Swapping Places Chapter 7

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When Daphne came out of her room the next morning, everyone was at the dining table eating breakfast. She muttered a greeting and sat down. Delphine glanced at her. It didn’t look like she had a good night sleep. Neither did she. She felt bad about how it went down the previous day. She wished Daphne would look at her but she didn’t. 

“I guess you two will come with me since I’ll be using the road…” Doreen was saying when Daphne cut in, “I’ll go with daddy.”

“But dad is not going your way,” Delphine said.

“I know; I’m not going my usual route today.” Doreen and Delphine exchanged a look; Doreen’s look begging the obvious question and Delphine’s denying any knowledge.

Daphne buttered her slice of bread with chocolate spread and bit into it.

“I’ll have some company today,” George said, totally oblivious to what was going on. When he finished eating, Daphne cleared his and her crockery and went to the kitchen. Delphine got up with hers and entered the kitchen. When she put hers on the sink next to hers, Daphne turned to go. Delphine held her by her arm and drew her back.

“What’s wrong, Daph?”

“What do you mean?”

“It shouldn’t take a fortune teller to know that you’re pissed with me. I thought we were good.”

“We are.”

“Really? You’re avoiding my eyes for crying out loud.”

“Maybe I’m not in the mood for eye contact,” She snapped. Delphine sighed.

“I’m sorry, okay? I’m not going to explain and justify myself to you. Kobby is a no-go area and that’s why I was against it in the first place. I promise I won’t meet him again.”

“I’m not pissed, Del. Just woke up at the wrong side of the bed, that’s all. I’ll be fine,” Daphne said, forcing a smile. She walked away. Delphine shook her head.

Daphne joined their father in his car and Delphine joined their mother in hers.

“Is everything okay between you two?” Doreen asked Delphine as she started her engine.

“Yes, mum,” Delphine replied, putting on her seat belt. 

Doreen nodded. She trusted Delphine enough to take her word for it. As for Daphne, she thanked God she wasn’t causing trouble anymore. 

Kobby looked up from his computer when the door to his office burst open. A smiling Daphne entered.

“Hey…” She walked up to him and kissed him on the lips. When she drew back, Kobby looked at her, surprised. She giggled.

“Sorry about that. I’ve just missed you so much…”

“But we met yesterday.”

“I know but somehow, I couldn’t wait to see you again. It looks like I can’t get enough of you, Kobby.”

“Whoa…does that mean I’m scoring good points on Daphne’s scoresheet?”

“Maybe you are. I got us some lunch.”

“Oh wow, that’s thoughtful of you, Daph. Really appreciate it. Can’t wait to taste your cooking.”

“Haha…I’ll surprise you soon.” Delphine would definitely do that as she’s the better cook, Daphne thought as she smiled at him. 

They were eating the lunch comfortably when Kobby suddenly asked about how Delphine was doing.

“She’s good. Why do you ask?”

“You haven’t mentioned her today and I know how much she influences your mood each day so I’m only wondering.”

“We’re good. She’s just been worked up about her monthly target and all.”

“Oh yeah, you mentioned that she was a marketer, right? I could call up a few people I know who would be willing to sign up as her clients.” Daphne’s eyes lit up.

“Oh really? That would be great. Whenever you get the list ready, let me have it. I’ll hand it over to her.”

“Sure. I haven’t forgotten our outing together…the three of us,” he said.

“I can see. Why the interest though?”

“Do you know how many eyes would envy me sandwiched between two beautiful twin sisters? I’ll feel like a king on the night.” Daphne laughed.

“I’ll find out when she’s free and we’ll see. Why will you do this?”

“Well as you once said, you two are one so what I do for her, I do for you, right?” He said with a smile. She smiled back. She felt good to know his generous gesture was because of her.

She watched him eat. She wondered how things were between him and Delphine the day before.

“I’m sorry about being late yesterday.”

“That’s all right. You explained why so it’s cool. We had fun yesterday, didn’t we?” he said with a wink.

“Uh huh,” she said semi-excitedly; not too sure whether it was a good thing or not. 

“So are you ready for the ad? I asked you yesterday and you said you had to check your schedule…”

“Yes, yes, yes; I am.”

“Great; hope you don’t mind me wrapping up some few things and then I can drive you there.”

“I don’t mind at all. I love to watch you work,” she said with a wink. Kobby chuckled.

“Gosh, are you blushing?”

“I’m black; I can’t blush.” Daphne laughed. Daphne is a happy girl. And I love to see her this way. Yesterday, she was bit different; a sweet kind of different. And I loved her even more. I wonder how many more sides there are to her, Kobby thought as she watched Daphne throw back her head in laughter. Daphne is the one. He could feel it.


During lunch, Delphine couldn’t help but daydream about her time with Kobby the previous day. When she came to herself, she felt goosebumps on her arms. She rubbed them away. This is never happening again, she swore to herself. Her phone vibrated. It was a text from Mr. Siaw.

You owe me a date, Ms. Coleman. I’m ready to collect. When shall we meet?

