Swapping Places Chapter 24

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Del came out of the kitchen, sipping Ceres juice. Tasha walked up to her, asking for the washroom. She pointed to a door. She thanked her and left. She turned when she heard her name.

“Hi Kobby. Where’s your bride?”

“Can we talk?” He sounded serious. What was the matter?

“Sure. What is it?”

“Let’s go to a quiet place.”

“It’s a marriage ceremony. No place will be quiet. What do you want to talk about?” 

Kobby looked around. He needed to be alone with her so they wouldn’t be interrupted. He took her hand pulled her into her room.

“Hey!” He closed the door.

“What has gotten into you?” He clasped his hands together as if in prayer.

“I need you to tell me the truth, Del. Please don’t lie to me.”


“I need you to promise me.”

“You just have to take my word for it, Kobby. I’m making no promises to you.” She sipped her juice.

“That incident you had with Seth, about trying to lure him to bed…” He let the sentence hang as he watched her reaction. She seemed unmoved by the question.

“Was it really you?”

“Why are you asking about this on a day like this? I told you I didn’t…”

“If you didn’t, then who did?”

“Why is my past relationship any part of your business, Kobby?”

“Was it Daphne?” That made her freeze. Where did he get that idea from?


“If it wasn’t you, was it Daphne?”

“Is this your version of cold feet because it is very disturbing. Why would such a thought even cross your mind?”

“I remember what you said that day when I asked you about it. Your exact words were, ‘You seem to forget I’m a twin.’” She blinked, trying to remember. Did she really say that?

“I don’t remember making any such comment.”

“Well, I do. I do remember every conversation we’ve ever had, Del. Tell me the truth.”

“Del?” The door opened and Daphne’s head stuck in. Her eyes met her sister’s. Daphne entered and closed the door.

“Kobby…” He turned to face her.

“Were you hoping to catch her first so she would collaborate your story?”

“Kobby, Seth is lying.”

“Seth told you this?” Delphine asked, her voice rising with anger. How dare he meddle in her affairs?

Kobby turned to face Delphine again.

“Tell me the truth, Del. Was it you or Daphne?”

“It wasn’t Daphne.”

“Are you trying to protect her? You know she likes to play games. Remember how she tricked us to have a date together? What makes this any different?” Kobby pressed.

“If you have such thoughts about her, why are you marrying her?” Del asked back.

“You don’t trust me, do you?” Daphne asked. Kobby didn’t respond.

“I know you are a good person, Del. Very honest. Tell me the truth.” Delphine sighed and stared at her sister who was staring back with anxious, pleading eyes.

“I did it. It was me,” Del said.


“It was me. I had drunk a little more than I should have and lost control. After Seth rejected me, I felt ashamed so I decided to call back later and pretend it wasn’t me. It was stupid, I know and now we are over. Case closed.”

“You are lying,” Kobby said.


“You are saying this because you want to protect your sister.”

“Shouldn’t you be relieved that your wife isn’t the woman Seth is perpetuating her to be? I may be a good person, Kobby but I’m not perfect. I’m sorry to you both that Seth decided to ruin this special day because of what I did.”

“That’s okay. I’m just glad that we could clear this up and move up with our lives. He’s obviously still not over you,” Daphne said. 

Kobby continued to stare at Delphine. Delphine stared back. He wasn’t going to bully her into a confession. 

“When you are both ready to tell me the truth, come and find me,” he said and walked out.

“Kobby!” The door slammed shut. 

“I can’t believe this! I should have let you drive him out when I first saw him,” Daphne said.

“Don’t worry, we just need to convince him that Seth is just making stuff up.”

“What if we fail? The wedding is tomorrow. What if…?” Delphine hugged her. 

“Don’t. It won’t happen. You are getting wedded tomorrow,” she assured her, rubbing her back.


Del stepped out of the house looking for Kobby. She turned at the sound of ‘hey.’
“What the hell are you doing here?!” Delphine shouted.

“Ah, your twin sister told you, huh? By the way, how come I never knew you had a double?”

“Because it was none of your damn business. I need you to leave before you cause any more damage.”

“Damage? Your sister impersonated you to seduce me and you find nothing wrong with that? Oh I forgot, it seems to be your thing, isn’t it? Tell me, did you ever pose as your sister to meet Kobby? I’m sure you did. Were you doing that when we were seeing each other? Will you two keep swapping places on his bed after he weds your sister?”

