can concoct a lie without blinking is fascinating. Liar must be your middle name.”

“No need to be mean, Del. I said I’m sorry and I mean it.”

“Your word means nothing to me now. I was hoping that the incident with Seth was going to be a one-time thing but no, it seems you enjoy using me to get laid which I find very creepy. So stop apologizing and make things right.” 

Del sat in her car. She honked sharply. “Are you coming or not?”

Daphne sat in the car and Del took off. 

Daphne called Kobby’s number. He didn’t answer.

“May I please use your phone?” Del gave her a ‘don’t-you-dare’ look. 


“I’m really sorry, Del.”

“No, you’re not. You’re only sorry that I found out like this.” Daphne opened her mouth to say something but she shut her up by increasing the volume of the radio. She leaned her head on the headrest and closed her eyes.

She woke up when she heard the car engine go off. Del got out of the car without giving her one glance. She got out and she heard the doors lock the second she closed the door. Del was already walking towards the front door. Would she have left her in the car if she hadn’t woken up? She dreaded the answer. Del was pretty unpredictable when she was furious. She didn’t want to know what her sweet twin was capable of doing in such a dark mood. She followed her into the house and locked the door. Daph took off her heels so as to not wake their mother who was such a light sleeper. The door to the master bedroom opened and Doreen’s face poked out.

“Is that you, Kakra?”

“Yes mum.” She saw Daphne.

“What are you doing here? Why didn’t you go to your husband’s house?”

“Long story, mum. I’ll explain in the morning. Go back to bed, mum.”

“Alright. Did you lock the door and the gate?”

“Yes mum.” The twins replied together.

“Goodnight. Sleep tight.” The door closed.

Daphne tried one more time. “Del…” Her door closed shut. She sighed heavily. 

She retired to her former room, changed and got into bed. She took her phone and called Kobby. Not reachable. He hadn’t blocked her number, had he? She tried WhatsApp. She bit her lower lip as she started typing an apology to Kobby. He appeared online when she sent him the first text. She kept on typing.

I’m sorry for deceiving you like this. I know you might never look at me the same way and that scares me. 

I do hope that your disappointment would be me posing as my sister and not realizing she wasn’t the one you made love to that night. 

If it’s the latter, then I’m not the only one apologizing here.

She waited. One tick followed by another. They turned blue.

I should apologize for being seduced? Since when does the victim get blamed for such an incident like this?

Good. He was ready to chat.

Since you could have said no in respect to your vows to God and your wife.

I wasn’t in the position to make that kind of decision since I was a little squiffy.

Oh, blame it on the booze, huh? From what I remember, you were sober enough to stand up to me and say no. But you didn’t because secretly, it’s something you’ve always wished to happen. You couldn’t let the opportunity pass you by.

Unlike you, I didn’t drive all the way to get seduced by my in-law. This is on you and in case you didn’t hear me earlier, it’s over, Daphne.

Meaning what?

Kobby went offline. Hey, come back! She groaned in frustration.

Del waited for Robert to answer his phone. When he did, he said nothing at first.

“Hey…I’m really sorry for tonight. I know you wanted today to be special for us both and I ruined it. I had to sort out some urgent family issue that’s why I wasn’t around. I’m sorry.”

“For how long will your sister’s marriage precede your own happiness? Can’t she take care of herself?”

“It’s not that simple.”

“It is to me. It makes me feel that our relationship hangs on their mood for the day.”

“You wouldn’t understand.”

“Make me understand, Del.”

“You’re not a twin. You won’t understand.”

“Come on…don’t play that card with me.”

“You just proved my point. Trust me, if it weren’t urgent, I wouldn’t think to attend to it tonight.”

“And what could that be? Wait, I’m not family so I’m not privy to such information.” Del sighed.

“You know what, why don’t you take all the time you want to sort out your family issues and when you think of what you want out of this relationship, let me know.”


“It’s not I’m asking you to choose between your sister and me, I just don’t want you always sacrificing yourself and your happiness for another you who can take care of herself, yeah?”


“Goodnight, Del.” He ended the call. Her lips began to quiver. She covered her face with her pillow and began to wet it with her warm tears.


“So how was last night?” George asked as they sat down to have a late breakfast.

“It was okay,” Del said, picking up the butter to spread her slice of bread.

“I hope your husband knows you’re here,” Doreen said to Daphne.

“Where else would I be?” The doorbell rang. Del got up to open the door, still chewing on the bread.

She swallowed without thinking when her eyes fell on Kobby. He wasn’t smiling and he walked past her into the house. She closed the door.

“Oh my son-in-law! I just asked of you. Come and join us.” His eyes met Daphne’s and Daphne wished she could disappear that instant.

He was in no mood to have family breakfast but he decided to sit down anyway next to Daphne or was it Delphine? He didn’t even care anymore.

He reached out for the sugar after putting a tea bag in a cup for it to brew. Daphne held the sugar bowl their fingers touched. She held her breath as his eyes bore into eyes. Gosh, he was mad. He let go of the bowl.

“Don’t you want some of the eggs?” Doreen asked.

“No thank you, mum.”

There was silence for a while as everyone concentrated on eating. Kobby cleared his throat, catching everyone’s attention.

“Um…I came here to tell you something, daddy and mummy.”

“What is it?” Daphne looked scared; Delphine uncertain.

“I…I want a divorce.” Daphne blacked out.

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  1. kaykaytee says:

    Daphne surely had this coming for her! See where their dangerous games landed them! I’m sad for Del though.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. joseyphina says:

      Yep, no feeling sorry for Daphne.


  2. Miss.Kizza says:

    Daphne had it coming 😏😏😕😕.this was good Josephine

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    1. joseyphina says:

      Yes, she did. Thanks for reading, dear.

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  3. Kadali says:

    cheei!! she should have died not blacked out. Girl had us all messed up.
    Jose, this is good. well built.

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    1. joseyphina says:

      Thanks, dear!😊

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  4. I’m low-key Happy Deph needs to learn a lesson

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  5. rinacarthy says:

    Daphne deserves whatever she is getting..how is she always this selfish.. Always thinking about her and not her twin no real twin will do this..she really deserves it

    Liked by 1 person

    1. joseyphina says:

      No sympathy for Daphne! Thanks for reading, Rina.

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      1. rinacarthy says:

        Thanks for writing

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  6. Mandy says:

    I don’t feel sorry for Daphne at all. She deserves whatever is coming her way.

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    1. joseyphina says:

      Oh no support for your fellow woman? Lol


      1. Mandy says:

        Lol not at all. She went too far.

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  7. iKomusana says:

    I know Daph messed up and her games had to catch up to her at some point but Kobby is equally to blame for this mess.
    And he doesn’t seem to own up to his share of the mess.
    Right now he is my least favorite person alongside needy whiney insecure Robert.
    Good job Josephina, can’t wait for Chapter 40

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    1. joseyphina says:

      Robert is becoming regular with his whining…it’s annoying!


  8. Lochan says:

    Daphne had it coming… I wish she had not pulled that stunt with Del..
    I just hope Del doesn’t mellow down and get together with Kobby.. He doesn’t deserve Del.. Neither does Robert.. Hope Del finds an awesome guy..

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    1. joseyphina says:

      I agree ..Thanks for reading, Lochan 😊

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  9. watmelissa says:

    Daphne deserves what is coming because when you play games one wins and one loses. Kobby is not innocent either because he should have said No but he didn’t. I feel for Del because she always loses her guy. Looking forward to next chapter

    Liked by 1 person

    1. joseyphina says:

      Yep, Kobby is no victim. Thanks for reading, Melissa.


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