TV Series Tag #4: Breaking Bad


TV Series Tag: Breaking Bad
I must say, Breaking Bad is one crime/drug-related show that I really enjoyed watching. The first season was a bit slow but I’m glad I didn’t give up on it but continued to watch the second season which shot up my interest. I totally loved the plot; big ups to Vince Gilligan.

1. Where would you rank the show on your favorites’ list?

Top 20. I’ve watched a lot and I’ve enjoyed most of them so would be difficult to place it.

2. From 1-10, how obsessed are you?

As at the time I was watching it back on campus, I was pretty crazy about it. The suspense really got me hooked and I’ve a weakness for suspense lol. I’d rank myself an 8.

3. How did you discover the show?

My dear brother introduced me to it.

4. What was your initial thought of the show and did it change after watching it?

It was new to me; I hadn’t watched a drug-related show before and it was interesting seeing the different perspectives why drug dealers enter such a risky business.

5. Why do you like the show?

I love the show because of the intriguing life circumstances surrounding the two main characters: a broke chemistry teacher diagnosed with cancer with a baby on the way as well as a school dropout who wanted to make quick money. The interesting relationship they have as the teacher becomes a guru in preparing the meth whiles the school dropout peddles it on the streets was fun to watch.

6. Who is your favorite character in the show?

Walter White! Who would have thought that a chemistry teacher would become such an expert in crystal meth preparation and be an expert in the drug business?

7. Least favorite character in the show.

I’d say Skyler White; I found her quite annoying. Not really a supportive wife lol.

8. How would you kill off your favorite character?

I think I’d go for how the writer did it: use his last moment to free Jesse Pinkman from the suffocating business.

9. Who is your crush on the show?

I don’t have a particular one but I enjoyed watching both Walter White and Jesse Pinkman clash on how to run the business.

10. If you were to be a character, who would you choose?

Saul Goodman. So crooked that he had to be a lawyer for drug dealers. Interesting figure. There is a spin off where he is the main character, right? Sad I couldn’t get to watch that.

11. Favorite season. 

That’s tough…it would be either 3 or 4.

12. Favorite villain. 

Tuco Salamanca and Gus Fring! Sorry, can’t choose between them. I would always laugh out loud at how Tuco would react after ‘testing’ the product; he was such a crazy drug lord. As for Gus, he was so unassuming but so dangerous! I remember the scene where the house he was in was bombed and he got up with half his face gone. It was scary! He was one man not to be crossed!

13. Do you follow the cast on Twitter and Facebook?

No, I don’t. I used to follow Aaron Paul on Twitter but later unfollowed him as his tweets were often full of unsavory words. I’d rather keep to admiring his fictitious character.

14. Which of the characters would you like to meet?

Walter White. I’d like to ask him how it felt ‘practising’ what he was teaching in the classroom in the illegal sense.

15. If you could meet any of the actors, who would it be?

Bryan Cranston. He played his role so very well.

16. What lessons have you learnt from watching the show?

Life sometimes pushes us to do the wrong things for the right reasons. No matter how legitimate our reasons are (Walter’s reasons being gaining enough money for his wife and children and to treat his cancer), it doesn’t justify our actions and they could come back to hurt us.

Let me not forget to add that I loved that they displayed the periodic table before every episode. They made me remember my school days where I had to memorize them and then work out organic compounds. Ah those days!

I hope you enjoyed the read and have had your appetite aroused to watch it if you haven’t. It’s a great show; could feel a bit slow sometimes but it’s worth watching. Thanks for reading!

© Josephine Amoako 2017

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6 Comments Add yours

  1. jeffreybotah says:

    I feel the same way about the start of the show, it’s a really good one even though it’s a slow burner and I really couldn’t bring myself to like Skyler White as a character as well. This show was really addictive!

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Beaton says:

    I am a big fan of windmill proportions….
    Walter White is quite the character…. From chem teacher to The Cook… To the one if there’s a knock at your door and something dangerous is outside, he is the danger.


    Liked by 1 person

  3. thatssojacob says:

    Just stopped by to say hi!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. joseyphina says:

      Thanks, Jacob! Hi back! 🙋


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