“Get out before I slap the hell out of you. You have no right to ask me any questions and I owe you no answers. Just so you are clear, you are not invited to the wedding.”

“Oh there’s still a wedding coming on?” Seth asked teasingly. He knew he was irritating Del but he loved pulling her legs. 

“I’ll definitely send you the photos just to spite you. Now leave before I do something regrettable.”

“Fine, I’ll leave. I’d like to say sorry for what I said to Kobby. I could have handled it better. I was too filled with rage knowing what your sister did.”

“My sister did nothing. We are over so I owe you no further explanation. Just leave,” Del said and walked away. He shook his head as he watched her go.


Tasha entered Daphne’s room to find her crying.

“Daph? Are you crying? What’s wrong? Today is supposed to be your happy day. What’s going on?”

Daphne wiped her face with her now makeup-stained handkerchief.

“I’m fine.”

“Oh no, you are not! Where’s Del?” She asked as she sat on the bed beside her. Daphne gestured to say she didn’t know. 

“Tell me what’s going on, girlfriend. You know I hate seeing you like this.”

“I may not get married tomorrow.”

“What do you mean? Is it Del? Does he like Del instead? I knew it! She…”

“It’s not Del!” The door opened and Doreen entered.

“Panyin, are you alright? Where is Kobby?” Daphne shook her head.

“Where is Kakra?”

“I don’t know, mum.”

“I’ll be back.”

“Mum, wait!” The door closed shut. Oh no, she would think something different if she saw them together. The time will come for them to set the record straight. 


Kobby was driving when he heard his phone ring. He glanced at the screen. Del. At first, he thought not to pick it but after another moment, he answered it on loudspeaker.



“Where are you?”

“Out and about. What’s up?”

“You just had your traditional marriage. You can’t be out and about.”

“Is there something you want to tell me?”

“Can we talk, please?”

“I’m listening.”

“In person.”

“Okay. Let’s meet at the shell station near your house. I’ll pick you up.”

“Sure. See you.” The line dropped. Kobby sighed. He never knew falling in love with a twin could be so stressful. Especially when he wasn’t sure if he married the right one. Time will tell.

Delphine arrived at the shell station and started looking around. She turned when she heard a car honk. She walked towards it and opened the door. She sat inside. Kobby took off. There was silence for a while, Kobby waiting for her to speak.

“What are you thinking?” Delphine asked.

“Did you know about it before it happened?”

“Know about what before what happened?”

“Did you know Daphne was going to meet Seth as you and try to sleep with him?”

“Of course not. Would it change anything if I did?”

“So Daphne did impersonate you.”

“That is not what I’m saying. Why are you basing your decision about your union with Daphne on what I did?”

“Because we both know you didn’t. Why you’re still covering up for her beats me.”

“I’m not. Seth is just an angry person. Don’t let him drag you into his misery.”

“How did you meet Seth?”

“What?” He looked at her, searching her face. He found the answer and looked back on the road.

“You don’t know, do you? Because you didn’t meet him first.”

“Where are you drawing your conclusions from? What has that got to do with anything? My concern is that you and my sister get married tomorrow. Unless you were already having second thoughts and you are jumping on this issue because of your own uncertainty.”

“Why would you think I’m having second thoughts? You don’t think I love your sister?”

“Do you?”


“Then why are we wasting time and fuel driving around? Your new wife is waiting for you.”

“I think I love someone else more.”

“Who?” She asked in a raised voice. He only stared at her. Maybe she shouldn’t have asked. 

“Then why are you getting married?”

“It’s the only way I can stay close to her. I lose Daphne, I lose her.” There was silence. 

“But this revelation makes me wonder if I can trust her; Daphne I mean. If she could do this…has it happened before? Has she ever attempted to steal your guy in a way?”

“I’m not discussing any of that with you. Daphne has her crazy side but her heart is in the right place. I’m sure you’ve noticed that. And she loves you…more than this other lady you may have in mind.” He looked at her and smiled.

“How can you tell?” She shrugged.

“I’m just saying don’t throw away a good sure thing for a seemingly better yet non-existent thing.”

They stared at each other. Delphine prayed that her face wouldn’t give her away. Her phone rang and she broke eye contact with Kobby to look at her phone. It was her mum. She answered the call.


