Swapping Places Chapter 20

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Seth tapped on his steering wheel impatiently. The traffic was crazy. If only there was a way to while away the time to escape this mad rush hour…Of course! Why didn’t he even think of it earlier? He turned on the trafficator and moved out of the choked lane into a free one.

He took his phone and called Del’s number but she didn’t answer. He pulled up in front of her bank and got out. The banking hall had just opened. He entered and approached a customer service officer. He asked to see Delphine. The boss entered. He paused when he heard him ask about her.

“You’re looking for Miss Coleman? Kindly come with me.” Seth followed him to his office.

“Are you a friend of Miss Coleman?”
“I’m her boyfriend actually.”
“Oh wow and she hasn’t gotten in touch?”
“No, why, did something happen?”
In a breath, he told him what had happened to Delphine. Seth couldn’t believe his ears. He zoned out at a point, trying to picture the scene in his mind but couldn’t. He came back to himself.

“When did this happen? How did it happen? You went to the meeting together, right?”
The lines on the boss’ forehead became deeper.

“What meeting? I had been here the whole day. Who told you that?”

“She did…in the late afternoon.”

“That’s strange. She was at the hospital at the time. Unless she told you that so you wouldn’t worry. She has been given some days off to recover so she might be at home.”
“Okay thanks.” Seth left the office, feeling more disturbed than ever. Why would Delphine lie to him? He could have been by her side at such a time as this. Did she not want him around her? Or was she seeing someone else? He got back into his car and drove away.


Delphine was helping herself to some leftover jollof rice when she heard the doorbell. Her hand holding the spoon paused midway in the air, her face registering her displeasure of being interrupted. She put the spoon on the plate and got up. She winced when pain shot through her body. She had forgotten she was in no shape to get up so gingerly. She made her way to the door and opened it. She gasped.

“Hi. May I come in?”

“Sure,” she said, stepping back for him to enter.

“Please have a seat.” Seth walked on a few steps and then turned abruptly.

“What happened to you?”
“Long story; I don’t want to talk about it.”

“Well I do and as you can see, I’ve managed to show up during working hours so I’ve all the time in the world.” Delphine could sense that he was upset. This guy was too sentimental.

“I got assaulted. That’s all.”
“When? Before or after your meeting?” Just as she began to reply, he added, “And don’t you lie to me, Del.” She swallowed her words instead.

“Why would you hide your condition from me? Don’t you trust me to care for you? First, it was you coming to my house and later telling me you didn’t and now this? Are you being impersonated?”

Delphine’s heart leaped at his last words. She hoped he didn’t notice the fear that flashed in her eyes.

“Don’t be ridiculous, Seth,” she said and sat down.

“Then could you explain what this means?”
“I’m sorry, okay? There’s nothing to worry about. As you can see, I’m getting better.”
“It’s like you are pushing me to a corner; you only want me in certain areas of your life and lock me out of others. I want to be with a lady who’s all in. Not someone who is one day with me and another day, is nowhere to be found.”
Delphine held her breath. This felt like an approaching breakup session. She knew she wanted out the last time but not like this. Not with him walking out. She should be the one to decide that.

“What are you trying to say, Seth?” He turned to look at her.

“Are you all in, Del?”

“Of course….” Her words were drowned by the sound of the doorbell. She excused herself to open the door.

“Hi.” Delphine stepped aside for him to enter.

“How are you…?” Kobby’s eyes met Seth’s.

“Hey…you’re here. What’s up, man?”
“Oh so even Kobby knew about what had happened and I didn’t?” Seth asked, sounding hurt.  Kobby gave Del a ‘what’s going on’ stare.

“Kobby is a friend…”
“And that makes me what?”
“I can see you’re upset. Why don’t you just give yourself some space so you can calm down?” Del suggested.

“Are you asking me to leave because he’s here?” Seth asked, pointing at Kobby.

“Hey man, I come in peace. Just to visit a friend, okay?” Kobby said, raising his hands.

“Friends huh?” Seth scoffed.

“You seem to forget that it’s through him that we met,” Del pointed out.

“Yeah, whatever,” he said and walked out of the house.

“Aren’t you going after him?” Kobby asked.

“If you’ve forgotten, I got beaten up yesterday. I’m not going to punish my body running after a whining baby,” Del said and sat.

