Swapping Places Chapter 12

Belated happy birthday, Korkor Tee and happy birthday to all January borns. You are amazing. Sorry I couldn’t publish it earlier; it takes me longer time to continue. 

Shout outs to my faithful and keen readers: Fortunate, Mandy,  Mimi, Monique, Sharon and to you,  my dear one. I appreciate the patience. Enjoy!

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Many thoughts raced through Del’s mind on her way home. Had Kobby fessed up about the kiss at the dinner party? How was she going to convince Daph that it meant nothing after she had earlier told her nothing had happened? She had managed to ease her mind about her boyfriend not flirting with anyone that night; how would she react if she found that he had flirted with her twin sister? Del shuddered at the thought. It would break Daphne.

She entered the living room to find her father seated on the sofa.

“Good evening, dad.”

“Good evening, Kakra. How was your day?”

“It was okay; yours?”

“Same. Your mum is in the kitchen and your sister is in her room.”

“Okay, dad.” Her mother entered, wiping her hands with a napkin.

“Oh you’re back. Good. Your sister wanted to wait till you returned before eating her dinner. Please make sure you put the stew in the freezer after cleaning up.”

“Yes mum. I’ll go and change.” As she headed to her room, Doreen called out in a loud voice, “Panyin, your sister is in so come out and eat your dinner.”

“Yes mum!” Daphne responded from her room.  She sat on her bed, staring at a photo of herself and Kobby on her phone. She hasn’t felt this emotionally helpless about a guy before. She has always been the first to show loss of interest in a relationship and subsequently, call it quits. With a confused guy like Kobby in the picture, she knew the best thing to do was to break up with him but she didn’t want to let him go…not just yet.

She looked up when she heard a knock on her door and Delphine entered.

“Hey…what’s up? How was your day with Mr. Siaw?”

“Good. I’ve good news about him. I’ll brief you about it.” Daphne covered her face with her hands and sighed. Delphine watched her anxiously before sitting beside her, putting her arm around her sister’s shoulders.

“What is it, Daph?”

“Kobby saw me when I was with Mr. Siaw today.”

“What? He recognized you? What did you say? Is that why he called, to find out if it was really me or you?”

“Nah, he thought I was you so he decided to seize the opportunity to apologize.”

“Apologize, for what?” Daphne looked at her.

“Maybe you’d be able to tell me.”

“I’m not sure what this is about, Daph.”

“What did Kobby do that he thought it right to apologize?” Oh no, Delphine thought.

“Daph…what happened was a mistake. He had had quite to drink and…”

“Oh you too are blaming it on the alcohol, huh? I suddenly feel like listening and dancing to the song!” Daphne said sarcastically.

“I didn’t mention it earlier because it meant nothing and I didn’t want to be the reason that you two have a fight.”

“Did you kiss him back?”


“Did you stop him or did he stop himself?”

“No, I didn’t and yes, I did stop him. Believe me, it wasn’t meant to happen. Please forgive us and move on with him.”

“How can I when it seems he’s not too sure who he likes?”

“What do you mean?”

“Maybe my boyfriend likes you too.”

“That’s not possible. I’m telling you he had drunk…”

“Yeah, maybe he needed the booze boost to help him do what he has been fancying about for a while. And then have an excuse for his actions later. Typical,” Daphne said.

“I don’t think so. He thought I was you…”

“Did he? Did he call you by my name or call you by yours?”

“He didn’t mention a name…it all happened so fast…”

“Uh huh just like the movies.”

The door opened and their mother’s head poked inside.

“You have a visitor,” she announced.

“Who?” They both asked.

“Both of you. Your dad and I are going to be in our room.”

“Yes mum. Retiring to bed early?”

“Don’t think so. Might have a cup of tea first.”

“Sure.” She closed the door. The sisters stared at each other. Daphne sighed and got up.

“Ah well, let’s go and hear what he has to say.”