“Where are you?”

“Um…I stepped out. I’ll be home soon.”

“Are you with…?” The line dropped. Oops.

“Is everything okay?”

“I hope so. The line dropped. My mum might think I ended the call when she was about to ask of you.”

“Why would you do that?”

“She’s not comfortable with us hanging out.”

“Why? I’m practically family now.”

“Well, she suspects there’s more to our relationship.” He gaped at her in shock.

“I told her there wasn’t so don’t worry about it.” He pulled over in front of the Coleman’s residence. 

“So we’re good? You’ll standing at the altar tomorrow?”

“We’ll see.”

“Please don’t stand us up.”


“You know what I mean.”

“We’ll see,” he said with a sigh.

“You don’t seem excited about this.”

“After such a bombshell, can you blame me?”

“And I’m telling you it’s not true!”

“If you say so.” Delphine opened the door and got out of the car. She entered the compound as Kobby got out of the car.

Doreen saw Delphine approaching.

“Kakra…” She looked up. Doreen saw Kobby follow into the house. Her eyes narrowed.

“Where are you two coming from?”


“How could you take him away from his wife minutes after the rites?”

“I didn’t, mum. We just talked.”

“Talked? About what? Do you know your sister has been crying and you were out talking with her husband?” Kobby had walked up to them.

“I went to drop some friends off, mum,” Kobby explained. Doreen gave him a stern look.

“Go inside,” she instructed Del. She obeyed with no hesitation.

“Listen to me young man, I know you are fond of the sisters and their similar looks might confuse your feelings a bit. You are only entitled to be with one of them and that’s it. Delphine can never be Daphne although she looks just like her. Do you understand?”

“Yes mum.”
© Josephine Amoako 2017

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  2. gracelarbi says:

    hahahahahahahahaaaaa cant help but laugh at Doreen’s warning !!!!

    She hit on Bam!

    MMMMMMMMMMM I’m panicky but can see good tidings ahead!!

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    1. joseyphina says:

      Yes ooo…… Doreen doesn’t want any wahala lol. You see good tidings? Great!


  3. 😨😨please update tomorrow this suspense

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      Haha… It’s not my fault ooo


  4. Things are heating up!!! Keep turning the heat up!

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    Ei…This wedding is going to be one of a kind.

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  6. fortunate23 says:

    “Will you two keep Swapping Places on bed after he wedds your sister? ” Mannn, Kobby why you so rude and harsh today ooo??

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    1. joseyphina says:

      That was Seth actually and yeah, that was harsh

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  7. fortunate23 says:

    Yes, i meant Seth! My mind is so familiar with Kobby i guess… Lol

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  8. Kaycee says:

    Chicken wing

    Chima heard his Auntie faint voice from the living room ‘Hurry up, will you’. Aunt Stella was pacing up and down. Chima wore his T- shirt and jean trouser. “Star boy’ was written on the T- shirt. He went to his auntie’s room and peeped through the door. She wore a bra and skirt. Chima saw piles of clothes on the bed. Her face was all covered with make- up , making her look like a clown. 

    Chima stood there. Watching her, she reminded him of Ifeoma, an ugly version of her though. Chima didn’t want to think about his Auntie slapping his face again, as she had earlier done. She wanted him to dress fast and cool. She slapped him because of what he wore the first time, before bringing out the dress and Snickers for him.

    Chima knew that Aunt Stella wasn’t the going out type of woman.Expect for her place of work, she never did hang out with friends, or going to a restaurant. She was obsessed with her job. She worked at prime hospital. She goes out so early, sometimes by 5am and comes back by 10pm. She never cooked. It gave chima the opportunity to go to ifeoma’s house. Ifeoma was a good cook. Her mother forced her to learn though. Once when her mother was cooking, and ifeoma and Chima were watching movie in the room,Ifeoma’s mother came to the room. Chima wondered how they didn’t hear her as she came. She usually bang things and spoke loudly with Yoruba assent. Her mother beat her big time, removing her metal slippers and stoned her. Ever since then, Ifeoma became an expert in cooking. Chima expected Ifeoma to resent her mother for embarrassing her, but she never did. In fact that night, she called him, telling him how sweet her mother was, and when her mother called her, she hung up on him. It was intrusive. She didn’t as much as bid him good bye, before she ended the call.

