Swapping Places Chapter 25

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“Daphne?” Delphine called out as she opened her door and entered. Daphne stood when their eyes met, hers begging the obvious question.

“Everything is going to be all right,” she said and walked over to her and hugged her. Tasha was sitting on the bed, watching them with wary eyes.

“So it is going to be alright because you talked to him?” Tasha’s tone was sharp. Delphine pulled out of the hug and glared at Tasha. 

“What are you insinuating?” Tasha stood up, facing her.

“You’ve inserted yourself into your sister’s relationship just like you always have; now it seems that the success or failure of their marriage depends on you.”

Delphine was about to respond when Daphne stopped her.

“Enough! Today has been rough enough for me already. Please don’t make it worse.” The door opened and Kobby stepped in.

“Could you kindly excuse us?” he asked softly, his eyes locking with Daphne’s. 

“Sure. I’m around if you need me,” Del said to her sister. Daph nodded. Delphine’s hand brushed against Kobby’s slightly which made Kobby fist his hands to stop himself from holding it. The two ladies left the room. Kobby walked towards her and stopped right in front of her. He wiped the tears on her face with his thumb.

“I do love you, Daphne. From the bottom of my heart, I do. I don’t regret coming this far with you and I’m not having cold feet. But I must confess, that unexpected outburst from Seth almost ruined the feeling for me. For a moment, I was having second thoughts. I wondered, after how far we’ve come, would it be prudent to just walk away, now that we are traditionally married?”

“I don’t know what came over him but it wasn’t me, Kobby. You have to believe me.”

“I hope that’s true, Daphne because I’m willing to forget about this. I don’t know the history between you and your sister concerning your past relationships but if I’m to hear another story of some swapping game, we are done, okay?” She nodded. He pulled her to him for a hug and kiss on her forehead.

Daphne closed her eyes with a quiet prayer of thanks. She hugged him back.

“I love you, Kobby.”

“I love you too, Daphne.” They shared a soft kiss. 


In the night, it seemed everyone was on edge. Delphine lay on her bed, anxious just like Daphne; Kobby was restless in his sleep and Doreen couldn’t sleep at all. After tossing and turning for a while, her husband asked her what was wrong.

“I can’t sleep. I don’t know why I’m so anxious.”

“It’s because your first child is going away. It’s normal. Tomorrow it will all be over.”

“I can’t wait for the pastor to declare them husband and wife.”

“What are you anxious about exactly?” Doreen turned and faced him.

“I think Kobby likes Kakra as well. I’ve seen them together a couple of times and I could just feel it in the air.”

“Ei Mama Dor…aren’t you being dramatic?”

“I’m not. I know what I’m saying. You men can’t tell some of these things but we are born with these instincts.”

“So what, you think the young man will go and take Kakra’s hand and lead her to the altar? Does Kakra like him too?”

“I’m not too sure. She says she doesn’t but who knows?”

“Don’t worry your head too much, my dear. Tomorrow by this time, everything would have ended successfully.” Doreen placed her head on his chest and George wrapped his arms around her.

After some minutes of silence, Doreen asked her husband if he would pray with her over Panyin’s marriage. They both got out of bed and held hands. They took turns committing Kobby and Daphne’s union into the Lord’s hands. It was only until after the prayers that Doreen could fall asleep. 
Delphine turned when she heard her door open. 

“Asleep?” Del sat up.

“No. Why are you still up?” Daphne closed the door and joined her on the bed.

“I can’t sleep,” she said, taking a pillow and laying her head on it. 


“Maybe…Seth’s silly move is going to give us a shaky start. How I wish the wedding was a least a week away so we can fully repair the damage before saying our vows.” Del lay down, both of them staring at the ceiling.

“You just have to prove to Kobby that you are not what Seth says you are.”

“What if I can’t? I am what he said I am.” Del turned, making Daph to turn as well, facing each other.

