Swapping Places Chapter Twenty One

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A week later, Daphne entered Delphine’s room to find her making up her face.

“Resuming work, huh?” she said and slipped her feet into a pair of Del’s heels.

“Yep,” she replied and smacked her lips together as she checked out her face in the dressing mirror. Daphne tried another pair of shoes.

“You better arrange them when you’re done,” Del warned.

“That is no way to talk to your elder sister,” Daphne said, using her leg to align the shoes.

“You’re just about ten minutes older than I am, Daph. Quite insignificant.”
“Huh? Do you know what can happen in ten minutes?”
“Tell me.”
“I sucked in air and cried first before you did. That is significant.” Del shook her head. Daphne stood behind her and checked out her feet in the mirror.

“Don’t you have similar heels?”
“I feel like wearing this one. So when something is happening to you, I can feel it quickly.”
“So you really think we share a telepathic bond?”
“I do. When you were assaulted, I felt something. And remember that incident when we were younger?”
“How come you’re the only one who feels it? I’ve never felt that way towards you.”
“That’s because I take good care of myself.”
“Yeah right.”

“Are you rolling your eyes at me and applying mascara at the same time? You want to turn blind, huh? Give that to me,” Daphne said and snatched it from her.

“Heard from Seth?”

“Tried to get in touch?”
“I texted him two days ago and he didn’t reply. No one had to tell me to let him be.”
“He is a good guy. I’d be sad if you two don’t work out.”
“There’s a lot of blanks between us. For us to have a chance, I’d have to come clean and I can’t do that. So I leave it in fate’s hands to decide.”

“There. You look just like me.” They smiled at each other.
“Hope you’re free this weekend. I need you to come on wedding preparation rounds with me.”
“Oh sure. So is Tash going to be your maid of honor?”
“Why should Tash be when you’re there?”
“You think it’s a good idea for me to stand up there with you? Wouldn’t we confuse everyone?”
“The guests, maybe but definitely not Kobby. And it will make the wedding pictures trend online.”

“Oh so you are only using me for your selfish reasons.”
“I’ll be the bride on the day; I’m allowed to be selfish.”
“Panyin and Kakra, hurry up and let’s leave. I’m running late.”
“Yes, mum.” Daphne rushed out to get her bag and joined her mum and sister in the car.

“Mum, it’s okay if Del becomes my maid of honor, right?” Daphne asked as she strapped on her seat belt.

“Oh no. I won’t let that happen. If I had my way, Kakra won’t even be in the church as you exchange your vows.”
“But why? She’s my sister!” Daphne protested.

“She is your identical twin sister. I’ve noticed how your man behaves around Kakra. I have a feeling he sometimes mistakes you for her. I don’t want any wahala on the day where he will end up marrying your sister.”
“Come on mum, it will be Daph in a gown, not me,” Del said. Her mother turned to give her a look.

“As if that would stop a man from doing the unexpected. Who said, one has to be in a gown to say, ‘I do?’”

“I wouldn’t snatch Daph’s fiancé on her big day, mum. You know me better than this.”
“Do I?” Both sisters watched their mother drive with a stunned look.

“I can’t believe this,” Del muttered and crossed her arms. It was quiet in the car for several minutes.

“Are you saying you don’t have any friend who can stand with you on that day?” her mother asked.

When Daphne didn’t reply, Doreen added, “I’m sorry but I can’t have two people with one face before a man seemingly confused about whom he’s in love with.”
“He’s not confused, mum. He loves me. He’s just good friends with Del.”
“Uh huh, and I was born yesterday, right? Only one of you would be standing with Kobby. Period.” Doreen increased the volume of the radio to fill the silence in the car.

Daphne was in deep thought. How many times had her mother seen Kobby with Del for her to draw such a conclusion? Was there some truth to it? Damn it, she didn’t want to nurse such thoughts anymore now that they were moving ahead with marriage plans.

How could mum think that of me? Delphine thought, totally upset. Could she be right about Kobby being confused? Was it her fault if he was?

Daphne got down first. She waved her mum and sister and Doreen drove off.

“You know it’s the right thing, Kakra. I don’t know what’s going on between you and the Kobby guy but do your best to ensure the wedding takes place without any drama. Can I trust you to do that?”
“Yes mum.”



On Saturday morning after breakfast, Daphne entered Del’s room to find her trimming her nails.

“Why aren’t you ready?”

“Ready for what?”
“My rounds, remember?”
“I figured you would call Tasha since mum said…”
“Forget what she said. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t play your sisterly role in the planning. I need you with me right now, not Tash. So please get up. We have a lot to do.”
“Give me ten minutes,” Del said, getting up from her bed.

