Swapping Places Chapter 19

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Seth checked his watch again. It was unusual for Delphine to be this late for a meetup. He had arrived particularly early today in haste to hear about her big break and since she was the one who had suggested this meetup which was rare, he didn’t want to take any chances. Maybe she was delayed at her office; but she would have texted to let him know. He checked his phone to see if she had sent him a text message. None. He sighed. He texted her.

Daphne was holding her sister’s hand as she slept when Del’s phone beeped. She reached for it and glanced at the screen. Oh it’s him, she thought. She decided to ignore it but she thought that silence would only get him worried and he might end up calling. She didn’t want to be in a position to speak with him. She tapped on the message and the app opened. She began to type.


Sorry, dear but I’m afraid I can’t make it. Something came up and it is a matter of urgency. Will make up to you soonest. 😘

Seth read the words in disappointment. What did she mean by that? How could she stand him up just like that? He dialed her number. Why wasn’t she picking up?


Daphne stared at the ringing phone. Why was he calling?  Should she pick up or leave it to ring? She lifted her head when she saw her sleeping sister squirm on the hospital bed. She didn’t want to wake her. In her haste to cancel the call, her finger tapped on the pick up call button. She stomped her foot in irritation. She heaved a sigh.

“Hello?” Seth asked.

“Hi, Seth. I’m sorry I had to call it off at the last minute. Something came up and…” Daphne rattled on.

“Hold on. Where are you?”
“I’m at a meeting with my boss. I have to go. Can’t excuse myself for that long. Will call you back, yeah? Bye.” She ended the call. Her eyes met Delphine’s.

“Hey, you’re awake. How are you feeling?”
“Terrible. How’s my face looking? Do I look like a zombie?”
“Of course not. Thankfully, there will be no scars. The swelling will go down and you’ll look like me again. Don’t worry about it.” Daphne smiled at her as she took her hand.
“I’m so sorry, Del. If I had known, I wouldn’t have let you gone to see him today.”
“Is he married? Because the woman was very pissed. Talking of me coming after her man.”
“He didn’t tell me that he was. It never came up. I wasn’t interested in his marital status. I only needed him to sign up. Forgive me, Del.” Delphine squeezed her hand and forced a smile.
“It’s just an occupational hazard, Daph. It was only a matter of time till we found ourselves on dangerous grounds.” Daphne leaned forward and kissed her sister’s forehead. She rocked her sister back to sleep.

She told her mum she had something urgent to take care of and rushed out of the hospital. Kobby came in holding two bottles of water.

“Where’s Daphne?”
“She just went out. She said she had something to see to. She didn’t tell you?”
“No, she didn’t. I got you some water,” he said and handed a bottle to her.

“Since you’re here, kindly watch over her whiles I go and make inquiries from the doctor.”
“Sure, ma’am.” She got up and left the room. He sat down beside her and took her hand in his. He kissed it.

“I’m so sorry if the one who did this to you happens to be one of the clients on the list I gave you. My heart leaped when I heard of your attack. I don’t know why I care this much but I can’t help it. You mean a lot to me than you know. Please get better so I can stare into your lovely eyes again,” he said as she brushed his hand over her hair. He brought her hand to his lips and petted it with kisses.

He turned when he heard footsteps approaching. It was Mama Doreen.

“Is she still asleep?” she asked, noticing her hand in his.

“If there’s somewhere you need to be, you may leave. I’ll stay with her.”
“Okay, sure,” he said, giving the hand a squeeze before reluctantly letting it go. He had wanted to say, ‘no, not really’ but something told him the mother wanted to be alone with her.

“I’ll pass by later.”
“Have you heard from Daphne?”
“No, I’ll call her.”
“Okay then, see you soon.”
“Okay, ma.” He turned to look at Delphine’s sleeping face for the last time and walked out of the room.

Doreen couldn’t help but wonder why he was holding Kakra’s hand so tenderly when he had no idea of his girlfriend’s whereabouts. He seemed hesitant to leave. She hoped he wasn’t in love with both of them. That would be messy and she didn’t want such twisted drama in her family. She would ask Kakra when she got better.


Chris answered his call.

“Chris where are you?”
“I’m at where we last met actually. Why, what’s up?”
“Don’t move an inch. I’ll be right there.” Daphne ended the call.
“Who was it?”
“My banker. I guess she has something for me.”

Banker, how was that possible? She thought. She had that girl beaten up badly. There was no way she would be on her feet and requesting a meet. Or was this another one?

“If you want to take the lead, you can take the car. My meeting with the bank lady might take a while.”
“Oh no, I don’t mind waiting with you. I’d like to meet this banker friend of yours.”
“If you insist,” Chris said coolly and sipped his drink.

He waved when he saw Daphne enter with roaming eyes. She walked towards him.

“We need to talk, Chris,” Daphne said, ignoring the woman seated opposite him.

She blinked. How was that possible?
“How come you are here?” She asked, stunned. Daphne turned to look at her.

“Excuse me? Have we met?”
“I…” Daphne turned back to face Chris.