“No, you are not. It was a stupid thing you did but it’s not you. Kobby loves you, crazy and all. Show him he made the right choice.” They held hands under the covers. 

“Thank you. What would I do without you?”

“Much better…because you would have our strength together in you. Go to sleep, bride. You need to look beautiful tomorrow.” Daphne chuckled and closed her eyes. They both fell asleep, holding each other’s hand.


Doreen came out of her bedroom to find a frantic-looking Tasha who said she couldn’t find Daphne in her room. Where could she be? Could she have run away out of anxiety? Doreen calmed her down and told her not to be dramatic. She opened Delphine’s door and snuck her head inside. She entered when she saw them and closed the door. The bed dipped as it took in her weight. She watched them admiringly with a proud smile on her face. Raising them hadn’t been easy but seeing how they had turned out made it all worth it. Today, she was handing over one of them over in marriage to a fine looking man and she couldn’t be happier. She shook Daphne gently but it was Delphine who opened her eyes. 

“Mum…what time is it?”

“Time to get up. Wake your sister up.” Delphine squeezed Daphne’s hand. She opened her eyes weakly after some seconds. Her eyes opened fully to see her sister’s smiling face.

“It’s time to be a beautiful bride in a white dress.” Daphne turned and saw her mother. She smiled.

“Hurry up and get ready, okay? You know how vocal I am against brides who arrive at the church late. Please don’t disgrace me.” She left the room.

“Can I use your bathroom?”

“Sure; let me get your toothbrush,” Del said and left the room. She came back and found Daphne scrolling down her Instagram page on the loo. She snatched the phone from her.

“Today is about you and not what others are doing.” She placed the toothbrush on the sink.

“I’ll dip yours in the bowl when I’m done.”

“Try it and your darling husband will be a widower today.” They both laughed and Del closed the door behind her. Del sat on the bed and took her phone. She raised her head when the door opened.

“I was told Daphne is here?”

“Uh huh?”

“May I come in?”


“Look, I’m sorry for yesterday. I was only concerned for Daphne…”

“And I’m not? She’s my sister!”

“I know…” she started, attempting to enter.

“Ugh…ugh. Don’t even try. When Daphne wants you, I’ll come and get you.” 

“Fine.” She closed the door. Delphine couldn’t help but roll her eyes. Daphne came out a few minutes later.

“I heard that. It’s about time you two buried your differences and became friends, don’t you think?”

‘Maybe in the next life when I come as you and you come as me.” Daphne laughed.

“That ain’t happening.”

“That’s what I thought.” Daphne went back inside the bathroom.

Delphine’s phone rang. She looked at the bathroom door. She answered it.


“Hey. How was your night?”

“A little restless at first but finally got some sleep. You?”


“Trying to reach Daphne? She’s…”

“No…I just wanted to hear your voice, that’s all.”

“On the day of your wedding to my sister? Sure, that’s not creepy at all,” she said sarcastically.

“Tell me I’m making the right choice, Del.”

“With what?”

“With getting married today.”

“You are, Kobby. Don’t worry, the cold feet will pass.”

“Okay. Wanted to ask, why aren’t you going to be a bridesmaid?” Del chuckled.

“You know why. We can’t afford an identity error. My mum especially.” He chuckled.

“Okay. I’ll see you after the vows then.”

“Sure. Cheer up. Today is a great day. You start a new life today.”

“I know. Have to get ready. See you,” he said and ended the call. Del sighed. Was Tasha right? Was she the determining factor in her sister’s marriage?


George sat in the front seat of the bridal car, whiles Daphne sat in between her mum and sister at the back. They took selfies as they drove and mother and sister kissed the bride on both cheeks as she took the photos. When they arrived at the church premises, Daphne held the hands of mother and sister. Daddy turned to look at them.
“We are here. Are you ready to get married, sweetheart?” Daphne nodded enthusiastically.

“Then let’s go.”