Delphine blinked. Huh? What date? What did Daphne promise this man? Oh no, now she had to pick up where she left off and she had an ill feeling about what Mr. Siaw would expect from her. Well, he had already opened the account so there was no need to act extra nice, was there? She could meet with him and wrap this up. What if he got unimpressed and decided to close his account? Her boss would be furious. She chewed on her lower lip, thinking. She texted Daphne.

Daphne picked her phone from Kobby’s desk when it vibrated.

Did you have a date planned with Mr. Siaw?

Daphne swallowed the food she had been chewing on. She quickly texted back.

Not exactly…I promised to meet him whenever he wanted to. Did he call?

Nope…he texted. Okay, just wanted to clarify. I’ll take care of it.

Nah, I’ll handle it.

No, Daph. It’s my job and he’s my client. I’ll do it.

Let me finish what I started. Please.

Delphine sighed. Fine.


“Everything okay?” Kobby asked. Daphne looked up at him.

“Oh yeah; just something I have to take care of.”

“Need any help with that?” he asked.

“No, not that of a big deal. Thanks for offering, honey.” He smiled. 


After the meeting with the creative director, Daphne communicated through Delphine to Mr. Siaw that she was available. Mr. Siaw indicated that he would make reservations for them at Coco Lounge. Daphne went home to freshen up and then went to meet him.

When she returned home, she went to Delphine’s room after greeting her parents in the living room. Delphine was playing Piano Tiles 2 on her phone when she entered.

“Hey…” Delphine said, her eyes still glued to her phone.

“I can’t believe you’ve come to love this game so much.”

“I’m making music, love.”

“Yeah, right.” Daphne threw herself on the bed, startling Delphine and making her miss a tile. 

“Oh! You killed my song!”

“Sorry.” Delphine put her phone down.

“So how did it go?”

“Great. The guy knows how to impress a woman. Look at what he gave me.” She showed her a sparkling white gold bracelet customized D. Coleman on her wrist.

“Wow…this must be expensive!”

“I know. I must have really made a good impression.”

“It looks good on you.”

“Thanks…it’s for both of us, just so you know.”

“No, it’s yours. You’ve earned it.”

“Look, I’m sorry for my attitude this morning. I was pretty mean and you didn’t deserve it. I’m sorry.”

“No, I did deserve it.”

“No, you didn’t. I told you to go with the flow. I just didn’t think you could play it so well.”

“I am you and you are me, remember?” Delphine said, pulling her sister’s cheek. 

“I have good news. Kobby is willing to give you a list of some of his people as potential clients.”

“Oh wow! Thank him and you, I guess. That’s really sweet of him.”

“You’ll only get the list on one condition.”


“I get to be the one to sign them on.”

“Daph, let’s not tread this path any longer. It’s dangerous.”

“Your loss then.”


“Great! We need to make a toast to our dangerous life,” Daphne said excitedly.

Delphine shook her head. What was she going to do with her?

(c) Josephine Amoako 2016 

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  1. prinxy says:

    😤😥😧, Hey Josey what’s with Delphne? Just wondering …..

    Much Love Josey… Great work, waiting for the next piece

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    1. joseyphina says:

      Delphine might be falling…. Thanks for reading, dear ☺

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      1. prinxy says:

        🙏🙏 I will be praying for her 🙏🙏

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      2. joseyphina says:

        Lol…thanks… She’ll need it

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  2. vhuvu says:

    I hate Daphne. She’s not right. She’s jealous and angry.

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    1. joseyphina says:

      I guess when a guy comes into the picture, all emotions change…

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      1. vhuvu says:

        Hmmm but it’s her fault her sister likes the guy. Such games end in tears

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      2. vhuvu says:

        I’m so scared. What will happen now

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  3. iKomusana says:

    Kobby loves Delphine.
    Someone is about to get hurt.
    Oh Josephina the things I feel when I see you have posted another chapter.
    This is awesome
    Thank you

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    1. joseyphina says:

      You can tell, huh? Thanks for always reading, love! 😘

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  4. fortunate23 says:

    Delpine is a strong Woman, I love the way she cares for her sister’s feelings. Daphne is sweet too, but am afraid Kobby is gonna be a trouble for the twins! Sooner or later, lol.. Just saying.. As i wait for the next chapter. Great work Josey!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. joseyphina says:

      Hmmm… You sense quite right! Thanks for reading, sweetie 😘

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  5. purplebutterfly964 says:

    Waiting on the next chapter! 😍

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      1. purplebutterfly964 says:

        Yes! 😊

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  6. Shereen says:

    why is everyone coming for Daph, Delphine shouldn’t have gotten comfortable! granted they shouldn’t be switching places but, helping a sister out doesn’t mean let your guard down and fall for her man!

    AHHHH….I don’t know what twin i like yet!

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    1. joseyphina says:

      Lol…. They are both at fault, that’s true. Oh hopefully, you’ll choose one to like soon😉


  7. sawndei says:

    Daph may appear tough, but deep within she’s quite tender… Someone like that should play games especially when “heart” is involved…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. joseyphina says:

      I’m sure you meant ‘shouldn’t.’ and I agree.


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