Swapping Places Chapter 10

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Delphine could hear Daphne laughing as she approached the kitchen. Was she on the phone? Why was she laughing like that? Wait, was she laughing like her?

“Sure, bye,” Daphne said and ended the call. Delphine opened the fridge and took out a bottle of water.

“Was it my ear or were you trying to laugh like me?”

“You noticed, huh? How was it? 75% or 99%?” She asked.

“I’d say a hundred percent. If I didn’t know me to be me, I’d have thought you to be me.” Daphne laughed and clapped for herself.

“Yay! I’m trying to lay the groundwork as perfectly as possible so there are no hitches when you take over.”
“What are you talking about?”
“I’m talking about you and Seth. I laugh like you do, say what you’d say and look at him the way you would. Trust me, he wouldn’t notice a thing,” Daphne said proudly.

“Are you still on this project? I told you to call it off!”
“Why not just give him a chance, Del? He’s such a sweetheart. Honestly, if I didn’t have Kobby, I’d have him.”
“Interesting sales pitch,” Del said and gulped down the water.

“You know it’s my way of saying sorry for what I said the last time.”
“It is? Your apology is so not accepted. Anyway, what are your plans for next weekend?”
“Um…let me see. Oh yeah, I’ve a wedding gig next weekend so I’ll be sleeping at a hotel. Why, you wanted to hang out?”
“I was actually taking you as my plus one for our end-of-year dinner.”
“Oh really? I wish I could go! Or I can get someone else to do the bride’s makeup so I can go with you.”
“Oh no, you don’t have to lose your gig over that. It’s just dinner. The food won’t taste any extraordinary. Go earn your money, girl.”
“Fine, how about Seth?” Delphine sighed.

“Not this guy again.”
“Let me show you his WhatsApp dp. He’s fine.”
“Not interested. I’ll go solo. Please don’t call him.”
“Okay, I won’t. But I get to choose your dress.”
“Of course you are. I wasn’t going to bother having to decide what to wear.”
“Yes! And guess what, Tasha is one of the bridesmaids so we’ll get to hang out.”
“I see. My regards to her.”
“You could actually pretend to care, you know?”
“This is me pretending.”
“What is it, are you jealous of her? You’re my twin, not her.”
“No, I’m not jealous of her. She was jealous of me! She wanted to be your other rib. And she bullied me.”
“No, she didn’t.”
“Yes, she did! And you never believed me. There’s no point digging up the past. You know what, don’t even send her my regards.”
Daphne laughed.

“You have issues, Del.”


Delphine drove her mother’s car to the hotel where the dinner was being held. She went to the washroom to have a last look at herself. Her makeup was on point thanks to the live tutorial from her sister on Facetime. She missed her. Hopefully she would have a good time without her cheery presence. Her phone vibrated.

Are you there already?

Yes, she texted back.

Great! Have fun, ayt? Tash says hi.

Thanks. Hi back. Take care, love, xo

She sighed. Have fun, she muttered to herself and stepped out of the bathroom.


Kobby sipped on his champagne as he looked around. He wished Daphne was around to keep him company. He could imagine her glowing in a place like this. Just a thought of her made him smile. He took out his phone and played a short video he had recorded of her goofing around. He chuckled.

“Hey Kobby!” He looked up. It was his friend, Seth.

“Hey!” They shook hands. “How’s it going? A banker’s plus one?”

“Yes ooo…a favor to one of my friends since my lady is not around at the moment.”
“I see. Delphine asked me to come over. I must say a big thank you for introducing me to her, Kobby. She’s such a gem.”
“Indeed, she is,” Kobby said and sipped. Why was he feeling uneasy about his friend taking an interest in Delphine? He wasn’t dating her but she was a part of his girlfriend and he didn’t want to share her. He forced a smile.

“So I’m going to look for her. When you set your eyes on her, let me know, okay?”
“Sure.” He patted his shoulder and walked away. Oh so Del was here? Then he wasn’t going to be lonely after all.


Delphine’s phone vibrated.

I’ve a surprise for you. Hope you like it. Don’t forget to smile and show your pretty teeth!

The lines on her forehead showed up. What was Daph up to? She turned and gasped when her eyes fell on Kobby. What was he doing here?

Kobby had been watching her back for some seconds now. She looked like Daphne/Delphine. Should he walk over and find out? Or should he call her? Then she turned and it was her. She looked surprised to see him. He smiled and waved. She smiled and waved back.