    Chima was still starring at his auntie, when the doorbell rang loudly. It was Mr. Kayode, Auntie Stella’s finance. Chima had heard Aunt. Stella talk about him more often. She mentioned his name whenever she was on the phone, whenever her friends came to visit. Chima would be in his room, hearing the loud ” oh my gosh he’s so cute”. Mr kayode’s picture hung on the wall above the Sam sung flat screen T.v.that was pinned on the wall.

    Sometimes, chima wondered what Auntie Stella saw in him. Perhaps it was because he schooled in Canada, had a Master degree in Liverpool city in London, and worked as a medical doctor in New Jersey in America. She loved him so much. Chima wondered why Mr. Kayode didn’t turn  Americanah  durning his stay in all this countries. Chima had been told by Ifeoma that going Abroad turned someone intoAmericanah.

    Chima didn’t open the door for him, his auntie did. She never allowed him open the door for him, never allowed him cook for him. He was too special to be treated like a guest.

    Chima looked at his auntie hair. She barbed it because he asked her to. She was still in her bra and skirt, showing him different dress, asking which he liked best, and Mr kayode chose the pink gown. He knew good fashion. She went and wore it, before they all went to pepperoni, at Rumudara.

    He wasn’t thrilled as he saw the place. It was too small. Mr kayode parked well, that even the security nodded their head in approval.

    Chima was the last person to come down, but his Auntie Stella yanked him from the car. ‘ it’s a lovely place’ she said. Chima knew she said that to please him.

    They took the elevator. Chima wanted to jump in  Excitement as the elevator moved  to the first door, but seeing his Auntie scowling face, he kept a serious face. 

    They came out from the elevator, and immediately Aunt Stella pulled a  chair and sat down. She placed her hands on the table. Chima humored his Auntie and did the same thing. He watched as Mr. Kayode kissed his auntie on the cheek before going to get their food. 

    Chima watched him as he was flirting with the lady at the counter. The lady looked like one who cried herself to sleep. She wore a yellow T-shirts and trouser with a cap. It was what everyone at the counter wore. 

    Mr kayode came back with  a tray.  Two shawama wrapped were placed separately, and a plate of jollof rice with a chicken wing was placed on the tray. A guy at the counter came too. He wore the same yellow T- shirt and trouser with a cap. He came with a tray filled with 2 plates of jollof rice with chicken wing and goat meat too, 2 spoons were wrapped in a tissue paper and bottles of mineral was served by another lady who came later. Chima noticed the big boils that were popping out on her face. It was so big and disgusting. The boils took over her face, to her chin.

    Chima couldn’t wait to start digging in. The jollof rice was so red, just like ifeoma’s mother own. He wanted to start eating, when his Auntie slapped his hands away. “Let’s say grace” she said.

    After the grace saying, chima began to dig in, but his Auntie slapped his hands again. ” eat slowly,  and learn to use fork and knife ” she said demonstrating it. Chima was very angry. The food was too sweet to be eaten so formal. He tried it, using his knife to gather the rice, then he used the fork to pick up the knife. He watched as the rice fell back to the plate. He didn’t like it. He dropped the knife and began to eat with the fork. He saw his Auntie Stella’s disapproving eyes, but he looked down, focusing on his food 

    ‘ Let him be. At least he is using a fork’ Mr kayode said.

    ‘This food is sweet’ Chima said as he chewed the forkful rice. ” Bush He goat. You don’t talk while eating, and you chew slowly, not like a village champion” Auntie Stella said. ” Hey stop that. You’re embarrassing us all, just cut that out” Mr. Kayode said.

    Chima continued eating, watching as his Auntie and Mr. Kayode ate, sipped a little from their bottled coke and fanta. Chima did eat so fast. 

    ‘ Hey slow down man, the food ain’t running away’. Mr kayode said. Auntie Stella watched in disgust as Chima ran his fingers in circular motion, around the plate. He then licked the  oil that was on his fingers. Chima thought that it would be more stylish than running his tongue all around the plate. 

    “Stop that!” Mr. Kayode called. He looked so disgusted. His bull dog like cheek dropping.