“My sister got assaulted today; the perpetrators thought it was me. How could you send thugs to hurt me? What did I do wrong?”
“This is news to me. I have done no such thing. If I had, I wouldn’t have let you come here.”
“Okay, do you have a crazy girlfriend who fits the portfolio?”
Chris’ eyes darted towards the woman seated opposite him. That drew Daphne’s attention to her.

“Was it you? Is that why you were surprised to see me?”
“I don’t know what you’re talking about.”
“Let me tell you, by laying your crooked fingers on my sister, you just poked the bear and I can assure you I won’t take this lightly.”
“Maybe you should be grateful that someone took your place. Your face might have melted off by now.”
“And I would have had your eyes plucked out!” She swiped the screen on her phone and captured her face on her camera.

“What are you doing?”
“I’m going to report you to the police. Your sorry behind is going to be behind bars so fast you would think it’s all a dream,” she said and turned to go. Chris held her elbow, stopping her.

“Wait, Delphine; let’s talk about this. Where are you going?”
“You and I have nothing to talk about at the moment. My problem is with her and I’m going to pull all the strings I can to make you regret being born. The whole world will hear of it.”
“No, you can’t do that. She’ll find out.”
“Who will find out? Who are you talking about?”
“Whoa, is there another woman in the picture?” Daphne asked. Chris shifted uncomfortably in his seat.

“Who is she, Chris? The woman asked.

“Why, so you can melt her face off too?” The woman glared at Chris who returned the look.

“I’m leaving; I don’t want to be part of all this drama. But I’m going to post your photo on every social media platform.” She turned to leave.
“Aren’t you going to stop her?”
“For what? If you really did hurt her sister, I’d love justice to take its course. Who knows, I can finally get rid of you,” Chris aid.

“You want to get rid of me?
Chris took his glass and sipped. Daphne shook her head as she stepped out. Too much drama.


Doreen helped Delphine sit down gently when they arrived home. George asked her if she was feeling better. Delphine nodded. Doreen called out to Daphne to hurry up with the soup. Daphne came in holding a bowl of steaming light soup. She sat down beside her.

“You have to feed her. Can you do it?”
“Yes mum.”
“Okay; I’m going inside to change.” Mum and dad entered their bedroom. Daphne fed her sister her first tablespoonful of soup. Delphine winced.

“Sorry. Too hot?” Delphine nodded. Daphne blew air onto the next tablespoonful and fed it to her.

“My body aches.”
“Can imagine. I will give you a massage.”
“Will be looking forward to it.”

“Get well soon, dear sister,” Daphne said and kissed her forehead. Daphne’s phone vibrated. She took it.

“It’s Kobby. He’s asking how you’re doing.”

“Isn’t he sweet?”

“I know, right?” Daphne said, typing her reply. She put the phone down. Delphine gasped, almost startling Daphne.

“What is it?”
“I was supposed to meet Seth today. Oh gosh, he’d think I stood him up!” Delphine said.

“Don’t worry, I took care of it. I told him you were at a meeting with your boss.”
“And did he buy it?”
“Why wouldn’t he? He doesn’t have any reason for you to suspect you or is there?”
“No, he doesn’t and no, there isn’t any reason. But I’m sure he’d be a little angry, I’ll call him.”
“Okay. Please keep to the script. You were stuck in a meeting with your boss.” Del nodded.


Delphine was about to call Seth when Kobby called. She was in bed.

“Hey,” she said after she had answered the call.

“How are you feeling?”
“Better by God’s grace. Thanks for asking. You passed by the hospital, right? I must have been sleeping.”
“You needed it. Yes I did. Good to hear your voice, Del.”

“Same here. I thought I wouldn’t make it out of there alive.”

“Thank God you did. Let me leave you to sleep. Talk to you tomorrow.”
“Okay; goodnight and thanks for calling, Kobby.”
“My pleasure, Del. Goodnight.”


When Seth’s call came in a few minutes later, Del had fallen asleep.
(c) Josephine Amoako 2017

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  1. Miss.Kizza says:

    The intensity in this piece….my mind is wondering what seth will do(I suggest he gets sherlock homes for the case😂😂😂);Kobby needs to take a vacay and sort his feelings and as for chris’ gal…mayhem just

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  2. deshboss says:

    Yes Daphne is being my friend today! She should show that woman pepper…. You’re keeping your promise today you didn’t hurt my Del😊☺☺….

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  3. Kobby needs to sit down. He is too heavily invested when it comes to Del.

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  4. niifakye says:

    Chapter 20 please… can’t wait.

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      1. niifakye says:

        Hope you good though?

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      2. joseyphina says:

        Yes by God’s grace. Thanks for asking. Hope you are too.

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      3. niifakye says:

        I am. Thanks be to God for our lives. Have a sweet night.

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  5. Mandy says:

    Poor Seth 😂😂

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  6. Mandy says:

    If only you could hand Chris’ girlfriend over to me. I want to show her something. Lol.


  7. fortunate23 says:

    Daph’s game so strong!💪, Sweet Del, get well soon😘

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  8. iKomusana says:

    My favorite days are Swapping Places days


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