“So what’s the plan?” Delphine asked.

“What plan?”

“Are we feigning ignorance of the switch?”

“I’m sure he’s smart enough to have figured it out by now. Let’s go.”

“What are you going to do?”

“Kind of depends on what he says,” Daphne said and opened her door.

She forced a smile when she saw Kobby get up on her feet.

“Hey…” They hugged.

“How are you doing?” He asked.

“Good; hectic day. You?”

“Pretty much the same.” Daphne sat next to him.

“So what brings you here unannounced?”

“Where’s Del?”

“She’s inside; why?” They stared at each other.

“It was you I saw today, right?”

“Excuse me?” The door opened and Delphine entered.

“Hi Kobby,” she said with a slight wave of the hand and sat down.

“Hi Del.” Kobby looked down at his hands and rubbed them nervously. The sisters glanced at each other.

“I’m sorry; I know I messed up and I want you both to know I’m sorry.”

“Sorry…for what?” Daphne asked.

“You know what; I told you today, didn’t I?”

“I’m sorry; but I haven’t seen you today,” Daphne said with a chuckle. Kobby looked at Delphine.

“I’m sorry Del; I put you in an awkward position and I apologize.” Delphine nodded.

“Hello, am I missing something here?” Daphne asked. Kobby turned to face her and took her hands in his.

“I love you, Daphne; I do very much. You mean a lot to me and I wouldn’t jeopardize that. Every minute I’ve spent with you has been memorable and I wish to share many more memories with you. You remember the day we met at Caesar’s…”

Delphine’s heart missed a beat. Daphne turned to stare at her and she broke into a laugh.

“What’s so funny?” Kobby asked, confused by her reaction.

“Of all the times we’ve met, Caesar’s is the most memorable?” Daphne asked. Delphine stood.

“I think I’ll leave you two to talk,” she said.

“Why sis? Feeling uncomfortable in the moment of truth?” Daphne asked. They stared at each other.

“What do you mean moment of truth?” Kobby asked. He looked at Delphine who looked away.

Wait, was she…? He looked back at Daphne who smiled at him.

“Is there something I’m missing here?”

“Nope. Nothing is missing. And I accept your apology for whatever you claim you did.” Delphine turned to leave.

“Wait…what were you doing meeting with a client I gave Del?” Kobby asked Daphne. Delphine froze.

“Me? I’m telling you I haven’t seen you today. Del?” Delphine turned back.

“That was me not Daphne.”

“But when I called, you said your boss…”

“Yeah, he was also calling that’s why I had to cancel. I’ll be in my room. And thanks again for the list, Kobby. Been massively helpful.”

“Is it almost exhausted? Do you need a new one?”

Delphine’s ‘no’ and Daphne’s ‘yes’ rang out at the same time. Delphine gave her sister a wild ‘what-the-hell’ look. Kobby looked more confused.

“Why would you say no when you actually need it more,” he said, pointing to Delphine, “and you say yes when it has nothing to do with you?” pointing to Daphne.

“You see, Delphine is kind of shy; she thinks it would be a bother asking you for more that’s why she said no. But I know her well and I know she needs the list. Hence my yes,” Daphne explained.

Delphine sighed. “Goodnight, Kobby.”

“Goodnight, Delphine.” Delphine walked to the kitchen.

“It’s late; I’ll be on my way now,” Kobby said and got up.

“Okay; let me see you out.”

“Don’t I have to tell your parents I’m leaving?”

“Oh don’t worry, I’ll let them know.” They went outside.

“I love you, Daphne. I hope you know that.”

“Well, you could put my mind at ease if you could prove it.”


“Anyhow you want to. That would be your little assignment,” Daphne said with a wink.

“Okay…I’ll think of something.” He kissed her cheek. He got inside his car.

“Drive safely, sweetie.”

“Sleep tight, love.” He drove away.

Daphne entered the kitchen. Delphine was dishing out dinner for both of them.