They started walking towards each other at the same time. Why would Daph send Kobby here? To keep her company? She didn’t need a chaperone but she must admit that she did like the surprise. About a few meters from each other, Delphine heard someone calling her name. She turned. It was some gentleman wearing a grin. He touched her shoulder.

Kobby paused and groaned. He had totally forgotten about Seth. Why did she have to invite him?


“Hi beautiful! I feel honored to spend this evening with you. I hope I didn’t keep you waiting.” Who was this guy and why was he acting all friendly?

“You look stunning in this dress, Delphine. This is going to make dear Seth the most enviable guy here.”
Oh, so he’s Seth. So this was Daph’s idea of a surprise? Then what about Kobby? Was it part of it or was Kobby’s appearance mere coincidence? She was going to spank the prank out of Daphne. How could she give her word and then break it? She smiled at him.

“Thanks; you look great too.”
“Oh thank you. I had to step it up for your sake.”
“I’m impressed.”
“Where are the waiters? Let me get a drink and join you soon, okay?”
“Sure. I have some friends to say hi to.” He gave her arm a squeeze and walked away. Delphine sighed. She looked in the direction she had seen Kobby. Where was he now?

“Looking for me?” She turned at the sound of his voice. The hairs at the back of her neck had stood when his breath breezed past her skin.

“Hi. I had no idea you would be here.”
“Same here. Was thinking of your sister when I saw you. Can imagine the pleasure I felt.” She smiled. She was pleased as well.

“Let’s show your sister how much fun we’re having, shall we?” He suggested, taking out his phone. He put his arm around her neck and started recording.

“Guess who I ran into here!

Another you! God bless your mama for bringing out two of you. When one is not around, the other is!” Delphine laughed.

“Hi sweet! I’ve seen your surprise. You deserve an ass-whooping, okay? Have fun, ayt?” Delphine said and blew a kiss.

“Take care sweetheart and don’t worry about me. The other you is doing a great job here. Love you!” He ended it and sent it to her via WhatsApp.

About a minute later, a WhatsApp video call came in from her.

“Hi guys! I’m glad you’ve seen your surprise sis but I wasn’t counting on this!” They laughed. Kobby was confused.

“Okay, I’m lost,” he said.

“Don’t worry; you won’t be found this time. I’m glad you two are having fun. Hope you’re not going to let my surprise go to waste.”
“Since I’m such a good girl, I won’t,” Delphine said.

“And guess who is here with me? Tash, say hi to Del.” The phone shifted and Tasha’s face appeared on the screen.

Hi Del! Hope you’re good.”
“I am. You?”
“I’m great. Hanging out with my bestie here. You look sweet, gal.”
“Thanks. Have fun, ladies.” Daphne came back in view.

“Love you both. Will see you soon. Take care, bye.”

“Bye!” Kobby ended the call.

“What surprise were you referring to?” Kobby asked Delphine.

“It’s a twin thing. And you my dear, came solo,” she said, pulling his cheek playfully.

“Am I at least going to get a hug?” He asked, pulling her into his arms for a warm embrace. He took in her fragrance and he nearly came undone. He looked up and saw Seth. Their eyes met and he started his way towards them. He pulled himself out of the hug reluctantly.

“Pretty Del,” Seth called out. Delphine turned.

“It’s good to see you two together. I was telling Kobby what a big favor he had done me by linking us up.”
“Yes, Kobby has been amazing. You’re making my work pretty easy,” Delphine said.

“For which you owe me. I’m yet to collect.”
“I know that very well.” They smiled at each other.

“Let’s toast to fated linkups!” Seth proposed, raising his glass. They clinked glasses.


“You leave your handsome boyfriend in the care of your beautiful twinnie?” Tasha asked Daphne. She shrugged dismissively.

“I didn’t. They just happened to bump into each other. At least they are letting me know they are together. Nothing to worry about.”

“If you say so.”

Daphne sighed. At least Seth was there to diffuse whatever connection they might have. Nothing was going to happen.


Kobby could tell Seth wanted some alone time with Del so he excused himself. He helped himself with some food and chatted with some friends. But he couldn’t help but steal glances at Del from time to time. She seemed to be enjoying herself judging from the amused look on her face. He felt jealousy boiling up within him. He should be the one to make her laugh like that.

