Would You Rather #88: Be a Commoner Today or a King/Queen 2,500 Years Ago?

Hail the king! Long live the king!

Long may she reign!

Who wouldn’t want to be showered with such blessings at the end of each sitting? And enjoy the feasts…just imagine the sitting at a table filled with every delicacy you can think of (like the ones in Game of Thrones lol) as and when you request it. To be called, “My Lord or My Lady” just for being born into a royal family and “His Grace or His/Her Highness” if you’re sitting on the throne and have your word as the final say in every situation? That’s power!

What’s the life of a commoner today? There are varying grades now just like there were back then. We have the struggling lower class, the fairly comfortable middle class and the luxuriant upper class. The lower class however, has a bigger chance of moving up the social ladder today than those back in the day due to social dynamics and more open opportunities. Back then, a poor family would have a lucky break if a man from a rich family fought against all odds to get married to their daughter and thus, change their status.

But being a king/queen back in the day was no small task. Heavy they say, is the head that wears the crown. Taking difficult decisions and making impossible choices becomes a daily activity. Being responsible for the lives of the people you serve is in itself burdensome. Having an army at your disposal and sending them most likely to their deaths whether for the sake of your territory’s safety or some personal vendetta is something you’ll have on your mind as you go to bed each night. Creating alliances with other kingdoms and showing no weakness for hostile provinces to exploit is one careful business to take care of.

All the commoner has to think of is working hard to earn enough to give himself and family the life he thinks is best for them, protecting what he has and advancing to the level he wants. Relatively easier to handle than the king’s to-do list, right?

I’m not too sure of other places but in my backyard, I believe modernization has somewhat diminished the powers of the royal clan. Of course, they are still custodians of the land and all that but many of the ‘commoners’ of today have grown more influential in our society.

Royal children back in the day were destined to be given in marriage to concrete political alliances with other royal families regardless of whether they are interested or not. As for the commoner, it is less stringent-one thing I’m sure the royal family would love to enjoy if given the chance.

The good thing about living in the present is that, if you work hard enough, you can enjoy the life of royalty without having to bear their heavy burdens. You can live as largely as you love to as long as you can afford it. I’ll choose a commoner today any day.

What about you? What would you rather be and why? Kindly share your thoughts and thanks for reading.

© Josephine Amoako 2017


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  1. LightWriters says:

    it might sound great to have been a king or queen way back when, but we have so many modern benefits — we live in the most privileged of times…and be it ever so humble, as the old saying goes…there’s no place like ‘home’…which is wherever we are right here and now! 🙂

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    1. joseyphina says:

      I totally agree!


  2. Kaycee says:

    Where are my twins??

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Kaycee says:

    Can’t wait for swapping places ??

    Liked by 1 person

    1. joseyphina says:

      Working on it, Kaycee. 👍


      1. Kaycee says:

        OK work faster😀😀

        Liked by 1 person

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