“You think he believed us about me really being me with Mr. Siaw today?” Delphine asked.

“I should think so,” she said with a shrug and opened the fridge. She took two Bel-Aqua bottles from it and closed the door.

“Let’s eat, I’m famished.” They sat down.

“So what now? All’s good between you two?” Delphine asked.

“We’ll see; it depends on how much he proves that he loves me,” Daphne said with a smile. Delphine nodded. At last, this was behind her. She could sleep peacefully now.


How could he prove to Daphne that she was the only one he cared about? What about Delphine?

“Why did you have to be twins?” He asked in frustration.
© Josephine Amoako 2017

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26 Comments Add yours

  1. These twins are something else. Daphne definitely dominates and overpowers her sister. Delphine needs to Woman up and take a stand. Looking forward to the next one 🙂 THANK you for the shout out 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. joseyphina says:

      Well, Daphne is the older twin so it comes naturally, I think. Thanks for reading and have a great day! ☺😘

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      1. Daphne is a bully lol. But even personalities like her are needed. Have an awesome one too!

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Mandy says:

    Daphne keeps putting Delphine into deeper trouble. I’m tired mpo. Lol

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Mandy says:

    Thanks for the shout out 😊

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  4. mimispassion says:

    Daphne has still not realized the mess she’d be placing them both in. I just wish she’d stop meeting Del’s clients, so Del can at least get a grasp on her own life. Kobby koraaa too, what is all this confusion sef?? Effects of fantasies are real

    Liked by 1 person

    1. joseyphina says:

      Hmmm…i agree, they are both messing up

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  5. gracelarbi says:

    As3m b3ba dabi!!! WAAAOOOOWWWW ….trouble trouble, nothing but more trouble.

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  6. Korkor Tee says:

    Awwww thank you for the wish!! Next time don’t leave me out of the faithful readers list! wink wink. Looooveee your writing

    Liked by 1 person

    1. joseyphina says:

      You’re welcome, dear…. I won’t. You have been more than faithful 😘


  7. Korkor Tee says:

    honestly Del needs to woman up and put a stop to all of this!! Yes, Daphne is good at what she does for them but things could get really messy later. Kobby is not serious!! he better keeps his hands to himself and not wreck the beautiful relationship between the sisters. he cannot eat his cake and have some doughnuts as dessert.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. joseyphina says:

      Haha… I like that. Del is allowing herself to be influenced by her sister too much…


  8. fortunate23 says:

    Awwww, thanks for the shoutout!!!💕💕, But Kobby haven’t specified the “almost kissed del” thing to Daphne. Thought that’s why he came to see them at home.. Thought he’d say it in name and give more explanations.. Lol, Daph also didn’t show so much curiosity on what Kobby wanted to apologize for! Still a great read though, always keeping me at the edge of my seat. Can’t wait for the next one! 🙌

    Liked by 1 person

    1. joseyphina says:

      He didn’t because he had already mentioned it to her… He knew it was Daphne he spoke to. Thanks for reading, dear☺😘

      Liked by 1 person

      1. fortunate23 says:

        Oh, so now he’s sure that was truly daphine earlier! Thought Daph has convinced her that it wasn’t her. O.o🙆, it is finished!🙊


  9. niifakye says:

    Hmmm!!! Kobby is in a mess… Daphne needs to stop worrying her sis, she always does the opposite of her Del’s likes, bad very bad… Del has to man up in time before it get outta hand.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. joseyphina says:

      I agree, Kobby is in a web of mess. Thanks for reading, Nii☺

      Liked by 1 person

  10. biblicaljoey says:

    Aww, such poor and confused souls…
    I really understand Kobby because I do get confused between Del and Daph. Lol.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. biblicaljoey says:

        Hehe, yhh. I would then stop, get it right then continue.
        Interesting story so far…

        Liked by 1 person

      2. joseyphina says:

        Haha… Thank you😊

        Liked by 1 person

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