Would You Rather #65: Travel the world confined to a wheelchair Or live your whole life in the same 200 miles radius? 

Would you rather travel the world confined to a  wheelchair or live your whole life in the same 200 miles radius
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I’m pretty sure everyone would love the opportunity to see the world outside the confines of his/her present location if their lives gave them the chance or if they could afford to. But unfortunately, most of us would never get the chance to see half of the world and for those whose line of work makes them travel, they get too preoccupied with work demands that they may fail to appreciate the societal and environmental dynamics.

Some people feel safe and get comfortable with familiarity so would prefer to live their entire lives or a good part of it in a specific city or state. Others filled with a sense of adventure and curiosity would rather leave their comfort zones and enter new places just so enrich their life experiences and have a story to tell. Thanks to school and work, even those of us who prefer not to leave our nests are left with no choice but to fly away sometimes. 

To me, spending your entire life in the same couple of miles radius is a case of underutilizing your good legs. And daring to travel the world when you’re confined to a wheelchair is the best use of the nonfunctional legs. 

I believe tourists and travel enthusiasts and photographers get to see the world in a diverse perspective that most of us are deprived of. I know we were created with legs to help with movement; so what is the point of having them and yet using so little of it? And even if one happens to lose function of the legs, it doesn’t mean one is doomed not to see the world in its diverse beauty.

Losing function in your legs must suck; people tend to look at you in pity but times are changing. There are high-tech wheelchairs now which puts the user more in control and less dependent on others. But if one gets to travel the world despite the impairment, that’s a huge achievement!

So as much as I’d love to keep my legs active and functional, I don’t want to spend my whole life rotating in a 200 miles radius of earth space. One doesn’t necessarily have to have everything working perfectly to live life to the fullest. One must make the best of what is available to them; and not waste precious time brooding over things lost or mistakes made. 

I’d very much love to travel the world even if confined to a wheelchair than to live confined to a fixed number of miles radius.

What about you? Which one would you rather do and why? Would love to know what you think!

© Josephine Amoako 2017


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  1. I’d definitely rather be in a wheelchair. 200 miles is just too small!

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    1. joseyphina says:

      My thoughts exactly! Thanks for sharing your view.


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