Kobby tensed when the music for the bridal procession began. This is it, he thought. It was now or never. He felt a reassuring tap from his best man. He nodded and forced a smile. 

His breath got caught in his throat when he saw the dress. That was the one he had seen Delphine in at the bridal shop. Could it be her? He thought hopefully as his eyes travelled up to the face. She was wearing a veil so he couldn’t be certain. It would be Daphne; unless some alien came to kidnap her during the night, there was no way she wouldn’t be the one in the dress. 

He smiled when his father-in-law put her hand in his. They smiled at each other and faced the priest. The service began.

Delphine was outside the church, giving directions to some invited guests on the phone. She ended the call just in time to listen to the couple say their vows. She bit her lip when the pastor asked the ‘Do you take…?’ question. It took a second of silence before Kobby’s response came.

“Yes, I do.” Was it hesitance she sensed in his response? Daphne’s tone showed her eagerness to get it over with. She watched as they said their vows and exchanged rings. The certificate was signed and the union declared. She sighed. It was done.

Packaged refreshments were shared to the guests. There was to be a private dinner later in the day for close family and friends.


The bride and groom arrived at the dinner venue, all smiles. After having dinner with hearty laughter, the bride and groom had their first dance. Tears welled up in Del’s eyes as she watched her sister’s glow as she danced with the love of her life. Her mother rubbed her thigh in consolation. Someone whispered something in Doreen’s ear. She excused herself and walked away in haste. It was time for the bride and father dance and the groom and mother dance. George held his daughter delicately and spoke in whispers as they danced. The pride in his eyes were impossible to miss. Del’s phone beeped. It was Seth: ‘How did the wedding go?’ His text read. Del shook her head as she typed her reply.


“Hey.” She looked up.

“It seems I saved one dance for you. Care to join me on the dancing floor?” Kobby asked, offering his hand. Her eyes darted to find her sister.

“She’s dancing with my dad. Don’t worry, she knows I’ll ask you,” He took her hand and Del got up. He led her to the dancing floor.

“How does it feel to be married?” Del asked.

“Lots of feelings to mention but I’ll sum them up with ‘amazing.’”

“That’s good. From the look on my sister’s face, I know she feels same.”

He gave her a sudden spin which almost startled Del. He held her and stared into her eyes, giving her a smile. He pulled her back to his chest. They could feel each other’s rapid heartbeat. Daphne had just finished dancing with her in-law. Del left Kobby and walked to her sister. They hugged, both sighing.

“I’m married,” Daphne said, as if in unbelief.

“Yes you are. I wish you both the very best together.”

“Thanks, sis.” Del gave her bride sister a spin which made her giggle. Daphne returned the favor and they laughed. Kobby watched them dance and recalled the first time he had taken both of them together. He could picture them dancing at the club. This made him smile as he thought of how far they had come.

He glanced at the ring on his finger. He had no idea what the future held for him and Daphne but knowing that Del would be around, gave him some peace. He was the husband of a twin. He couldn’t wait for tomorrow to unfold.

(c) Josephine Amoako 2017 

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  1. Kadali says:

    i couldnt wait for the wedding to be over like doreen

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    I was so anxious till the wedding was over….now i can breathe. but kobby is a fool, referring to his last thought ” I am a husband of twin.” He should just be satisfied being a husband.

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    1. joseyphina says:

      Oh so I wasn’t the only one relieved lol. As for Kobby hmmm


  4. Crista says:

    Lovely chapter. i hope Del finds her own half

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    I love what you do. Keep up

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    You’d think I was in the story! I sat on pins all through the last 3 chapters! Thank God the wedding is done! Kudos Jo! As usual, great writing

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      Thanks, Kay! Happy Sunday!

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  7. Now the Fun and Games can begin….

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    Ohh Thank God he didn’t run away… I had a bad feeling before the wedding…. It was more stressful than my own…
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    Perfect ending to a perfect wedding day 😘

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