    Chima looked at their plates, it looked like they hadn’t eaten at all. Their chicken wing was half eaten. Chima stared at his chicken wing, he saw Mr. Kayode’s eyes watching him. He took a bite out of it, and then heard Mr. Kayode voice ” Table manners, boy. Don’t you know how to use fork and knife?? “Chima wanted to tell him to shut up. He couldn’t stand anyone telling him how to eat his chicken wing. He wanted to enjoy it, cause he hadn’t ever eaten it before. 

    ” Am so full”. Mr. Kayode said. ” Yeah me too” Auntie Stella said, half smiling. “Drop that chicken wing, it’s enough. You eat like a pig”. Mr. Kayode said. Chima stared at his chicken wing. He wanted to pick it, waiting for Mr. Kayode to turn his face toward, as he spoke to his Auntie, but he kept saying” Am not going to have you make me look bad. Do you understand me ??”

    Finally Chima gave up and followed them to the car. ” Am pressed” he said. “Find a corner and urinate”. Auntie Stella said. An idea came to Chima’s mind and he said ” No Aunty, it’s uncivilized to urinate at a corner “. He said shaking. 

    ” okay go and use the bathroom”. Mr kayode said. Auntie Stella wanted to say something, but she kept quiet as Mr. Kayode spoke finally.

    Chima hurriedly went back to their table, luckily it hadn’t been cleared, so he took his chicken wing that was on his plate and headed into the bathroom on seeding Mr. Kayode entering inside. He put the chicken wing in his pocket, as he had worn a trouser with a big pocket that day.

    Chima returned back to the car. Mr. Kayode was out, so they drove out.

    “God , this outing was cool, wasn’t it??” Mr. Kayode asked “No it wasn’t”. Auntie Stella watched him through the front mirror. Her face was expressionless. She called out a boy who was hawking  Gala and plastic bottles of minerals.

    Chima looked at the hawker, as he ran with the speed of life. Mr. Kayode drove so fast so that the boy wouldn’t catch up with them, but he did , because a go- slow had occurred.

    Mr. Kayode kept scornful look as the boy was panting. ” who called you to come??” He asked. ” Na she call me” The hawker said. ” sorry,it was a mistake. It wasn’t you she called, beside we are just coming from pepperoni ” Mr. Kayode said.

    ” But madam you call me. You dey wave at me, I run from far distance, madam abeg please help me sell market today. Nobody wan buy from me, please madam. See how I just run like mad man , please , abeg”. He said. Chima noticed the holes on his over sized, dirty green shirt.

    ” please…..” Mr. Kayode zoomed off speedily as the go- slow ceased.

    ” The poor ignoramus “. Mr. Kayode said. Chima didn’t turn to look at the hawker, instead, he moved up a little bit and brought out the chicken wing from his pocket. He couldn’t wait any longer. He closed his eyes as he bit the air. He opened his eyes, Mr. Kayode was looking at him.

    ” You this fool, thought I told you to drop it. Wait a minute, so that’s why you lied?, so that you can eat it” he said as he threw the chicken wing out the window, wiping his hands on his trousers. Chima screamed. He opened the back door and dived as if to save his chicken wing. “Chima!!” Auntie Stella said, screaming.

    Chima was holding his chicken wing as he lay on the road. He couldn’t let it go. Soon a big truck came forward towards his direction, and his Auntie Stella dragged him from the road. He lost his grip on his chicken wing, and the truck trode on it. Chima watched as his chicken wing, trailed behind the truck. A rope from the truck, had dragged it along.

    Chima watched with ultimate fury. He did take Mr. Kayode phone and threw it out the window. Mr. Kayode couldn’t speak, too shocked to speak. Chima mind was raged, he was ready to slap Mr. Kayode if he slap him. Auntie Stella told him to pull over, her face was expressionless, as she took the wheels.

    Chima wasn’t yet satisfied. He wanted to get back his chicken wing. Nothing could bring it back. Chima looked outside the window. He had finally seen a chicken wing, he wanted to eat it, so that he could now fit into Ifeoma life. He was certain that eating chicken wing, and talking about it, like she did, was the best way to get Ifeoma’s respect. At least, he had seen it, enough to talk about it, but the chicken wing was never his

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  9. Kaycee says:

    Swapping places will make best- sellers. It is an award winning novel.

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    1. joseyphina says:

      Awww….thank you 😊

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  10. vhuvu says:

    Just let me die now I can’t deal

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