Swapping Places Chapter 13

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Delphine was dozing off to sleep when her phone rang. She searched blindly for it and squinted at the screen. Why was he calling her at this ungodly hour?

“Hello?” she said when she answered the call.

“It was you at Caesar’s, wasn’t it?” Delphine sighed and sat on her bed.

“No, it wasn’t. Why would you think it was me? I don’t even know the place.”

“Why are you lying?”

“Why should I admit to something that isn’t true? For what reason would I impersonate my sister to meet you?”

“Maybe it’s your thing. You two swap places with your dates. Is it to assess the compatibility of the guys or do you just do it for fun?”

“Listen, I’m pretty tired and I need to sleep. You shouldn’t be calling me at this time of the night.”

“I’ve always liked Daphne but I fell in love with her after meeting you at Caesar’s.”

“For the last time, it wasn’t me,” Delphine said in an exhausted tone.

“I believe it was. So guess what, I fell in love with your sister, thanks to you. Or maybe it is you I’m truly in love with,” he said testily.

“If you don’t believe me, why don’t you call Daphne and find out?”

“She won’t admit it. She’ll deny it just like she did today. I know she was the one I ran into. So is she playing you on the field?”

“You’re beginning to irritate me, Kobby. It’s late. Goodnight.” Delphine ended the call. She lay back down on the bed and sighed. This guy was going to be a headache; she had a strong feeling about that. A part of her wished he would just disappear from their lives so she could breathe more freely. But something told her, he was going to stick around for quite a long while.


A colleague approached Kobby’s desk where he sat, absent-minded. He tapped his fingers on the desk, jolting him from his distracted mood.

“What’s up, buddy? Girl issues?” he asked teasingly.

“Something like that.” He sat down.

“What’s going on? You’re tired of her and don’t know how to end it?”

“On the contrary, I love her…very much. But there’s a little problem. She’s a twin and I’m afraid I have feelings for both of them.”

“Oh wow…way to go, Kobby! Are they identical?”

“Uh huh…to the fingernail.”

“Wow…you get to live out the fantasy some of us guys have. If the other twin is into you, what’s your problem? Tap both of them. If you’re caught, feign ignorance. Say you thought it was your girlfriend. No one can fault you for their striking resemblance.”

“I’m serious, Nii.”

“And who says I’m joking? Anyway, which one of them do you like more, girlfriend or girlfriend look-alike?”

“I do like my girlfriend but I’m crazy about the other one. And I fell in love with my girlfriend after one special meet…and now something tells me it was the other one I met that particular day, not my girlfriend.”

“So what, they’ve both being dating you? Are they messing with you?”

“I don’t know,” Kobby said with a sigh.

“So play along and find out whom you fancy more. But you need to tread carefully or else you risk losing them both.”

“I’m not a player, Nii. I respect women too much to treat them that way.”

“You really must be a mama’s boy and a lady’s man. Then let me give you advice for your good kind: take time away from both of them and assess yourself. But the truth is, even if it is your girlfriend’s twin you truly love, there’s no way you can be with her. It’s against girl code and they are not even friends; they are sisters, not just sisters but twins, man! They would choose each other over you. So I suggest, play along and if you find another girl with no complicated sibling issues, you go be with her.”

“What if I’m meant to be with one of them?”

“Your fate is in your hands, Kobby. You decide who you want to be with. If you end up with someone, it’s because you actively made it happen. It’s not written in the skies somewhere,” Nii said, dramatically throwing his hands in the air. Kobby nodded.

“Thanks, man. I appreciate the advice,” he said, shaking hands with his colleague.

“You’re welcome,” Nii said, getting up. “But seriously, you shouldn’t waste this opportunity, man. Do this for the thousands of guys who’d love to be in your shoes but would never have the chance.”

Kobby chuckled. “I’ll think about it.”

Now, how was he going to prove his love to Daphne?


Delphine moaned as she bit into her Fantasy Peanut Crunch and licked her fingers as they watched Into the Badlands.

“This is going to be the end of me,” Del said.

“Please don’t eat too much. I need us to be similar in weight if I’m to continue playing you,” Daphne said.

“So join me so we can grow fat together,” Delphine said, bringing the stick closer to her mouth. She smeared it on her lips.

“Oh Del,” Daph said and licked it off her lips.

“Great, huh? Just one bite.” Daphne bit into it and savored it in her mouth. She gave her a thumbs up.

They watched a fight scene in silence.

“It’s amazing isn’t it, that one of the moments that really stuck with Kobby was the time he spent with you posing as me. You really must have made an impression.” Daphne glanced at her sister when she said nothing.

“I’m sorry, Daph. I thought I was helping. I didn’t mean to…”

“I know; I asked you to go meet him, didn’t I? It’s on me.”

“Do you think he suspects that it was me that day?” Delphine asked worriedly. Daphne shrugged.

“You denied it, right? He has no choice but to let it go. But it has got me thinking. What if he fell in love with me based on that impression? What if it is you he’s really into?”

‘That’s not possible. I was you; not me. Even if he was to start seeing me, he wouldn’t see me that same way.”

“You sure? Why don’t you prove it?”

“What do you mean?”

“See him again as me and let’s see if he can figure you out.”

“Oh hell no, Daph! The first time has caused trouble enough. I’m not going near him ever again. What if he finds me out? It would confirm that it was me the other day. What would he think of me, of us? He’d think that we are a crazy pair of twins who get off by swapping places to meet men. Do you realize how delusional that sounds?”

“Well until I can be absolutely sure it’s me he really likes, I’m in a limbo as to the future of our relationship. I’d always have this doubt if it was you he really likes or not.”

“So you rather spend more time with him and make him love you more. Don’t throw me onto this chessboard, let me play queen when you’re using me as pawn,” Delphine said.

Daphne faced her squarely.

“Are you afraid of being alone with him because you feel something for him too?” Daphne asked daringly.

“Don’t be ridiculous, Daph. I’ve decided to give Seth a chance. I have no feelings whatsoever for your boyfriend,” Delphine replied, returning the hard look.

“Then prove it. It’s the only way I can be sure.” Delphine got up.

“I’m not falling for this, Daph. Kobby loves you and you love him. There’s no need to be playing such dangerous games. It could come back to haunt you.”

“The only threat haunting me is the possibility of you liking Kobby.”

“For the millionth time, I don’t!” Delphine shouted. She got up and walked out of the living room. She slammed the door shut after her.

Daphne chuckled and took the leftover of Del’s peanut crunch and bit into it. She moaned.

“This is good.”


He knew what he had to do. He wasn’t planning on doing it now but what was the point of waiting? It was bound to happen anytime soon anyways. Daphne would be assured of their future together.

He took his phone and texted her.

Any plans tomorrow? Would love to take you out for dinner…
© Josephine Amoako 2017

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    eeeeeeeiiiissshhhhhhhh ……its getting hotter in here ooooooooo

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    I absolutely love reading this story! I have a twin sister but I don’t think I would have the guts to do what they do lol! Keep it coming

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