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This week, we are talking double lives and the hustle that comes with it. Power is a pretty popular show so you may be watching the show like I do. For those who haven’t but have heard about it (or not), Power tells the story of a drug dealer, James St. Patrick who fronts as a businessman. He opens his new club Truth and he meets his childhood sweetheart, Angela Valdes who works as a federal agent. He risks everything to be with her (which was obviously a terrible idea) and the consequences? You have to watch it to get it all.

1. Where would you rank it among your favorites’ list?

Top 20.

2. From 1-10, how obsessed are you?

I’ll rate myself a 6. I was patient enough to wait for season 4 to end before I started watching. I’m so glad I did! I wouldn’t have survived the torture of having to wait 7 days for each episode.  And when I started to watch, I just couldn’t stop! I had to painfully will myself to pause it and catch some sleep so I don’t suffer at work the next day but whoa! The plot twists…the characters…the writers…big ups to you!

3. How did you discover the show?

My one and only brother. What would I do without him?

4. What was your initial thought of the show and did it change after watching it?

Season 1 Episode 1 definitely caught my attention. A story about living a double life (i.e. Ghost’s life as a drug pusher and a businessman) and playing with fire (going ahead to have an affair with a federal agent despite his criminal activities) is a plot that got me hooked. It got better and better with each season.

5. Why do you like the show?

Because it’s such a thrilling show! I’m always on edge to see what’s going to happen next; if Ghost is going to get caught; if Tommy was going to get hit from behind because of how hard he can be with the other guys; how safe Tasha (Ghost’s wife) and kids would be with the kind of company Jamie and Tommy hang out with. A lot of lessons to learn as well.

6. Favorite character in the show

Tommy Egan! The white boy with black guts lol. He’s fearless and a bit rash but he’s super loyal to Ghost (James’ drug world nickname) and Tasha because he considers them his family. He’s genuinely concerned about Ghost’s kids, Tariq and Raina (who unfortunately got killed because of Tariq).

I like Tasha as well because she’s a strong supportive character for James and the family. After having to endure her husband’s blatant infidelity, it’s amazing how she manages to put the family first ahead of her own hurt feelings.

James/Ghost plays his part very well. He’s a very cool collected guy who doesn’t panic or rush in tense situations. He’s not perfect but you can’t help but root for him.

7.Least favorite character in the show

That has always been Kanan (played by rapper 50 cent). He came out of prison to exact some revenge on Ghost and though I can’t blame him for that, corrupting Ghost’s son Tariq was such an awful approach. Though at the end of season 4, it looks like he will be the third wheel to Ghost and Tommy moving forward, I’m willing to forgive him for his many indiscretions. Can’t wait to see the trio work together in bringing down Dre!

So yeah, my new least favourite character in Power is Dre! How dare he rob Tommy of his network? I must admit, the cleverness with which he executed it must be applauded. The guy had patience in getting what he wanted. Any wrong move would get him killed no doubt so he made sure he made no mistakes. I’m still mad at him for getting Julio killed. He wasn’t a strong character but he was a familiar face I enjoyed seeing. He was next in command from Tommy so yeah, he was one of the ‘good guys’, lol. Dre has to pay for it… for killing Julio, betraying Tommy and attempting to kill Kanan. One death will not be enough for him haha.

I was all for Proctor, James and Tommy’s lawyer but seeing that he is keeping evidence which incriminates the two, makes me a bit unsettled. I understand why he did it, he has worked with these two criminals for so long I’d be surprised if he didn’t pick up a thing or two. But I’m afraid he’s going to flip on them next season when the heat is turned up. Tommy will definitely not let such betrayal go and I’d hate to see him die.

8. How would you kill off your favorite character?

Hmmm…that either Tommy or Ghost will let go of their past and finally go legit (though I can’t see that happening or else there will be no show!)

9. Who was your crush on the show?

Don’t have one.

10. If you were to be a character, who would you choose?

I was tempted to say Tasha for her supportive nature but considering the fact that she also cheats on her husband sometimes, I’ve changed my mind. As for Angela, not at all. She is a homewrecker. Plain and simple.

11. Favorite season

I’ve loved each season but I think so far, season 4 tops them all.

12. Do you follow the cast/show on Twitter or Facebook?

I follow the show on Facebook and Twitter.

13. Which of the characters would you like to meet?

Tommy Egan! Such an interesting character. Never a dull moment with him on-screen.

14. If you could meet any of the actors, who would it be?

Joseph Sakora who plays Tommy.

15. What lesson(s) have you learnt from the show?
Family is important. No temporary pleasure no matter how intense should take the place of a stable family and marriage. You lose sight of this priority and it is the family who pays the price. Tasha was with her lover lawyer when her daughter was shot. James was with Angela when Tariq started going off the rails. I’m now scared for how Tariq will turn out in the next season now that he’s been initiated into the secret life of his family (violence, crime and cover up). Loyalty is priceless. No matter how many times James and Tommy fight, they always have each other’s back and they never turn on each other no matter how tempting and convenient the offer is. Tommy even chose James over the love of his life, Holly. I’m all for loyalty!

Power is an entertaining show and I must commend Courtney Kemp for creating it! #BlackWomenWriters all the way!
Do you watch the show? What do you think of the show and the characters? Kindly share your thoughts with me and thanks for reading.

Forgive the lengthy post. Just finished watching the season finale and I’m pumped up!

© Josephine Amoako 2017


7 Comments Add yours

  1. Debs says:

    I couldn’t agree any better with your description. I over loved Power. But I couldn’t wait to watch. I watch with each new episodes 😅

    And indeed, family is everything!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. joseyphina says:

      I’m glad you loved it too, Debs!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. OmoAckin says:

    Still haven’t gotten round to watching it…. Hopefully soon though….

    Liked by 1 person

    1. joseyphina says:

      Oh ok…you will enjoy it.


  3. Alice says:

    I haven’t seen this yet but now I kinda want to watch it! I love shows that keep you in suspense biting your nails wondering what’s going to happen next. Great review! x


    Liked by 1 person

    1. joseyphina says:

      Thanks, Alice. You will watch it


  4. Power is a good show. I didn’t into it until season 3. Season 3 was the best season to me.
    Tommy is my favorite character as well.
    Belive it or not I actually like Kanan he is my second favorite character.
    To be honest I can’t stand Tasha lol. She is the worst character on the show
    I’m glad jukebox died.
    But overall great show
    I like Empire as well another good series
    Good post


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