But she is not Daphne! He scolded himself.

He knew he couldn’t have her. Even if he was to break up with Daphne, Delphine was out of bounds. What was about the forbidden fruit that was so appealing? Who could blame him? He was seeing his girlfriend-she just had a different name. He somehow wished he hadn’t added Seth’s name to the list. He was being selfish, he knew that. He emptied his glass.

Delphine’s phone vibrated.

“Please excuse me, I need to pick this call.”
“Sure.” She got up and walked away to a quiet corner. She saw Kobby approaching as she spoke on the phone. He stopped right in front of her.

“Sure, okay. I’ll work on it first thing Monday morning God willing. Thanks for calling. Have a great weekend. Bye.” She ended the call.

“Uh huh. Some clients don’t care about the weekend. So, enjoying yourself?”
“Somewhat; just missing some feminine company.”
“Awww…poor guy. Don’t worry, my sister will make it up to you.”

“I think I’ll be on my way now. I have work to do tomorrow. Do you have a ride? I could drive you home,” he offered.

“Oh that’s thoughtful of you. I came with my mum’s car so I’m good but thanks for that. Drive safely, alright?”
“Sure, you too.” Before she knew it, he had pulled her in for another hug.

“You must be a chronic hugger,” she said which made him laugh.

“I wasn’t really till I met you and your sister. I guess you two bring out the cozy side of me.” She felt his lips on her neck before he pulled away. She blinked, trying to recover from the rush of feeling which had spread from the spot he had kissed. He touched her face and leaned in for a kiss. She pulled away before he went too far.

“I’m not Daphne. Goodnight, Kobby.” She walked away.

Kobby bit on his lower lip. “Of course you’re not.”

(c) Josephine Amoako 2016

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  1. Bonsai says:

    Nice dialogue!

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    Hayiboooo Mr. Kobby, u’re in boiling water! 😱 fleeeee 🏃🏃🏃. Okay been starving for Swapping Places this week, thanks for dropping it Jo! 😆😆, I don’t mean to be mean but i think i love Kobby with Del🙈. Kobby is moving too fast though, lol… Poor guy

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    1. joseyphina says:

      Poor guy indeed…. You like Kobby and Del, eh? Hmmm…. Thanks for reading, dear☺

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    Yeah, I think Del and Kobby have a deeper special connection. 😅

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  4. prinxy says:

    😢😱 going too far kobby… Josey I can feel what Delphine is feeling (this is not meant to be, if not for Del’s unending trick). Can see the End, now that Tasha is involved…. Hmm. Well am still here, keep Writing Josey…

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      Thanks for reading, Prinxy

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    Honestly the Kobby-Del thingy is a no no! ! He must know that some waters are just not swimmable regardless of how tempting and perfect they may look. He should keep his hands, lips and emotions to himself and not create any enmity between the twins. it’s not worth it

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    1. joseyphina says:

      I agree with you, Tee. He should know better


  7. iKomusana says:

    Am soo team Kobby and Del it’s scary.
    I enjoyed this one, I only hope the drama unfolds as fast as it is in my head.
    Happy New Year Josephina.
    Thank you for my twin dose

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        All good things take time so I am happy to wait.. Love where this story is going..

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        Thanks for understanding, Lochan. Means a lot to me☺

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      1. When will the next one be published? I read this series praying it was done. Only to find myself suspended. Will read all the ones with FINALE now 🙂 haha but suspense its part of the fun. I took your advice. Have a look at my blog, as i ‘try’ to start writing episodes. Thanks Josey

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      2. joseyphina says:

        Hopefully, soon. Oh great, will check it out.

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  12. I really love your writing style!! ❤

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        I await other parts and your writing is good.all these series.am hooked.

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        Oh nice! I’m glad you’ve enjoyed them😊

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  14. Mandy says:

    How come I missed this episode all this while? Daphne is to blame for all this mess. Smh

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    1. joseyphina says:

      Ei… You almost did, eh? Kafra. Yes ooo, she alone

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  15. Interesting work
    I admire your style…
    I hope I catch up fast on the previous episodes

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    1. joseyphina says:

      Thanks, Kwame. I appreciate that. I hope you do too. It starts here: https://joseyphina.wordpress.com/swapping-places-prologue
      Happy reading!

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  16. sawndei says:

    I’m not Daphne… Trouble brews

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