“Make it five.”

Ten minutes later, they were both in their mother’s car with Daphne behind the wheel.

“You know, what mum said earlier about Kobby has been on my mind,” Dpahne said. Del looked at her but said nothing.

“Do you think Kobby could be confused about the two of us? We both know he’s fond of you. But would he ignore me and come to you to marry him in front of everyone?”

“That’s not going to happen, Daph.”
“If it were to happen that you are going to be asked by Kobby about spending your lives together…”
“No…that will be final answer. You have nothing to worry about, Daph.”

“What if he doesn’t love me as much he loves you?”
“That would be his loss because he won’t have me and he would have missed a gem like you.  But I do know that Kobby loves you and he can’t wait to make you his.” Daphne smiled.

Daphne killed the engine when they arrived at the destination. They got out of the car and entered the bridal shop.

“My bride is here!” the shop owner said, beaming. Daphne smiled back. Her eyes flashed with puzzlement when they fell on Delphine.

“This is my sister, Del. Del, meet Ama. I hope you have my stuff ready.”
“Of course. Come on in so you can change and check them out.” They followed her into another room.

She brought out two gowns with heels.

“They are both so pretty!” Del gushed.

“I have to attend to something very quick. Call for me when you are done,” Ama said and walked out.

“Which one would you try on first?” Del asked.

“I’ll wear this one; you put on that one.”

“You heard me. Let’s divide and conquer so we leave here early.”
“But you have to try them on so you know which one looks best on you.”
“Don’t we have the same face and body? If it looks good on you, it will look same on me. So get your butt off the chair and let’s do this, yeah?”

“If you say so.”

The sisters burst into laughter when they faced each other in their gowns.

“Who’s the bride now?”

“How’s is it going in here?” Ama asked as she entered. She stopped in her tracks as she took in the scene.

“Wow! You two look amazing! Are you having a double wedding?”
“Oh no, we’re just trying them together to save time. Do you have some others we can try?”
“Sure; let me get them for you,” she said and walked out.

“I love yours; looks great on you,” Del complimented, holding Daph’s dress.

“Yeah, I love yours too. Let’s try the others.”

Daphne’s phone rang. She gathered the gown in her hands she walked towards her handbag. She took out the phone.

“Hi babe! Yeah, I’m at the bridal shop. Where are you right now? Oh okay, then you’re not that far from here. You can pass by if you want. We can all have lunch together,” Daphne said and glanced at Delphine, who was enjoying seeing her image in the mirror.

“Okay, see you soon, love.” She ended the call.

“Kobby will pass by so we go have lunch. Let’s hurry up with the others.” Ama brought four other dresses. The sisters wore them and judged which was more elegant. They decided that the second one that Del worn would be the best choice. They decided that they would bring their mother next time so they can all decide. Del helped Daph out of her dress. As she turned her back to Daphne for her to unzip her dress, Kobby walked in. They all froze.

“Who you let you in? You’re not supposed to see me…” Del started.

“I’m so sorry…the lady asked me to come in. I thought you were done. I’m so sorry,” Kobby apologized.

“You know seeing me in my dress before the day is a bad omen, Kobby!”
“I’m so sorry.” Kobby turned his back to them. “Should I leave?”

The sisters shared a look and laughed. He looked back at them, puzzled.

“Don’t worry; she’s not the bride.”

“Huh?” Daphne zipped down the dress.

“We’ll give you a minute,” she said and walked out with Kobby. Del quickly got out of the gown and put on her dress. She joined them in the showroom. Daphne was speaking with Ama.

“You looked lovely. I didn’t recognize you,” Kobby said when she stood beside him.

“Thank you. You better be careful, you could be getting married to the wrong twin,” Del said with a wink.

“I’d be satisfied with whomever walks down the aisle with me,” he said with a smile.

“Shall we?” Daphne said.

They stepped out.

“Why don’t you two go together? I have to attend to something; I’ll go with mum’s car,” Delphine said.

Daphne pouted her lips. Delphine pulled her cheek.

“Don’t worry; we’ll have our special time together.”
“And me?” Kobby asked.

“You’ll have her for the rest of your lifetime,” Delphine replied.

“See you at home,” she said and hugged her sister, and they blew each other kisses. Daphne gave her the car keys. She gave Kobby a brief hug. Daphne and Kobby sat in his car whiles Delphine sat in her mum’s car. She sighed and started the engine.


The doorbell rang. Seth opened the door.

“Hi.” He stared at her.

“May I come in?” He stepped and she entered. The door closed behind her.

(c) Josephine Amoako 2017 

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