“So what brings you here?”
“I came to see how you are doing.”
“You don’t have to do that, you know. Coming over when I’m alone at home may suggest something else.”
“Regardless, I come with good intentions. Besides, you’re my fiancée’s twin and technically, that makes you my…” He stopped himself. Del raised a brow.

“Uh huh?”

“Do you love Seth?”
“Huh? Why are you changing the subject?”
“Just answer the question.”
“I don’t know,” Del said with a shrug. “Some days I do or I think I do, other times, I’m like meh. It flickers on and off like the lights.”
“That’s too bad because Seth’s is actually one of the good guys.”
“I know; perhaps too good for me.”
“Why don’t you end it with him?”
“I tried. He wouldn’t take it.”
“Nice; he knows what not to give up on easily.”
“What about you? Do you love her?”
“Daphne? Of course I do.” Delphine nodded.

“I appreciate your visit but I think you should be on your way. My mum called to say she’d be home early. I don’t want her to find you here with me alone.” Kobby stood. The door opened as Del stood up.

“Oh no,” Del muttered when she saw her mother enter.

“Kakra, I got you…” Doreen paused when her eyes fell on Kobby.

“Good day, ma.”
“Good day, young man. How are you doing?”
“Fine thank you, ma.” Del shuddered slightly when her mother flashed her a ‘we need to talk’ look, one she dreaded.

“I’ll be on my way, ma. I’ve a meeting to attend to.”
“Sure; thanks for passing by.”

“Bye, Del. Get well soon,” he said with a wave and left.

“I feel a bit tired. Maybe I’ll go to my room…”
“Kakra, sit down.” They both sat down.

“Why is your sister’s fiancé coming to visit you when you are alone in the house? I was at work wondering how you were coping alone and you’re here receiving visitors.”
“He was just passing by, ma. No biggie.”
“I saw how he held your hand back at the hospital. What is going on between you? I hope he’s not dating both of you or is it the other way round?”
“No, mum. I wouldn’t do that.”
“I know but I just want to be sure. Is he the reason you hit Panyin in the face sometime back?”
“No, mum. There’s nothing to worry about.”
“Does he have feelings for you? You might not be interested but who can tell what’s in his heart?”
“I don’t think so mum. Even if he did, he knows better than to express it. He’ll lose everything.”
“I hope so. Tell him to come over when his girlfriend is around. I don’t want any quarrels going on in my house.”
“Yes mum.”


The sisters sat at the dining table, eating watermelons. Delphine asked Daphne how her day went. Daphne narrated the rounds she had to make. She threw the question back at her sister.

“My day was all right. Seth came over and so did Kobby.” Daphne nodded at the mention of Kobby’s name.
“Yeah, he told me. Seth was here? What did he say?”

“He smells something fishy and he is curious about it.”

“Anyway, I found out who was behind your attack. She’s Chris’ girl. I’ve been wondering what to do to her.”
“Forget it, Daph.”
“What? Look at what she did to you. Why should she get away with it? The least we can do is to press charges.” Daphne asked.

“Because you impersonated me at your meeting with Chris. If the lady is smart enough to figure it out, she’d know about us. And we will be the ones behind bars. Let it go.”
“So what, because of our swapping game, we can’t tell anyone about it when something bad happens to us?” Daphne asked, puzzled.

“Yep. No punishment you would mete out to Chris or whoever would compare with our fate if we are found out. Thank you for finding out who it was. I appreciate it,” Del said, holding her sister’s hand.

“If you say so, sis.”

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  1. That ‘If you say so sis’ does not convince me at all. Daph is definitely up to something…

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    1. joseyphina says:

      Hehe… Have a little faith😂

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      1. Hehe with Daphne?? If it was Kakra yes…

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    2. Miss.Kizza says:

      If I was Daphine I would have a plan too😂😂😂😂

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  2. Seth 😭😭😭 why am i always crying for sb hesapoorguy
    Sha now i like Daphne make sure she beats that lady dead

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    1. joseyphina says:

      Haha… See you o😂

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  3. Miss.Kizza says:

    Oh seth….I hope this movie ends well for you.Kobby on the other hand is getting on my nerves🤔🤔

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    1. joseyphina says:

      Seth is tired lol as for Kobby, hmmm

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      1. Miss.Kizza says:

        Tired is an understatement

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  4. niifakye says:

    Hmmm… thank you Josey.

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  5. sawndei says:

    One question… What’s wrong with this Kobby guy?

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    1. joseyphina says:

      Lol…we both have to figure it out😂


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